Top Ten Powerful Vampire Diaries Characters

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21 The Hollow

She is probably the strongest and to be honest I like klaus the most but hollow and then maybe cade

22 Hayley Marshall

She is a original werewolf who has Klaus's baby what

Lol she should be ahead of Caroline and everyone else up to 10 she could take on old vampires with ease and even best mikeal as a werewolf pregnant oh and killed 4 witches.

love her..

She is great. She is always there for when she is needed and she is unstoppable when protecting her loved ones. She can be a bitch and that is great.

23 Hope Mikaelson

Even when she was a baby guys she could use magic

She is a heretic hybrid with power like dahlia' what.

24 Lucien

First of his kind 1000 years old very strong 20 too far down really Stefan and Damon 200 years there babys

Should be at least a top a 10 very powerful

I kind of love him. He is really old and strong and has a great semse of humour. He only wants to live.

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25 Damon Salvatore

Yeah He faught an Upgraded Original Vampire, Alaric

He's powerful in his mind
He can resist the siren "Sybil"
He was about to resist Kol's compulsion
He gets everything he wants, and no one can stop him if he's going to kill someone
Ahd he fought Alaric 'who was an invincible indestructible Original Vampire Hunter' after his flashback 'the first time he met Elena' and because of his love for her
Personally, may be a young vampire compared to the Originals but being strong doesn't mean, Strength physically, a vampire who's strong mentally can beat any vampire old or not

26 Enzo

I love him like ever


27 Marcel Gerard

He almost decimated the entirety of the original family, was apart of the original family, single handedly took down the strixts. technically became the most powerful vampire/hybrid of all time technically. even had the new Orleans coven at his feet

28 Sybal

It's spelt Sybil and I totally agree

Sorry if I spelt her name wrong but you know who I mean. I understand that she's new which is why she isn't number 1 on this list. But now we must MAKE HER number one on this list. Mind control. Fr.

29 Aunt Jenna
30 Matt Donovan

Considering all the crap that boy goes through all the time, he's the most powerful. Also, everybody loves Matt and love is a cruel weapon.

31 Vincent Griffith

Very good knowledge of witchcraft

Has a strong mentality after all he has been through

The originals and other powerful creatures always seem to go to him for help

32 Esther Mikaelson

Made vampirism

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