Top Ten Prettiest Dance Moms Dancers

Preetiest dance moms dancers from the inside and out. All are beautiful 💖

The Top Ten

1 Kalani Hilliker

I really can't decide between Kalani and Maddie, but I think that I have to go with Kalani. She is beautiful inside and out... I mean, she's GORGEOUS: her hair/eyes/teeth/EVERYTHING ABOUT HER is amazing. She's also so sweet and kind and an AMAZING dancer. I think that Maddie is honestly a slightly better dancer than Kalani, but I think Kalani is slightly prettier. This is just my honest opinion and is in no way absolutely correct.

Kalani has a fun and beautiful smile and she is really pretty.

Kalani radiates this natural look and you can't deny the fact that she is absolutely GORGEOUS. Kalani, in my opinion, is incredibly beautiful. Although, I must agree that all the dancers on dance moms are very pretty. Still, for me, this one takes the cake.

O pick Kalani because she is just my favorite person on dance mom she has inspired me to join dance moms but is it so far away

2 Madison (Maddie) Ziegler

I was mad that maddie left but she grew to be a beautiful young lady

Maddie was just born gorgeous and she should get into modeling!

She is GORGEOUS in the inside and out her dancing was AMAZING too

Maddie is the definition of flawless. She is an angel! Maddie's eyes are as blue as the ocean. She stayed skinny, she stayed, pretty, and, she stayed famous, she still loves to dance, and she is super flexible, when she went through puberty. The other girls got fat or weren't really too good at dancing when they went through puberty. Maddie also has a super hot boyfriend! Maddie is a beautiful dance queen

3 Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is an American dancer, television personality, actress and model. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4.

Chloe is the prettiest out of all of the dancers. She is the best. She is the one who should always be at the top of the pyramid
She should always beat Maddie. Take that Maddie.

Between her blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes, she has to be the prettiest girl ever on dance moms.

Chloe should definitely be a model! It's so great that she is going to become Abby's number two girl! She is such a super dancer! Chloe is so inspiring, and deserves a chance to be recognized for her natural beauty and talent. I love Chloe for who she is, and I believe her Dance Moms career will get her very far in life!

Chloe's beautiful blonde hair and brown eyes combination? And her angelic smile? To die for.

When younger the girls with the best string bikini body lines would be: Chloe, Paige, Maddie. Both Paige and Chloe were not shy about showing off the bodies almost nude - boce

4 Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler is an American dancer, singer, actress and model. She is the younger sister of dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler and is best known for appearing for six years on Lifetime's reality dance show Dance Moms.

She is amazing and I love her I still listen to her and I watches total eclipes

MacKenzie is so pretty and so cute! Especially cute... And I think she gets even preetier as she grows up.

She is so cute with her buck teeth and she said when she did not want to dance she wanted two stay home and eat chips in season 1 and I remember her first solo in a mouse costume

Mackenzie is the prettiest she is smart kind and beautiful she is a great dancer nomad-er want any one else thanks

5 Kendall Vertes

Kendall is so good and she went through so much and all that emotional damage but she is still going strong

Kendall is very gorgeous and Abby said that she was gorgeous and that Is something I might actually agree on.

Kendall was beautiful. She's in the top three isn't that what Abby always wanted f

Kendall! Congratulations! You are the most chosen girl! Boy, don't you wish it was like that at ALDC? Well, don't worry. Maddie is leaving, and you will soon be one of the most favored girls in the pack. You are so beautiful in many different ways, with and without makeup. But, obviously, you don't need makeup to be the natural model you are. Your beauty is unstandable. Your voice reminds me of a crystal river. Your eyes remind me of the shining moon. Most importantly, your personality reminds me of the kindest person on this earth. I love you so much, and I hope you know, you truly are an amazing person! What a threat! You're a dancer, a model, a singer, and so much more! Love you!

6 Paige Hyland

She is so pretty now and I think she should do more modeling as her career

Paige is definitely the prettiest one, just look her up I mean come on!

Paige is like so preety, even when she was young! And now that she has grown up, she's even prettier! Hiw can a human being be so preety!

Paige is sooo pretty just look at that body!...her face and hair look gorgeous!..i don't like to hate on others I think all the dance mom girls are EXTREMELY pretty but paige was the one I was attracted to

7 Nia Sioux

Nia was sometimes judged by her race with the ethic dances but she took those dances and made it her own and most of the time she lost she really should have won

She is a beautiful person I think that Abby was being a little racist with Nia I think Nia deserves more she should be at least number 4 or 5 she is kind and nice

Being mixed I have always been bullied about the color of my skin and type casted. So I really felt for Nia when she was little. I absolutely love Nia though she's gorgeous.

I know that Nia was the most gorgeous & prettiest out of all the girls, her smile is the most beautiful on dance mom's, her kind heart, she also very pretty even without make up

8 Brooke Hyland

Brooke is really pretty. But, I feel like you can never tell what color her eyes are. They're always different. Other then that Brooke could be a famous star or model. With her looks she looks good I about every dress

When we dance moms parody with my friends no one wants to be Brooke because they say she's ugly but I disagree she's pretty but Nia should be 7 and Brooke should be 8

Although shes small, she shines and is gorgeous. Love her hair too.

Brooke is the prettiest. Shes naturally gorgeous. She's prettier than Kendall.

9 Jojo Siwa

I want to strip her and have sex with her. She is a beauty. you don't know how badly I want to see her nude

Jojo doesn't care what anyone says an I wish that I had her confidence

I love JoJo! She is such a bubbly and sweet dancer! She has a lot of expression and natural beauty. I just think it's so magical the way JoJo interacts with people. She controls herself very well, and always treats the other dancers in a mature and respectful way. Her shimmering eyes light up everybody's day. Even though her mother may not be the kindest, JoJo has certainly thought about this and over the years she has chosen to be herself and not to take after the bad traits her mom carries. JoJo, deciding to be herself, brings Abby not to like her. But, JoJo has been a fierce and bold dancer, standing up to Abby and all. All of the dancers should treat JoJo better than they do. What has JoJo ever done to them? I believe that JoJo is an amazing person, and if you truly care, you will help JoJo get to the top of this list!

I don't like her at all. She may be pretty, but that means nothing. She is to sassy and can be really rude. Her songs are crappy and she can't sing. She can dance really well, I will give her that. I just think that she is to young for the things she does such as bleaching her hair. She's also weird. Sorry guys but I am not a jojo fan.

10 Nia Frazier

Nia is so kind and beautiful. Nobody truly feels what she feels. I believe it might be hard for her to be a different color than all the rest of the girls. That's a reason the others should totally try to make Nia feel more welcome than they do. Nia is always the last picked for everything. Nobody acts as if they care about Nia. It could be, in Nia's eyes, the other dancers are snobs. So, to support Nia's wonderful smile, and need-to-be-cared-about feelings, let's all get Nia to the top 5!

Abby lee Miller always underestimates her but she can do anything on her own. She is so pretty and such an amazing dancer! All of her solos are really good but Abby never gives her good choreography, she makes it her own and always comes out on top. I think she is beautiful and anybody can see that! Go get em Nia! Xxx

Nia is such a beautiful girl and amazing dancer, people need to start showing her respect because she is just drop dead gorgeous

Nia always stands up for what she believes in and knows she deserves a lot more attention than she gets. You go Nia! - Glitterellie

The Newcomers

? Abriella Tremblay
? Brynn Rumfallo

Why isn't she higher up? She's so pretty

Brynn is literally so gorgeous I can't-

The Contenders

11 Ava Cota

It was great when she beat Maddie at nationals. Her costume made her look almost nude. I think showing most of her skin got her the win. Was shocked she would show her body almost nude to win. (skin to win philosophy) - boce

Ava is an amazing dancer and she is my second after Maddie. Nobody seems to notice her technique. Instead people are bullying her for being tall for her age.

I think she is beautiful and really tall. Except her mom is really annoying

She is very pretty, even though she is a very tall girl.

12 Payton Ackerman

Bad over bite.

I hate Payton she takes after her mums personality and her lips r so ugly. Brooke is so much better then her

U can't c her top lip when she smiles

Payton. WOW. I know you guys probably think I'm being a b**ch about this, but wow. Payton is a total brat, and I really don't think she is fit to be a dancer. Or a role-model, period. Have you heard the way she talks? Yeah, all the dancers think they did better than the others, but they don't say it. Payton, being Payton, And that's one of the worst things you could say to support your "teammates". Nobody should've ever forgiven her.

13 Lilliana Ketchman

Lilliana is simply AMAZING! She is so pretty and cute and an incredible dancer. She can rock any type and she's the best performer by far! I ADORE her and I think she should be in the top 10!

Even though she is very small for her age, she is still very beautiful!

Liliana is beautiful inside and out. She is prettier than the other girls and deserves to be in the top ten. The older dancers were not that pretty when they were her age

Just give it to her she is the

only choice

14 Abby Lee Miller Abigale “Abby” Lee Miller is an American dance coach, and the director and owner of Reign Dance Productions.

Who put Abby on

Drop dead gorgeous

Ah yes, Abby Lee Miller, the supermodel.

Wait... Why is she here?

15 Elliana Walmsley

Elliana can do it all.

She is sooo pretty!

Why isn't she higher up TwT

So pretty

16 Christi Lukasiak
17 Asia Ray

Asia is Really pretty and she's sassy

She's the sassiest by far

I don't know why she isn't higher up on here!


18 Vivi-Anne Stein

Vivi anne should be #1. She's naturally gorgeous because she wears no makeup and is so gorgeous when she grows up all of you will see.

She should at least be in the top 3 but last? What?!

Vivi is the prettiest girl in the history of dance moms!

She's ugly and fat now though

19 Sophia Lucia

She was one of the guest on this show, and she is very pretty now!

Has beautiful eyes she is naturally gorgeous

She should be way before vivi ann stein

She looks fake

20 Clara Lukasiak

I don't know why she's on here. Some idiot must have put her on. She was never a dancer on Dance Moms. Christi and chloe left so there is no way she ever will be on Dance Moms either.

Clara's so cute check out her YouTube Clara's world

Some idiot put this on here

She is cute but she's not on dance moms

21 Sarah Hunt

Sarah reminds me of Maddie. Sarah is actually really good she does pointe, ballet, lyrical, jazz and many other styles. And dominates them all I can really see her passion.

Shes not technical that good. Her tummy and abs are amazing. Her cute nice body got her where she is. Shes like Paige there best talent is good body and willing to expose it for a win or cash. - boce

I think Sarah is really pretty

Sarah might be pretty, but her dancing really isn't the best. She's good enough to be on ALDC, but just look at her. If you compare her to the other girls, she honestly looks like nothing. So, I think it's a positive thing that Sarah IS NOT in the top ten.

22 Areana Lopez

Would you imagine a mini becoming so pretty? Well to her, it came true!

She is pretty

She's the only mini I really love, her eyes and her hair is very pretty<3

23 Kaylee Quinn

She was known for being rude and disrespectful on the show, but she is also known for her good looks!

Kaylee had a great body and tan. You can see her on youtube; QuinnSisters - boce

24 Sarah Reasons

I think Sarah is really pretty. She's not the best dancer nor is she better than Kalani (like her mother says), but she is still very pretty!



Sarah is ok I guess but kalani is way preetier

25 Alexus Oladi

Alexus was so cute and beautiful - Glitterellie

26 Cathy Nesbitt-Stein

She is drop dead gorgeous just kidding she's a witch

27 Tea Adamson

Tea is adorable! - Glitterellie

28 Gianna Michaels

What? She's a PORNOGRAPHIC ACTRESS! And, by the way, it's Gianna Martello, not Michaels!

She looks really pretty. But somehow, she looks a bit bratty and quite sexy. Despite that, she's very glam. Gianna has a soft heart. She's just to sexy to me! 👙

29 Nikki Bella Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace is an American professional wrestler and actress signed to WWE under the ring name Nikki Bella, performing on the SmackDown brand. more.
30 Fallon Chapman

I thought she was drop dead gorgeous personally I felt awful for her

31 Kamryn Beck

She is so pretty. She looks a lot like Rowan Blanchard. Her freckles look great on her. She is also a great dancer. Her mom is also very nice. Christi shouldn't have said that Jodie (Kamryn's mom), is the "new melissa ". She actually is nice!

She is so pretty! The prettiest on the Replacement Team right next to little Sarah Hunt!

She reminds me of Rowan Blanchard

So pretty!

32 Melissa Ziegler

I love you

33 Jade Cloud

Jade cloud is an AMAZING dancer. Although not good as Maddie, she deserves a high position! Her positivity matches well with her beauty.

Jades pretty

I think she is beautiful - Sandez


34 Haley Huelsman

She's not a member of the ALDC but she is still a girl on dance moms. I think her freckles look pretty on her.

I felt bad for her that mother 😖 how did she put up with it her mom was not supportive just rude. Gorgeous girl and dancer💓

35 Peyton Evans

Whoever said Peyton is ugly is just jealous! She is so beautiful and dances really great! She was one of my favorites on Dance Moms - Glitterellie


36 Ariana Berlin
37 Fallon
38 Kelly Hyland

Very beautiful Kelly has nice eyes and a nice smile I think she is one of the prettiest moms on the show.

Kelly is so beautiful

39 Brady Farrar

Brady’s so hot. He’s on season eight of Dance moms and is the best. People think Lilly’s the best because she’s Abby’s favorite bu Brady’s awesome

40 Melissa Gisoni

I bet she is gorgeous even though I can’t see her face :(

41 Pressley Hosbach
42 Holly Frazier
43 Vanessa Watrous
44 Sarah Georgiana
45 Savannah Kristich

She is beautiful

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