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1 Peter Petrelli

Peter's original ability is to mimic the powers of others, acquiring powers simply by being near someone. Peter is eventually stripped of his abilities by his father Arthur Petrelli, before later regaining a modified form of this ability called ability replication through the formula. - CyberWarrior

Mimicking anyone's power makes him God. How is sylar or anyone above him? Sylar gets others powers but must first engage in combat, kill them and only then he has access to their powers. Arthur Petrelli may also be able to steal others powers but still needs to engage in combat to touch them. Only the Haitian would be able to beat him since he would nullifie Peters powers, and it would still be a close fight.

He takes powers by just being near them... He took sylars powers

Peter was the most powerful when he could hold on to as many powers as he wanted, but when he could only hold one power he wasn’t the most powerful. He’s definitely more powerful than skylar once he gets Hiros power, because he could stop time and either trap, or kill skylar.

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2 Sylar

Sylar's innate ability is the power to determine exactly how things work. Sylar used this innate ability to discover how to take the abilities of other evolved humans. He determined that the abilities are based in the brain, and several of Sylar's victims have had their skulls opened and brains removed. By studying his victims' brains he is able to determine how their powers work and replicate those abilities himself. - CyberWarrior

He can understand powers better because of his ability and he can't really die because he moved his weak spot but Peter didn't and can't because he doesn't know how so these would help him fight and kill Peter and the others.

Now that Sylar can take powers without killing the people, he's basically at Peter's level in terms of power. I'd put him above Peter, actually, since he can't die and Peter can only use one power at once

He can't die and peter can he kills peter end of story

3 Hiro Nakamura

Hiro should be higher up in this list. He has the ability to travel through time, as well as stop it. He could literally kill anyone who stands in his way. He could go back in time and even prevent Peter or Sylar from ever being born.

He has the ability to actually affect the space-time continuum, slowing time down to such a point it seems as if it is stopped with sheer power of will. Enabling time manipulation, time travel, teleportation. - CyberWarrior

Hiro controls the space-time continuum, and therefore controls everything. He controls the past, present, and future. Just because he wouldn't use his powers for evil doesn't mean that he is less powerful.

Can't hiro just go back in time and kill all his enemys and manipulate his age through his time manipulation making him immortal

4 The Haitian

He has the power to manipulate people's minds. He can selectively interfere with the use of special abilities and selectively erase memories. He can also render individuals unconscious by physical contact. While he can also nullify powers out to some indeterminate range without physical contact, his other mental abilities seem to require touch. - CyberWarrior

He can nullify all powers, powers that evolves humans such as Sylar and Hiro so powerful. Without their powers they are nothing

5 Arthur Petrelli

He had the ability to steal the abilities of other evolved humans. A person whose ability Arthur has stolen is left powerless. All of the powers he acquired from other evolved humans include telepathy, rapid cell regeneration, electric manipulation, poison emission, telekinesis, mental manipulation, space-time manipulation, precognition, empathic mimicry, enhanced strength, flight, induced radioactivity, intuitive aptitude, invisibility, phasing, precognitive dreaming, pyrokinesis, and super speed. - CyberWarrior

He is sovpowerfulll

Arthur vincerebbe su tutti

6 Matt Parkman

He has the ability of telepathy, an ability that he was originally only able to use to hear thoughts. He has then learned how to use his abilities to command others mentally. He is also able to project his thoughts to another in a moment of crisis. - CyberWarrior

7 Stephen Canfield

Stephen Canfield had the ability to create vortices. According to his assignment tracker file at, Stephen's control index is 60%. His data analysis shows his biological level at 25, cerebral at 35, elemental at 55, and temporal/spatial at 90. - CyberWarrior

8 Samuel Sullivan

Samuel has the ability to move earth and manipulate minerals with the power of his mind. He has shown that he has a mental influence over the earth, as well as a form of ink. - CyberWarrior

9 Adam Monroe

He was an evolved human with the ability of rapid cell regeneration. His powers were so advanced that he was unable to age or die, making him near-immortal. - CyberWarrior

10 Claire Bennet

She has the ability to survive after she got mortally wounded which normal humans and even some evolved humans couldn't survive.

Clair is invincible

She's not even that hawt!

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11 Ando Masahashi

Ando obtained the ability to supercharge others' abilities, which manifests in the form of red energy resembling electricity. - CyberWarrior

That is a really cool super power!

12 Maury Parkman
13 Tracy Strauss

Have you forgot that time she completely froze the room in the season 3 finale or even before then when she froze that roporter then shattered him.
Also in the forth season when she found a way to turn her body into liquid making her invincible by the way and when she drowned all the people who with with noah

14 Zane Taylor

Some nerd who can turn metal into goop

He is the most op


15 Jeremy Greer
16 Angela Petrelli
17 Flash Flash The Flash is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. His first appearance was in October 1956 and was created by Robert Kanigher. His main ability is super speed through the Speed Force and can run at speeds exceeding light.
18 Knox

Knox is one of series most dangerous character. He gets stronger every time he senses fear!

19 Eli
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