Top 10 Political and Economic Ideologies

Ideologies lay the foundation of a nation's economic and social policies in accordance with its ideals. Over the past few years, political thinkers and minds have devised a series of political theories that would "suit" the people's needs inside the government. We will cover just that.
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1 Social Democracy

Social democracy is the Scandinavian model for the economy. It gives all citizens welfare in the shape of education, healthcare and economic support by the government which is payed for through tax. All citizens have the same basis for success, combined with capitalism it lets you spread your wings and get rich, or maintain an average wage.

Literally this is the ideology that solves all of society's current economic and social issues. I believe that this ideology is literally the most fundamentally correct one, it is also the most ethical.

I support this ideology the most(At the moment). The main reason why is because of the economic system. It's a nice middle ground between Capitalism and Socialism(Although it was more Socialist in early days).

I am a social democrat. This is really the best if you want people to be happy, free and equal.

2 Libertarianism

Calls for a smaller government without interference towards their daily lives. Places the importance of political and individual freedom on top, and is skeptical of any authority and state power.

Social Democracy and Liberalism above libertarianism? Gtfo

3 Capitalism

Advocates for private ownership of goods and capital as opposed to being owned by the state. Following a market economy, the owner's wealth affects the investment and decision-making or having prices and wealth distribution being determined by market competition in goods and services.

This is the best because it promotes independance. In this system as long as you work hard and have good business skills you can make it. It's the people who don't work hard that fail in this system because at the end of the day people ultimately decide where they end up in life.

It is the perfected form of government. In fact, in some ways, it is the perfected form of socialism.

I don't like Capitalism because it doesn't give me a lot of freedom.

4 Progressivism
5 Political Humanitarianism
6 Constitutional Democracy
7 Democratic Socialism
8 Environmentalism

Really the only option if you want people to survive for the next thousands of years. Also, think about the Greens, the are the best party that cares about our people and the environment we live in.

With climate change being a big issue, this ideology is more important and beneficial than ever. Also, in my opinion Green Party is much better than either Republicans or Democrats.

Yes! I agree! As a thirteen year old Scouser (someone from the British city Liverpool.) if I were eighteen I would not vote labour (a party which most Scousers idolise when not under Keir Starmer.) whether under Keir Starmer or not. Because initial view wise labour are only really second best just falling behind the green party, however power wise they have really only been ok. I've never seen most labour prime ministers or even just people of the party whether in a main position or not, do what they constantly promise to do. There's only been a few times where labour have helped out people in financial distress such as poverty and people use those few times as excuses to vote labour along with the "Only labour or conservative could possibly win!" excuse. And I, unfortunately not like many others, was quite angry when I had discovered labour was deemed the most green (environmental) party in the United Kingdom. I, very much like the green party and unfortunately not many other people ...more

9 Classical Liberalism
10 Democracy
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11 Liberalism

Strongly supports liberty and equality as well as the creation of a welfare state in our modern era. Liberalism varies by region but generally, it is firmly opposed to authoritarianism and seeks to increase civil liberties as well as socio-economic equality.

The ideology that gave us ideas and concepts such as freedom of speech, free markets, egalitarianism(Equality, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc), democracy, etc.

Why are liberals called leftists? American politics is right and far right lol, Bernie is probably the farthest left of them, and if you think he's a communist, you probably use that as a trigger word, I wish there was as many Marxists are conservatives thought there were.

Mild to moderate liberalism is good, but extreme liberalism is bad.

12 Centrism
13 Conservatism

Believes that socio-economic differences and hierarchies are only natural and a part of the human essence. And is cautious towards social change and prefers to uphold traditional values, basically.

Big Tobacco heavily supports & heavily donates to the Grand Old Party

14 Populism
15 Socialism

Has various sub-ideologies and different interpretations surrounding it; socialism believes that the means of production should be controlled by the common people. Be it through public, cooperative, or collective ownership.

16 Anticommunism
17 Mutualism
18 Marxism
19 Monarchism

A true state in the order of natural law. It is the essence of the family as the institution of all of society and carries with it the stability and familial piety, to create an authoritative, honest, visible, loving and structured state, which is not too small to be powerless, but not too large to be overbearing on its citizens. Laws require cooperation to be enforced, yet are perfectly executive and thought out with the will of a person, instead of a collective institution which results in political discord and indecision. It is the State government chosen by God. (A fact acknowledged by most religions, and demonstrated by most of its enemies with rebellion from God being synonymous or simultaneous with their rebellion from the Monarchy)

Quite obviously the best system. All of the greatest empires and nations were monarchies. It's also the oldest ideology.

For King and fatherland

20 Anarcho-Primitivism
21 Constitutional Monarchy
22 Social Liberalism
23 Syndicalism

Syndicalism advocates for the public ownership of industries by the workers through a confederation of syndicates. These syndicates would cooperate with others through exchange of resources to help each other out.

If you didn't know Syndicalism is where workers unions run the show instead of a government

24 Communism

Devised by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto. Communism argues that through class war against the upper-class; private property will fall under the hands of the people and its resources managed by the people themselves (or the state for the people's interest). One line perfectly describes communism as stated by Marx: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". Which means free access and distribution of goods, capital, and services.

I am a Marxist, and support this, many things called race, or gender problems, are class problems, the capitalist oppresses all, no matter what gender or race they are, and no matter what gender or race the oppressed. By capitalist, I don't mean the one who believes in capitalism, I am aware that many people in the working class support capitalism, I mean those who own the means or tools of production.

One day the comrades will take over and drive out the greedy capitalists.

What? Communism has killed more people than the American Revolution.

25 Anarchism

The most basic way to summarize it is that anarchism is opposed to the idea of a state and seeks to eliminate all forms of hierarchies. Personally, I'm an Anarcho-Syndicalist.

If you want be equal, live in with justice, live with no exploit, live with no hierarchy, live with no authoritie's oppress you HAVE choose anarchism and go for Revolution!
Long Live Anarchism!

Works perfectly for those individuals who are well-armed and well-fortified. For the rest, not so much.

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