Top Ten Powerful Vampire Diaries Characters

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1 Niklaus Mikaelson

He is strong and almost invulnerable and that allows him to be careless (sometimes) about his enemies. I lo ve his attitude, he KNOWS he is the most powerful creature in the world and he acts like it. However the best part is that he has emotions and cares about some people and would do anything to protect them. That is why I love him.

He is the best character of the show the strongest of all his siblings and the writers sum times make him look week I think which I don't like big fan of him great actor

If Klaus it's gonna get an upgrade like Marcel, no1 would stop him.

If he bite anyone... His blood is the only cure...

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2 Silas

He can control so many people at once with his mind, heal, he's immortal, plus he's 2,000 years old. People are picking Klaus because he's their favorite, and I'm pretty sure Silas is stronger than Bonnie, to be honest. - fangirl1967

He is clearly the most powerful character since he has actual mind control not just compulsion. He was also the first immortal being.

If he can control the most cold hearted demon on earth that cares for no one but himself (Nicklaus) then he is very powerful

He can easily control klaus and manipulate him and he can do mint control on originals also

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3 Qetsiyah

How is she not number 1. She created true immortality, literally resurrected herself with ease, made bonnie the anchor, created a cure for importality. All of the storylines somehow date back to her. She didn't seem so menacing on the show but she is definitely the most powerful gifted spell casting witch in tvd universe. I say either her or dahlia are undeniably the most powerful, bear in mind dahlia herself couldn't even create true immortality, she had to sleep for 100 years for only a year alive.

She, in my opinion, is stronger than everyone else but Silas. Maybe Dahlia is as strong as her, but I doubt it. Should be number two on the list.

She made a universal spell trapping the dead

It in no way shape or form make sense why Silas is about her. His only accomplishment with magic was getting credit for creating immortality when he didn't do jack squat besides leech off of Qetsiyah. - DisniPrinzess

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4 Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie has acquired many different types of magics and although she always looses her power she seems to get it back through sheer will. She is the only witch whom a vampire could not bite and had even the mighty Klaus thinking twice about confronting her. She is able to adapt quickly and isn't foolish like most young witches. She is the main reason I watch TVD.

She seems to not be limited in her magical potential, no matter what issue she faces her magic adapts to deal with it and I feel that this could make her top Nik

Shes a badass... That's all there is to it... Especially with that expression magic

Not only has She been able to defeat Cade and destroy Hell, but she has also created a whole dimension, something that only Arcadius himself has done before her: and unlike her, Bonnie did not have to die to do it. She managed to trouble and or defeat virtually every Villain in TVD, without ever really having a teacher, someone who taught her how to practice magic, since Silas manipulated her and her grandmother died almost immediately. Bonnie arrived where she arrived alone, with her own strength, and without even using her true potential, since, potentially, she could exercise the same mental control that Sybil and Seline have and go even further, given that those two, unlike Bon Bon, they did not create any dimensions, although they had much more experience. Does Bonnie's Magic have any limits? Of course, but I think they are far beyond those of Dahlia, Quetsiyah or anyone else.

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5 Rebekah

She is a great liar not as strong as her fellow siblings she was able to make elena jump from a cliff and sneaped stefan's neck without him seeing it coming she may not be that strong but she was able to take down caroline and tyler with ease

Love her wish she was on the show more very strong still Elijah and kol I think might be lil stronger

She has Klaus's protection. Klaus will protect her with his life.

Love her wish they show her more on the show very strong still think kol be stronger

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6 Damon

Definitely the most vicious and powerful. He's the best character.

I think that damon should at least be in the to 3, because he is fearless, strong, funny, smart ( although he can be stupid sometimes ), and when he is serious you don't want to mess with him. I honestly love damon

So powerful is that no one can stop him when he goes to kill

I agree, from the beginning his been strong

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7 Katerina Petrova

Definitely should be above Damon. She is by far the strongest non original. She is the smartest, fastest, strongest, and being on the run for 500 years has only made her more powerful.

She is the best at survival. She escaped from Klaus for 500 years. She never gave up fighting for her life and she is funny.

I'm shocked she isn't at least 2nd she is a survivor and she made the show so much better by season 2

Hold up. katerina is stronger than damon she made damon a vampire. and. that katerina is alote older than damon which mean he is stronger

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8 Elijah Mikaelson

He is awesome. He is an original and torture and blood are part of his life and it's amazing. He also has strong morals but when it comes to his family he would do anything to protect them: Kill, torture or even something worse than death. He is always is suit and he is a master on manipulation using sofisticated words.

He is universally respected which make him possibly the most powerful character of all

I think he deserves to be at least top 5. He can control Klaus when he goes on his spree. He has the best with words and is very powerful.

He had the chance to kill Klaus but decided not to because his family means more and needed to locate them first.

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9 Stefan

Stefan is serious but with a good sense of humour and he is a little arrogant. He has a strong moral and but would do anything to save those he loves. He always thinks twice (except when his humanity is switched of) and he lets people make their own choices.

Stefan has actually finished the transformation first thus making him stronger than damon, especially with his switch off.

He is the ripper guys he is more powerful


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10 Caroline Forbes

She has Klaus down 4 her

She is obssesive, a control freak and talks a lot. But she is lovable and she values friendship.

Even klaus is powerless against her. enough said.

the best

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11 Dahlia

Dahlia is supposed to be number one since she IS the strongest person in The Originals and is way stronger than Niklaus Mikaelson. Dahlia' seven stronger than Bonnie with Expression and we don't really know what she's FULLY capable of. A snap from her can wipe out an entire village.

She is the most powerful character, if Esther not there, she can kill all Originals family without problem ( the most powerful family )

She is a super powerful, 1000 year old witch whose powers shouldn't be taken lightly.

Yeah I'm pretty sure Dahlia is stronger than Caroline. Tf is wrong with this ranking

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12 Elena

Elena should be one of the top people one this list because through all of what her friends and family have been she's been the only one that seemed to be surviving the best. She is the most valuable person in the Vampire Diaries. What makes her so strong is the fact that shes been against the most powerful creatures as a mortal and a vampire and she is still the ultimate survivor. She's the best.

I think elena has a lot of potential and power and she never gives up and she is caring kind sweet never thinks of herself first or selfless like when she could of let matt die when Rebecca drove them off the bridge that's how she became vampire so I just truly love her and I hope nina hopes to make seasons of Vampire diaries

She has doppelganger blood didn't you think she would be in this list. She has been able to take care of herself, she fought with katerina and won the fight, she was able to bring caroline down to her knees and has the most powerful source of power, her blood

Bad Ass

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13 Freya Mikaelson

A thousand year old witch (and a first born, who are supposed to be more powerful in this family), she demonstrated her great power more than once and it was said that she was a very powerful witch, but she's been pretty underused by the writers...

Mentored (enslaved? ) by Dahlia for a millennium, she deserves to be right up there in the top five.

14 Alaric Saltzman

He must be second as he is enhanced original.

He almost kill klaus

Nothing can kill him

Got to be alaric when Esther made him he made all of the originals scared but why isn't marcellos in this list he became more powerful then niklaus

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15 Arcadius

Should be number 2 or 3 being the creator of hell itself. He is considered the first psychic but not the most powerful. The most powerful is Silas whom should be number one considering his mental powers can take down the original hybrid klaus Mikaelson

He is the devil, need I say more?

Arcadius Is THE most powerful character of the VD universe atm. He is the literal Devil. They needed to use his own power ( the doomsday bell of doom ) and destroy HELL to kill him.

16 Kai

He is a powerful witch, he can do illusions, cloaking spells, If he dies his witch relatives dies also, He obsorbed all the travel spell magic, which he got way powerful, He can always find a way to get back, like the time he was trapped in the magic prison, and he came back, he killed himself and came back, he got bitten and still had his powers, He died, but theory says he will be back, some clues that he can come back, He must have a better spot then 16..

We see almost nothing of the vampire Kai but he is good as witch.

I think he could easily kill them all

He found his way out of the prison world, with his own loophole. He came back from the dead in Season 8 and also he escaped hell, he is a siphoner/witch/vampire which makes him very powerful. He can steal anyone's magic, he almost killed the whole Gemini Coven members, He absorbed the traveler's spell, just in seconds. He literally killed the main character which is Elena, and the only way to get Elena back is by killing Bonnie Bennet, which is a tricky way of killing people, he is a smart character. When he absorbed the travelers spell, he could throw someone in the air, he could explode someone in blood, which he mentions in the Mystic Grill when he captured Elena. More will come soon in season 8..

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17 Mikael

Klaus was only on the run for Mikael because he had fear before he was vampire, when he became one it was high-tent

He is the strongest, even able to overpower Klaus.

Wow 14 supposed be strongest of all oringnals even no Klaus killed him pretty easy bye surprise very strong only person make all siblings run

He should be 3 strongst

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18 Kol Mikaelson

Kol is the wildest of the Mikaelson and most dangerous only person I got beating him is Elijah, klaus fears kol because kol is the only one who stands up to him

He should be higher I think least top 10 also great actor stronger and older than most I seen above him

He has a great sense of humour and a smirky smile. He is arrogant, but also has a soft side.

Kol is wild, reckless, sadistic, and Klaus is afraid of him. Enough said in my opinion.

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19 Davina Claire

Is on bad witch

Only one who ever took down Niklaus on her own. (Other than Mikael). Even after she was back to regular witch, she was strong enough to severe Klaus's sireline. She even knocked out like, 30 vampires in one swish of her hand.

I like her when she's around with Kol😂

20 Hope Mikaelson

Even when she was a baby guys she could use magic

She is a cutie

She is a heretic hybrid with power like dahlia' what.

21 The Hollow

She is over powered and can beat anyone. The only reason she's not alive right now is because they separated her body parts so she won't possess hope. Any witch would fall to their knee's. Vampire's and werewolf's also.

She is probably the strongest and to be honest I like klaus the most but hollow and then maybe cade

22 Hayley Marshall

She is a original werewolf who has Klaus's baby what

Lol she should be ahead of Caroline and everyone else up to 10 she could take on old vampires with ease and even best mikeal as a werewolf pregnant oh and killed 4 witches.

She is quite cool and she is a Hybrid!

She is great. She is always there for when she is needed and she is unstoppable when protecting her loved ones. She can be a bitch and that is great.

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23 Tyler Lockwood

Tyler is so strong no one can beat this beast! Especially in the full moon he is so strong killing people who get in his way one bite and you are dead

He is basically the second ever hybrid he should b at least number 6 And ilisha should b number 3

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24 Sybal

It's spelt Sybil and I totally agree

Sorry if I spelt her name wrong but you know who I mean. I understand that she's new which is why she isn't number 1 on this list. But now we must MAKE HER number one on this list. Mind control. Fr.

25 Damon Salvatore

Yeah He faught an Upgraded Original Vampire, Alaric

He's powerful in his mind
He can resist the siren "Sybil"
He was about to resist Kol's compulsion
He gets everything he wants, and no one can stop him if he's going to kill someone
Ahd he fought Alaric 'who was an invincible indestructible Original Vampire Hunter' after his flashback 'the first time he met Elena' and because of his love for her
Personally, may be a young vampire compared to the Originals but being strong doesn't mean, Strength physically, a vampire who's strong mentally can beat any vampire old or not

26 Lucien

First of his kind 1000 years old very strong 20 too far down really Stefan and Damon 200 years there babys

Should be at least a top a 10 very powerful

I kind of love him. He is really old and strong and has a great semse of humour. He only wants to live.

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27 Marcel Gerard

He almost decimated the entirety of the original family, was apart of the original family, single handedly took down the strixts. technically became the most powerful vampire/hybrid of all time technically. even had the new Orleans coven at his feet

28 Aunt Jenna
29 Enzo

I love him like ever


30 Matt Donovan

Considering all the crap that boy goes through all the time, he's the most powerful. Also, everybody loves Matt and love is a cruel weapon.

31 Vincent Griffith

Very good knowledge of witchcraft

Has a strong mentality after all he has been through

The originals and other powerful creatures always seem to go to him for help

32 Esther Mikaelson

Made vampirism

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