As a player who has completed all the islands and has been with poptropica since shark tooth island, I can for sure say that this is BY FAR my favorite island! It's a bit challenging but really, really entertaining and the story line is great. I could play this island over and over again! Great job poptropica, I'm very impressed!

Mythology Island is, in my opinion, one of the very best islands they have on Poptropica! The story is so detailed, and it is easy to jump into. I admit, it IS challenging, but that makes you feel like you've actually accomplished something in the end. If anyone hasn't tried Mythology Island yet, I highly suggest you should play it, because it is definitely not a time-waster.

I used to hate it because I was not a big fan of mythology, and I thought it was too hard. But now I know that this is the best, they did a great job on incorporating parts of mythology in, and being original. The storyline is flawless, and there are so many different original challenges So why is Reality T.V. even in the top 10? That was one of the worst if you ask me. Also, vote for Mocktropica and Game Show so they get in the top ten! - DancingKitten10

Whoa now this surely is the best island I have ever played! If you are really good at Social Studies!.. Damn! Go for it! Everyone should play it! Come on and don't be such a coward if you are not good at social science, you can take help from Google. It's even kinda a good exercise for the brain :-)

I love this island more than ALL the others. But I lots of my favorite islands, like spy, counterfeit, mystery train, and super power this could go on forever so Ill stop but if you love mythology like me, and poptropica like me, try this awesome island.

I love mythology especially greek! At first it was hard but then you go on your own adventure. Simply an amazing island and personally my favorite. You really have to be creative for this island, too!

I love it! Personally, I absolutely love learning about mythology so this island easily won my vote! The storyline is interesting too with an unexpected surprise at the end! It's not too easy or too challenging either! I give it a perfect rating!

This island is probably one of the only accurate portrayals of Zeus in modern media! Everyone frames him as a hero when he was a mega jerk! I very much enjoyed beating him! One of my all time favourite islands for sure!

This island was perfect! I love mythology, so when I made a new account after remembering this game, I chose Mythology Island. It was pretty challenging to figure it out, but at the end I was happy! The labyrinth got me stuck and I think battling Zeus was really hard. I'm really glad I did it, though, and I wear my prizes and revisit this island every time! You should try it, it's a beautiful place~

LOVE THIS ISLAND SO MUCH! I love all of the Greek Mythology in it. I have played it 8 times! I love it so much because I read the Percy Jackson series and this island reflects Greek Mythology so it is a very fun island to me :D

Is REALITY T.V. the top island? I think Mythology is. This island made me fall in love with Poptropica and even if it was a little difficult, that was the fun in it! It's the island that represents Poptropica perfectly.

Mythology island has an exciting theme, a mysterious background, is so fun and creative. This perspective of Greek mythology is so fun!

Mythology was so fun! And the island is so pretty for a virtual island! It has a really entertaining storyline and it is pretty fun and extremely easy except for maybe the labyrinth or battling Zeus at the end.

It's been forever since I've played Poptropica, and all of my accounts were most likely deleted, but I remember this being my favorite island. I remember going on and on about the final boss to my family once.

This island included lots of thinking, remembering, and lots of challenges. The boss fight was a little hard, and most people like islands with some difficultly. It had a great story, and was fun to play.

If you love Greek myths, this island is for you! You explore lots of Greek mythological places and even meet the Big Three! It can be challenging at times, but it is worth it. I had a lot of fun with this one!

It has the best story line of all the poptropica Islands. THe final boss challenge with Zeus is really hard, perhaps too hard, but apart from that the island is brilliant with just the right level of challenge to keep you entertained but also it is not confusing as some islands are and I did not need to use a walkthrough after getting stuck once

It is really cool how you get to go to each gods realm and also how you attack Zeus in the end. This was the first island I played and it was SUPER FUN. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

I loved greek myths since I was about 10! And after playing the island it made me a big fan of these things... the story line was very entertaining, and it was the first island I played thrice.

I LOVED the island! At the end, you get cool things that make your avatar grow and electrify. I would play this island over and over again, even if I get no reward for completing it.

Island of mythology is awesome! The challenges are hard but not that you need a walk through for. The scenery is beautiful and you learn about the Greek culture while playing

A spectacular island, it was. Mythology Island is probably the most amazing Island, especially the storyline. Meeting Greek Gods like Zeus, truly marvelous.

Magic Penguin

Mythology island deserves the number one spot I enjoy the battle with zeus at the end but it is really frustrating losing and trying again 200 times!

Mythology is an awesome island! You just can't have a favorite part because it's just too awesome! Flawless that's what it was! I wish they could make more parts to it!

Not that great very long winded and boring and you kinda just want to get it over with (don't try it, it isn't much of an accomplishment after all the work you've done and time you've spent)