Top 10 Reasons Why Tupac Shakur is the Best Rapper of All Time

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1 He Has Recorded Songs that Have Predicted the Future

And Changes, as well, he predicted America would have a black president.

How is that even possible?!

True that true that

2 He Had Poetic Knowledge of Lyrics

Eminem, The Notorious B.I. G, Nas, Rakim, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg etc. etc. all have terrific rap flow but Tupac had the best lyrical flow out of them all. Eminem is probably the only one to be in Tupac's league. Listen to every single Tupac song you know then compare it to Eminem, surely Tupac has a better flow and is more true on the mic. Eminem has tight and smashing fast lyrics but Tupac was like a black Shakespeare. Simply sensational

Tupac redrew the line between poetry and rap. 'enough said.

3 He Exposed the Illuminati

So true his song "Changes and"Holla if ya hear me say a lot so you are so true

4 He Could Relate to People that Were Struggling

Tupac always had inspiring messages like "keep your head up" and confirmed to the listener that there would be better days.

No rapper today had it as hard as 2pac did
Well maybe Eminem but that's all

That's what makes him also the best inspiring hip hop artist of all time

5 Has the Best Song Storylines

Eminem and The Notorious B.I. G are the only one's along with Pac to possess a kind of attitude to get a message across through telling a deep story. Unfortunately I like Tupac's vocalised stories much better than Eminem.

6 He Wrote and Recorded 3 Songs in One Hour

What rapper does this today in 2015, No One I Can Think Of. Today rappers release a song and use there money for weeks to party. Tupac he was like glue to his studio, it was all hard work, fun, drinking and a pro-recording sport in Tupac's studio back in the day.

7 He Could Understand a Man and a Woman's Perspective

I admire that very much because today's so-called "rappers" except Eminem don't even talk or rap about that at all like he did

8 Shakur is the First Dead Rapper that Made People Think He's Still Alive

True talk, I myself believe that he was alive not until Barack Obama became the US President.
Missed u 2Pac

He might be in hiding or protection

Exactly but he's really alive

I think he’s alive

9 Has Released More Albums in Death Than While Alive

Ok so fair enough live for 6 years in the rap industry and be successful but come on how the hell do you record 150 songs in two short years simply fantastic.
Listen to all these albums:

(R you Still Down? Remember Me), Still I Rise, Until The End Of Time, Better Dayz, Loyal To The Game and Pac's Life.
All these albums Tupac recorded before he died but didn't have the chance to mix them. 6 albums released in death, no rapper will ever do this, NEVER!

I still miss him

I love when real people speak the truth about Pac actor, rapper, poet, activist and the greatest to ever do it listen to represent 93 gave respect to other rapper's didn't have hate in his blood until you crossed him and tried to assassinate him twice haters

10 He Finished a Whole Album in 2 Weeks

Amazing just absolutely amazing

Best rapper of all time

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11 He Was a Savage
12 He Made Inspirational Songs

He saved and uplifted many lives with his music

Go listen to Dear Mama, Changes, and Only God Can Judge Me️.

13 He Made a Major Influence on Hip-Hop

No need to explain...

2pac will always be the GOAT

14 He Was Black Power Personified
15 He is a Cool Dude

I totally agree with this statement and whoever wrote this is very cool

16 He Created the Thug Life Code
17 He Was Realest to His People
18 One of the Most Influential Black Rappers of His Time

His lyrics were just amazing in general,and he was attempting to fix most of the worlds problems which carried over to present day (Example: Black discrimination,poverty,women,and growing up hard) Not to mention he made a shout out to his own mother,describing the difficulties he had dealt with growing up. He also stated in his song Letter To My Unborn,"'I'm not saying that I'm gonna rule the world,but if I keep talking about how dirty it is out here,somebody's gonna clean it up",that quote right there is poetic brilliance already right by itself. Not only that,most of his albums are considered absolute GOLD since he was very inspiring at his time. It just isn't an argument and plus I can't fit all the facts on this page so yeah.

19 His Lyrics Had an Impact on Many People.

He once said in an interview that it was a little kid who was dying and his one wish was to see Tupac. I promise you if Tupac was still alive, I would do my all just to have a conversation with him. I feel as if he really changed my life, mindset, and overall thinking in a positive way. Only a few rappers have that power, but he did it the best

20 He Told the Truth

Tupac's songs were so inspirational, and had so much meaning from growing up without a dad, to women and empowering them. He had perspectives from all rom men going through times, and women as he could understand people so well. He expressed this through music, his poems of music and was the Shakespeare of his day. He has brought hope for much in songs like Keep Ya Head Up, Life Goes On, and Dear Mama. But other songs had talked about being to go to war but not being able to drink in his song Po N*igga Blues. Killuminati was about killing a secret government organization known as the Illuminati, personally the illuminati is the U.S government, and some even say the illuminati killed Tupac. He was a lyricist, poem writer, activist, inspiration, and a legend. He has a way of saying things combining poems, his experiences, and controversial topics and makes it a beautiful piece of art.

21 He Has the Best Rap Song Ever

Changes will always be the best rap song ever

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