Top Ten Most Popular Mobile Games of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go!

Fun, addicting, and easy to play, Pokemon Go is great for Pokemon fans who want to play while on the go, no pun intended. With updated sounds to classic Pokemon, an easy gamestyle to learn, and with friends to play, Pokemon Go is a must for any who like Pokemon.

Good for a good amount of time. Just made new people make a fool of pokemon doe.

This game is like ancient now lol - Randomator


2 Angry Birds

My childhood!

3 Clash of Clans

Its overrated - ikerevievs

Bestimated game ever


Good game

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4 Flappy Bird

The most addictive game that ever hit the market period.

5 Temple Run

Probably one of the first apps people downloaded once they got a smart phone - MouldyWalrus

6 Dumb Ways to Die

I used to play it - Officialpen

7 Minecraft PE

This is probably one of the most popular games on ios, Android, and Windows 10 - KDProductions

There is so many versions and unlimited creation and adventure

8 Crossy Road
9 Clash Royale

Pokémon go gave misha cancer don't let it pass it to you

10 Game of War: Fire Age

I'm suppose to play FarmVille but there's one player who keeps cutting my grass!

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? Dragon Mania Legends

The Contenders

11 Super Mario Run
12 Geometry Dash
13 Plants vs. Zombies

Should be top 5! - TwJaGd

14 Candy Crush


15 Subway Surfers
16 Fire Emblem Heroes
17 Asphalt 8: Airborne

350+ million downloads, I would say pretty good.

18 8 Ball Pool

Most addictive game ever. - kirmani786

Game smart people

19 Pixel Gun 3D
20 Simcity Buildit
21 Marvel: Contest of Champions
22 Tiny Tower
23 Fate/Grand Order

"Nintendo Co. might have scored a hit with the explosive debut of Pokemon Go this year. On its home turf, however, Sony Corp. has quietly dispatched its rival with a popular mobile game called Fate/Grand Order."

I think I've made my point. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

24 Fortnite

This isn't a mobile game - Midevilnight

25 Madden NFL Mobile
26 Wrestling Revolution 3D
27 Lords of Dogtown
28 Pokemon Shuffle

Best game in pokemon world


It is a game with a huge adventure

30 Mortal Kombat X
31 Injustice 2
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