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21 Hysteria - Def Leppard

Greatest Pop rock song ever (And yes this is Pop Rock) - christangrant

22 Breakeven - The Script

Script is a great band and I can't imagine it writing a bad song. Breakeven is very similar to the single Man Who Can't be moved, but it's slightly more complete from musical aspect.

23 Man On a Wire - The Script
24 Call Me - Blondie
25 Strawberry Swing - Coldplay

This song is also one of those songs that everyone has heard but never know the artist. Also it has one of the greatest stop motion music videos which was awarded by MTV in 2010.

I love this song! It makes me feel SO happy!

26 Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Katy Perry had a lot of great songs, but this one that will become classics.

27 What We Live For - American Authors
28 Burnin Up - Jonas Brothers
29 Love In the 21st Century - Neon Trees
30 Dancing Queen - Abba
31 Science and Faith - The Script
32 Bulletproof Picasso - Train
33 The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls
34 Slipped Away - Alive Way

This one is really fresh sound to Pop rock lovers, the vocals and the music has something in it. This bittersweet song proves it.

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35 Candy - Robbie Williams

The least pop rock song on the album though

Robbie is a legend. And this song is kind of coming back for him.

36 Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls

Featuring Taylor Swift. Love this song! - Katanaceilingfan

37 Can't Remember to Forget You - Shakira
38 The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script

Another fenomen when people have heard the song and never knew the artist. We have a lot of those nowadays, but this one deserves to be mentioned also. This song have almost reached number 1 spot in UK singles chart, but stayed in 2 place.

39 Jenny - The Click Five V 1 Comment
40 Twisted Transistor - Korn
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