Top Ten Most Powerful Choruses of the 2010s

Whether it is the vocals, the instrumental or the whole package - when these choruses kick in, it knocks you off your feet.

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21 Elan - Nightwish
22 Das Öl Wurde Zu Blut - Kay One

Not only is this chorus, sung by the completely unknown German RnB singer Michelle Mendes, extremely vulnerable and emotional, the lyrics are also very haunting (the entire song is a conscious hip hop song about how our world goes down, against war, against populism, and against how all beliefs start working against each other instead of working together, just for a little context). Here’s the translation:

“The oil turned to blood / The sky starts loathing / Peace turned to rage / Everyone is waiting for a new start / We destroy ourselves / And children’s tears don’t lie / There she goes, the world (x2) / It is too late…” - Martin_Canine

23 Skyfall - Adele
24 Unchained - Blood on the Dance Floor

Hate the band as much as you want, I won't stop you... but this chorus consisting of a gospel choir is simply amazing. It basically says: "hate me all you want, I still made it and have many people who are on my side, and I won't let you get me down, I'm still standing."
And yeah, I know many people will be very sensitive about this one. But I still included this because... well, it sounds great and is powerful. And it was also the point where I decided: "yeah, this band definitely falls into the "overhated" category. Their old stuff is underwhelming to bad, but at this point, they are far from sucking." - Martin_Canine

25 Weak Fantasy - Nightwish
26 God, If You Are Above... - Falling In Reverse
27 Why Didn't I Learn - Strawbellycake
28 In the End - Black Veil Brides
29 King for a Day - Pierce the Veil
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