Top 10 Reasons Why Tupac is Better Than Biggie

He is a rapper who cares about people situation and rap through poetry which no others do.
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1 Better storylines

He raps from the heart. His songs have meaning and truth behind them. Songs like Keep Ya Head Up, My Block, and Dear Mama are some of my favorites.

Both were great storytellers, but Pac's stories were much more profound.

He raps as if he is reading a story with a lot of meaning.

2 Bigger success in less time

You know what's crazy? Tupac has sold the most albums of any rapper ever, and he "died" at 25. He sold more records than anybody in hip hop today. He had songs that made you appreciate your mother, treat women right, support the ghetto, and take a look at what it's like in the life of a thug. You don't see that often.

Me personally, I think he might still be alive because he has had more songs and albums come out than while he was alive. If you've seen the Powerade Rose From Concrete commercial, it features his voice reciting a poem he wrote. Look at the Keep Ya Head Up music video. He's wearing some Penny Hardaway shoes that didn't come out until after his death. They say Legends Never Die, and in Tupac's case, that is 100 percent true.

3 Better flow
4 Better songs

His songs are more about life and the current world situation.

5 He predicted the future

He raps, and everything he said happened. Will he return in 2014?

6 Better work ethic

He made an album in six days, which is one of the best hip hop albums.

7 Better physique
8 He fought for the struggle

Yes, he was a community man, always standing up for the less fortunate and raising awareness of how the ghetto life really is. I think it's important that politicians, the government, and all those rich snobs looking down their noses at those in poverty get an understanding of how life can be and what struggle is all about.

And maybe the government could do a bit more to help the unemployed and poor people out and put things in place to prevent people from getting into crime as a way of earning a living. Give a better helping hand.

9 He was a government target

Yes, I love Biggie and this is not a reason to hate Tupac. I love Tupac too! Both of them are the greatest rappers of all time!

But this is true: Tupac was an enemy of the Illuminati, a good reason for this... his last album name... KILLuminati! Yeah, he targeted the Illuminati! So the Illuminati tried to kill him... I hope Tupac is back...

Rest in peace Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

10 He is a thug
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11 More inspirational songs
12 Better lyrical content

Yes, Pac rapped about the problems in the world. What did Biggie rap about? Money, women, cars, and clothes.

13 He said what rappers never said before and never will say
14 He was honest, raw, and real
15 Better themes
16 Better acting ability
17 Not as commercialized
18 Biggie influenced the rappers of today who only rap about materialism
19 Better beats
20 More intelligent
21 Better albums
22 Better mic presence
23 More intelligible

Biggie had a bad lisp, and he was hard to understand at times.

24 He worked with better people
25 He was more lyrical
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