Top 10 Reasons Barney & Friends is Better Than Sanjay and Craig

All you people who think Barney & Friends is the worst show ever, LISTEN UP! Sanjay and Craig is a MILLION times worse! Here's why.

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1 Sanjay and Craig is disgusting

Butt jokes, fart jokes, poop jokes, pee jokes, vomit jokes, and snot jokes. That's ALL that Sanjay and Craig consists of. Barney & Friends doesn't have any of that crap.

Like your Liv and Maddie fettish isn't disgusting?

2 Sanjay and Craig is stupider

This list has no brain cells.

Much, MUCH stupider.

3 Sanjay and Craig is painful to watch

Barney is just as painful to watch...

*plays Pain by Three Days Grace*

4 Sanjay and Craig is annoying

Yet you aren't?

Says one of the most childish, obnoxious, and annoying users on this website. - KennyRulz244444

EXTREMELY annoying at that.

5 Barney & Friends teaches good morals like sharing and caring. Sanjay and Craig teaches terrible lessons.

What, good morals like trusting strangers or believing that magic solves everything? Get a life. - KennyRulz244444

Like for example in one episode of Sanjay and Craig the moral is "There ain't no shame in wetting the bed".

Both are moronic.

6 Barney & Friends has far better characters than Sanjay and Craig

At least Barney and his friends aren't just immature morons who like butt and fart jokes.

No both have terribe characters equally.

7 Barney & Friends has far better episodes


Not ONCE have I seen ANYTHING disgusting, disturbing, or inappropriate on Barney & Friends. Sanjay and Craig only made three episodes that I liked (The Giving G, Release the Craigan, and Halloweenies).

8 Barney & Friends has far better role models

Are you serious?

Like I said, NO ONE on Sanjay and Craig is a good role model.

9 Sanjay and Craig is mean-spirited while Barney & Friends is kind-hearted.

Barney & Friends teaches about kindness and all that good stuff to young children. Sanjay and Craig does the exact opposite.

Both shows gave me aids... do I need to go on?

10 Barney & Friends doesn't cause death. Sanjay and Craig is cancer.

This list is cancer.

It really and truly is. That's why I stopped watching it.

Oh my God, this list is SO bad that I had to watch The Battle Of Bikini Bottom 65 times, on T.V. at bedtime.

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11 Sanjay and Craig doesn't teach kids to trust strangers, Barney does.
12 Barney is educational
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