Top 10 Underground Indian Rappers

THIS list Is for those rappers that sound good but haven't have a chance in music industry because of financial problems.
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1 Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai is a phenomenal rapper. He is on point and very fast with his beats. His music is insane. No one can beat him. He's probably the best rapper I have heard after Honey Singh and is now my favorite.

He is the best rapper in the world. Not only in India, but he has rocked the whole world in every song.

Emiway is the most inspiring underground rapper in the world. He is the king of rap.

2 Divine

Divine is the best underground rapper in India.

Divine is the best rapper in the underground.

Big fan, bro. I have one request: make a song for Indian employees coming to Dubai.

3 Naezy
4 Muhfaad

I met Muhfaad, and he is a very down-to-earth guy with a nice, friendly nature.

I love the way Muhfaad spits. No doubt, he is one of the most lyrical rappers in the Indian hip-hop scene.

5 Mc Stan

Best rapper in India. Hip-hop scene, MC Stan, top rapper.

Best rapper in India. His beat is awesome.

He is the best rapper. His beat is really awesome, and his style is different from other rappers.

6 Raftaar
7 Kr$na

The most brutal rapper I have ever seen. His consistency, references, and wordplay are at a god level.

He started rapping in 2008. He is lyrically a genius. He is known for his brutality in his disses.

Kr$na should be at number 3 because he is the best desi rapper I have ever seen.

8 HeRo RaPsta

Hero is an Indian rapper from Bhatinda, Punjab. Known for his knowledge and lyricism, Hero is not just a rapper. He brings discussions to the table, as seen in Hip Hop is Dead and his untitled album. He gives you something to think about and has a strong grasp of hip-hop history, offering a strong counterpoint to today's commercial rappers. Despite facing financial struggles, he has yet to find success.

9 Raga

He is one of the sickest lyricists in the underground scene in recent times. His voice is very dope and attractive as a rapper.

Why is he not on the list? I think he is the 2nd best underground rapper.

Talented man, Raga is a very good rapper.

10 Dino James

I think he is the best inspirational rapper of all time in India. Please give him a number in the top ten rappers.

Thank you.

Just focus on his lyrics. You can understand why he is the best. And amazing.

The Contenders
11 Toofaan
12 Rapper SAM
13 Shubhendra Dragon Boy

He is a gangsta rapper from Kanpur and has sung many songs in his lifetime. These songs can be found anywhere on the internet. The bass in his sound is something you've never heard before.

14 Koh
15 Agam Rapper

He is a Punjabi rap artist working in an Indian hip-hop crew called "Street Boyzz." He writes his own lyrics and flows them over funky beats produced by our very own SBR Productions. He is very passionate about rap music.

16 M-Zee Bella

Deepak Singh, aka M-Zee Bella, is one of the most famous underground rappers and is also the winner of MTV Hustle. He is a pure Hindi rapper and has been praised by many big artists on MTV Hustle.

17 Fotty Seven
18 Red
19 Pardhaan

Pardhaan is a Hindi/Haryanvi rapper. I think his rap lyrics are better than those of Badshah, Raftaar, Yo Yo Honey Singh, and others. The inventor of Desi hip-hop, Bohemia, is also a fan of Pardhaan.

20 King
21 MC Altaf
22 EPR

EPR may not have many views on his rap videos, but he is an absolute genius. He should be in the top 20 at least. While his counterparts are busy making diss tracks, self-bragging, and talking about self-struggle, here he is writing protest poetry, experimenting with genres, and creating subtle raps.

23 V Dedha
24 Addy Nagar

Bro, you are the best. Your lyrics are superb. You are a creative dude.

25 Mudit K. David

He's the newest rapper with awesome lyrics. The video quality could have been better.

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