Top Ten Reasons to Hate Babies


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1 They are spoiled

If you thought hitler was evil... then this would change your mind! babies are the most evil things in the whole entire universe all it does is cry until someone becomes deaf or DIES! - RootBeerFan

You guys never killed anyone when you were babies. @Bouncy grow up please. - TeamRocket747

I don't find that babies are that spoiled. It's usually toddlers. Sometimes babies can be spoiled.

Why are many people hating babies? You guys were babies before! Duh! - Gabo147

They are too young to do stuff on their own and they are too young to know right fro m wrong.-LitSavage

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2 They are not cute

Babies are the ugliest abominations I have ever laid eyes on.

When they stink they aren't

This is true they are so ugly! - RootBeerFan

People say their cute, when there not even cute!

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3 They have too much attention

Why would you leave a baby alone? There brains are less developed, what if they fell down the stairs because you weren't watching them? You would feel terrible - Zindondiddlybop

They need it. If you leave a baby alone they might eat stuff they aren't supposed to eat and run out of the house. - ToptenPizza

Well if you give it too less attention they wouldn't be very good I am pretty sure everyone's (I THINK) mother loved them so much that they gave them attention - Puppytart

If they’re unsupervised they will do stuff that they’re not supposed to that could get them injured or killed cause they don’t know any better, so argument invalid

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4 They are slobbery

I know, right? It's so gross! I like baby animals more!

Me too!

This iplist is a joke - Nateawesomeness

5 They are annoying

You just sit and all of a sudden, the baby next to you starts crying like hell. - MinecraftHater

Baby talk is annoying, too!

If your mean to them


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6 They get away with too much

I love how these baby obsessed humans keep using the "because they are babies" argument.

Yep, and now I know exactly why the babies grow up to be spoiled brats. - 3DG20

Because they are BABIES - ToptenPizza

Yea they are babys!

I know right lol,spoiled brats (going with the joke) - Nateawesomeness

7 They are messy

Messy b*stards(going with the joke) - Nateawesomeness

8 They poop in their diaper

That is the most disgusting thing about them they poop anywhere and everywhere. Nobody wants to smell there nasty little asses I can't stand babies diapers or their messes.

We all did. Sure, it's annoying, but you can't expect a baby to pop out of the womb and know how to use the toilet. This isn't a valid reason to hate a baby. - ItsPisces

"And you didn't when you were a baby? " We did. We don't anymore. Argument is invalid.

You do realized that every baby poops, and everyone is a baby before they developed into schools, etc.

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9 They are overrated

Everyone on the planet was a baby. Even adults pretend to be babies. Mostly men.

Because they are babys

10 They are disgusting

Well, its disgusting to take off their diaper. - funnyuser

Everything about them.

Gross! They smell they spit, poop, and pee on you!

Hate me all you want, but I honestly don’t see how people find little alien things that do nothing but spit, pee, poop, puke and stink up the room cute. - 3DG20

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11 They cry

Everyone does. (Mom says I cried all the time when I was a baby though )

Babies just cry because they can't talk yet. But it's annoying for sure. - Userguy44

Because they can't use their words? - ItsPisces

Cause they don’t know how to talk yet. Argument invalid.

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12 They grow up to be retards

You know you just called yourself a retard right.

Ok, this is a stupid and uneducated list. Which means the person who made this list is stupid and uneducated. YOU JUST CALLED EVERYONE IN THE WORLD A RETARD! The whole population is smarter than you so I think you are all bark and no bite and you should just shut up

Yeah some people are actually retards. - s10484

Very ageist! - BorisRule

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13 They have no teeth

It's creepy as, like other animals are born with a full set of teeth, why not babies? Then they wont make your boobs sag.

14 They are crybabies

Yep you do what would be heaven to a kid but a baby would just cry it's supposed to bring empathy so that it has higher chance of surviving but never works

15 They don't care about anything

Because they don't know that much

16 They are dumb

That's because their brain cells are NOT developed yet - BorisRule

They didn't learn anything yet - Puppytart

They're not exactly supposed to be smart.

Do you know the difference between fictional characters Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) and Theodore Templeton (The Boss Baby) and real babies.

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17 They watch strange shows

Boohbah is stupid

18 They get spoken to in baby talk

This is why I blast my headphones whenever me, babies, toddlers, and relatives are all in the exact same room together. BABY TALK IS SO ANNOYING!

I absolutely cannot stand this. It’s more annoying than the babies themselves. - 3DG20

19 They wreck your stuff

They rip up your paper, puke on your clothes, and poop on your bed. Keep your stuff away form them!

20 They can't walk

I still love dogs,but pug.your a pug,u can't either

21 They chew on everything
22 They throw up and pee and poop on you


23 The parents think that the whole world revolves around them

They have to learn not to always let babies have their way all the time

24 They smell

They always either smell like either sour milk or poop.

25 They require too much time

You always need to supervise babies eat,sleep, crawl, play. It takes so long! I don’t understand why babies don’t just stand when they are born (That’s what happens with giraffes) babies being babies is NOT cute it is annoying and a complete waste of time.

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