Best TV News Channels in the United States

These are the best T.V. news channels in the U.S.A.!
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1 CNN The Cable News Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

CNN is a far left, hate filled "news" channel that only reports on issues that support their narrative. They've been caught in lies over & over & bury their corrections, if they even give corrections, so that their viewers never see them.
I've seen video clips chopped & edited to show what they want their viewers to see. They tell half truths & outright lies.
Very disgusting how they mislead Americans & call themselves News!
I always watch multiple sources so I get a total picture of what's really going on, not just a one sided opinion.
Always watch both sides & make up you own mind.

CNN is the best, Fox news is a right wing organization not a news group because it does not report the news it promotes bias opinions, disinformation and lies regarding the events of the day. Fox stick to sports.

Unlike Fox News, CNN actually tells the truth of these stories, so this one is number 1. But that is just my opinion.

I'm from Romania, I think that CNN is the best that can be, they are so good, I'm simply not interested to watch other news T.V. channel...

2 Fox News Fox News Channel is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

Better than most at telling the truth but still not totally truthful. I've stopped watching FOX because they don't always report all the news. They couldn't stand President Trump so stopped reporting anything good about him & began only reporting the bad.
No one's perfect; we all have faults. I understand if they weren't happy with President Trump but you don't stop reporting honest news just because you dislike someone. Very disappointing.
I used to love watching Tucker Carlson but now he just seems to be an egomaniac that twists & manipulates the "news" to fit his opinion.
I still read their news but I always watch multiple sources so I get a total picture of what's really going on. Always watch both sides & make up you own mind.

Least amount of brazen censorship and yes it may have a leaning right spin to it, but no more than the far left spin to CNN. I thought some of the news segments on ABC and NBC were less biased in the point of view than CNN, but really only use those channels for parade days on thanksgiving. Fox is the family's news source for today. Thankful that my children can see the obvious differences between the news organizations. Although we feel there is not a truly unbiased news source in existence today we will continue with Fox until journalism improves as a profession/industry.

When Biden forgets who he is talking with at a meeting, you can watch the replay on FOX, not so on the dumocratic fake news outlets. While FOX shows Biden forgetting his way back to the white house the FN outlets forget to air it. When Biden claims the Afghan withdrawal was a success even though every general worth his salt will tell you that you don't remove your armed forces before women, children and other unarmed allies. When CNN and other far left supporting media outlets agree with Biden, you can be certain that, if they were around in 1876, they would all agree that the battle at the Little Bighorn was an unmitigated success.

Most accurate News. They give both sides a fair chance to give their interviews. Liberals will shut you down if they don't like what you have to say. If a Republican is wrong, they won't try and hide it. They will still share it on Fox News whereas, Democrats will hide what they can if a Democrat does something wrong. They will NEVER cover it on their News Station. They will try and keep the public that watches their News Station hidden from the truth! It's totally appalling!

3 ABC News

Biased & incomplete. They only show you what they want you to "know" by twisting the truth, telling half truths & outright lies. Just like CNN & MSNBC, the manipulate video clips & twist words to mean or say what the want. I don't waste my time.
Always watch both sides & make up you own mind.

They are very informative to me.

Thank you,

Janice Annette, Published Author, female actor, songwriter, screenwriter, writer
July 7. 2020

I can't decide if Peter Jennings Charles Gibson Diane Sawer or David Muir is the best for the abc world news tonight?

Most accurate and unbiased channel.

4 MSNBC MSNBC is an American basic cable and satellite television network that provides news coverage and political commentary from NBC News on current events. The network also carries a nightly 'opinion' programming block during prime time hours.

Pure radical left opinion. For every 100 words you might get 5 words of factual truth. One of my clients watches only MSNBC & CNN and it was always so funny to me to see how they manipulate everything to mislead Americans. I will have already seen most of the news before I go to work & then watch their incomplete, twisted, misleading & outright false reports. Many times I would watch a news video clip, of maybe President Trump, that I'd already seen the entire clip; they would only show a very short portion of the clip & then say President Trump said something totally opposite of what I'd already seen in a complete video.
They're totally biased, hate filled & unAmerican! The worst news channel I've ever seen.
Always watch both sides & make up you own mind.

My favorite channel EVER that I don't watch. I used to hate it thinking it claimed objectivity, but once I learned they are the ones who actually came out and called themselves pundits I gained a massive amount of respect for their show. Still don't watch it but they did the right thing that people like Don Lemon will ever do.

This is the best station on TV. They work for the viewers, clearly seen on a daily basis.
A+ Rating.

Rachel Maddox is the brightest reporter and probably the most educated.

5 RT News

Liberal Americans pretending to be Russian. More Progressive than msnbc.

Wide range of world news and interesting shows.

6 Newsmax

Newsmax really does a good and credible job of reporting all that is newsworthy including what 85% lefty bias legacy mainstream media will never report on. Keep it going Newsmax

Really beats out Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc as far as covering the broader spectrum of news and issues. OAN and News Nation are my other sources of what I consider to be more balanced sources of information.

They report the unbiased news in America and you can view them thru their free app at anytime. You don't need cable or a TV if you have internet access.

Relatively balanced. Avoid far right unproven stories. It would be better if they became more pro-active on these stories to demonstate if they are rubbish or not! -> Receipts!

7 CBS News CBS News is the news division of American television and radio service CBS. The president of CBS News is David Rhodes.

Least biased MSM site that claims objectivity. Far ways to go unfortunately but no major screw ups or controversial people.

Half truths, lies & misleading & biased reporting.
Always watch both sides & make up you own mind.

The least biased and most informative. Greats shows like 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning

This is my favorite along with ABC News.

8 NBC News NBC News is a division of the American broadcast network NBC. The division operates under NBCUniversal News Group, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, all owned by Comcast.

Will not cover current news that is not against the liberal dialog.

NBC, I only watch it because of what is after the news channels.

9 One America News (OAN)

It tell,s fact. CNN really does lie, They have been caught to many time,s on lie,s.Sad they do not bring the Country together, CNN is a hate group,I thought New,s Repoter,s are suppose to report the truth. I like Fox but they have to many people who stir up hate to There need,s to be a change in reporting. American people want the truth,But over and over a lot of these so called New,s Channel are proving to be liar,s. Sad had New,s Repoter,s you can not trust any more.New,s paper,s are just has bad. You have to be better then the hater,s and to many New,s Channel reporter,s show the American people they have pure hate in their heart,s and that is bad for the American people.

I'd say this channel is very underrated! It is my favorite one, though. OAN focuses on telling the truth, which is useful if you don't want information modified by the party you oppose. I think that Americans should conduct their own research instead of being very opinionated about things they assume they know, which is why I like OAN.

More news in 60 minutes than any other news channel. Some opinions but mostly news. Mostly conservative. Also lots of international news. Catch up at any time of day. Only two opinion shows in the evening, who don't mind opposing the president when they see fit. One news comedy show on weekends. Best news channel on my T.V.!

In my opinion, the most information for the time spent watching. Less than ten minutes of commercials per hour and half of that or more, are historical clips.

10 Fox Business Network

The best of the best for money market and business. They push a good story, they encourage people who are entrepreneurs, they ask smart questions. They're on top of whats new in media and tech and the video game industry like no one else.

Love Fox News I feel like they are right on. The rest of them. I'm not so sure. Wonder if you can trust them.?

Great business news

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11 BBC America

Watch them to see the global opinion. Great overall reporting.

Honest news, but see some wavering. Stay independent thinking.

One of the least biased news channels in the USA. Brilliant reporting, 24/7

They only report the facts.

12 Al Jazeera

Fox News and the other right-leaning news sources are completely morally bankrupt. MSNBC are shills for the Democratic establishment. At least AJ does some good investigative journalism every now and then. If you really want in-depth news, don't look at cable T.V.. Read the Intercept and other investigative online publications.

13 InfoWars

Sounds like I have to test it!

The best news

14 CNN News

Pure radical left & hate filled opinion. They're constantly playing the race card & trying to divide Americans. It's disgraceful for a news channel that began so factual & un biased to become total trash.
Half truths, lies, misleading & biased reporting.
Always watch both sides & make up you own mind.

Very progressive far left. Constantly lying, fear mongering &, only reports negatives on conservatives. Plays the lying race theory, cancel culture BS. Also believes in taking the innocence from children. Total garbage! This is not journalism. It's just psychotic people talking out of their head, that should be locked up.

Totally unbiased and great reporting.

Sucks, too partisan, all liberal, made up stories, bad reporting

15 PBS NewsHour

PBS is unbiased and factual. If you need to know the news, unbiased news, get it from PBS.

The most balanced with excellent reporters!

From what I saw... it looks fine

I don't know looks cool

16 TheBlaze

Love, love, love the Blaze! Yes, it's right leaning but all of it is factual! It's honest, respectable & totally patriotic.

Like the news casters

17 ESPN News
18 HLN

If you want to see the pure footage of what's happening in the capitol without any commentary, this channel is for you

20 TMZ Celebrity News

Will not cover current news that is not against the liberal dialog.

21 Newsy

Fake news and will not cover current news that is not against the liberal dialog.

Honestly just liked seeing this local MS news channel on the list haha.

23 NewsNation
24 CBN
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