Top Ten Reasons to Hate Books


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1 They're Boring

The maker of this list said he dropped out of school. So he obviously doesn't have an education.

15 minutes ago I predicted people would get pissed off at this obvious troll list, and three people have already done so. Pathetic. - Puga

Nah, I'm just agreeing with the list whether it's made by a troll or not.

Books are not boring. I love books especially fantasy novels.

I hate books!

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2 Adults Make You Read Them

People need to decide which books they want to read. We all have our own tastes, and forcing someone to read a certain book sucks the fun out of reading. - Turkeyasylum

Turkey, I am really disappointed in you for falling for this list. Really disappointed. - Puga

Ugh, we have to learn stuff from books. Can't life just be all fun and games and TheTopTens? - Songsta41

I read on my own choice. My dad suggested the Wheel of Time and I'm glad he did. I didn't have to read it but I did. - Merilille

Books I a told to read by my parents are the best - lbelle0527

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3 Only Nerds Read Books

That is so rude and mean! Books are what make life fun and interesting, everyone can find a book that is just right for them! Saying that only nerds read books is incredibly false. I hate it when people are mean to other people just because they read books! I am ashamed that anyone would say this ever! Books make you smarter whereas video games, movies, and other things make you dumber plus it ruins your eyesight. The real question here is why I'm typing this instead of getting lost in a good book. Why, if we didn't have books, we would all be depressed. When I'm sad, I get a books, forget about it, make up with the person who upset me, then we're friends again. Books don't make you competitive or anti-social. I am not saying that electronics are bad I cannot live without technology, but I can not live without books. Books make you smarter and enhance your vocabulary, so it's a win-win, right? I am so angry, you basically called more than half the earth nerds! I know 2-year-olds who ...more

Welcome to troll central! Population: KoolGuy2218. - Turkeyasylum

But books are my friends. You know I don't like people. I guess I'm a nerd then since I would rather read than play computer games. - Merilille

Obviously the best list on the site. - LarrytheFairy

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4 They Are a Waste of Paper

Now I'm convinced, you're a troll. - winner333

Ever heard of E-books? Troll list.

...Um need to look at this again this is wrong

*Cough cough* - Blight

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5 They Are Overrated

Well at least books are better than school, and you know what Koolguy? You sit on your butt, playing video games all day.

I would agree because adults say that you should reed books because they are good but really they ain't and that makes them overrated

Are you serious? If anything, their underrated

How the hell can a THING be overrated? - venomouskillingmachine

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6 The Movie Is Usually Better

Wrong partially, if you look at The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent and practically almost every teen-fiction movie/ book, the book is usually better than the movie. - Fandom_Lover

Yeah right. They ruin the story with the movies. They even take away characters... - Blight

Usually the movies take half the things that happen in the books out. I mean, look what happened with Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. - WheresMyGuitarPick

No.I like movies better but usually if a series has a book and a movie the book is usually funny.-LitSavage

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7 They Aren't Funny

You OBVIOUSLY have never read The 39 Clues, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson... Probably just read Diary Of A Wimpy Kid saying its good cause there's idiot pictures

If you tried to fall asleep reading a book, you probably didn't pick the right book... - Turkeyasylum

I have fallen asleep on every book that I have read. I am NOT making this up - KoolGuy2218

You obviously never read books by Rick Riordan.

When I dony read for a long time, books seem really boring, but when I read they are really cool and makes me live reading.

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8 They Are Useless

Notice how everyone here defending books use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar? That's because they read, they're frequently in contact those things, and therefore they're good at it. You are stupid, why? BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO READ! Books educate us, The make us smarter, if you read a lot during childhood we will be smarter as we grow. And one last thing, if you can't read then you won't be able to read ANY textbooks and then fail every class.

From: the 8-year old girl who's

Scarily smart for her age. Why?


Books being useless? Please. Books educate us and strengthen the smarts within our skulls. That's a disappointing and immature attitude of yours. - Levi-Ackerman

Okay, I'm done feeding the troll now. I just wanted to get those few comments off my chest. - MontyPython

They will be useful for a person who has an IQ of 15. You know who I'm talking about. - WheresMyGuitarPick

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9 They Aren't Electronic

I hate you because you're not electronic. In fact, I hate myself! Why can't I just be electronic, I would be so much happier! - Songsta41

I'm a millennial and I hate all the digital crap. I hate kindles, I hate everything robotic, I don't want to use virtual rubbish ever it looks like something that would give you a headache. The internet gets on my nerves half of it is full of boring crap. I rarely use my phone, I can't remember what year I last sent a text message, but my phone is on the bookshelf in the living room all the time anyway, I can't remember what month I last played a video game.

And therefore can't synchronize easily with gadgets! Damn, I have to copy manually...

-_- Dude Back Then They Didn't Have Electronics And If You Want A Book That's An Electronic Just Go Download On In The Google Play Store And Hit Books You'll Find Some Instresting Books Or You Can Get One About Gaming - Stevenpenguin

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10 There Are No Pictures

Have you ever heard of picture books? - Minecraftcrazy530

Ever read a comic book or manga -_- - samanime

Ever heard of a comic book or a manga troll leader? - Skullkid755

Some books have pictures but the good ones don't. - hollyeb13

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11 You Look Smarter don't want to look smarter

Lol, I think this is a joke. - Blight

I want to look smarter - hollyeb13

I am not sure but I think this guy who made this list is joking around,just sayng.

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12 Books Can Be Overpriced

Probably the only valid reason on this list to dislike books.

Internet and crappy phones cost way more

Heard of a LIBRARY, fool?

Yeah but video games are not. - KingFab

13 Books Make You Fat

I know, right? I'm so fat because I read books, if I used electronics I wouldn't be fat at all! (Sarcastic)

How does this make sense?

This logic fits in with this list - Nayan2003

Lol I read an article saying that books make you fat its true wiki it lmao

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14 They Hurt Your Eyes

If they hurt your eyes you are reading them on your phone or you need reading glasses - lbelle0527

Wha? How the heck?

No they don't, it's electronics that hurt your'e eyes.

Only applies to e-books

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15 They Are for Old People

I don't care about it I just want to read. - isywe

Just who do you think you are? I'm possibly the youngest TopTenners on the whole site but let me tell you something... I read books. - FennikenFan9

You have not read the books for kids...

Ok... Maybe Jeffrey Archer and stuff yes but a lot of kids seires exist!

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16 People Who Read are Not Just Gonna Keep Feeding the Troll.

People who read books aren't gonna give you more reasons to hate them.

We won't provide ou with more reasons to hate books.

17 Bugs Can Eat Part of the Pages

That isn't books' fault! *Prods Book lovingly* - Blight

I hate bugs, they are so crawly.

Yeah! They're so annoying! Bugs can't eat anything electronic! Anyways, electronics lag...but at least it's not bugs...


18 They Smell Sometimes
19 You Don't Know How Good They Are

He does know how good they are, because he knows they are atrocious piles of bullsh! t. - LarrytheFairy

Come on, guys, let's get a sensible answer to n1 in spite of this troll :D

20 You Get Paper Cuts from Them
21 If You are on a Low Reading Level You Have to Go to Reading Lab (Reading Lab Kids Hate Books)

NOT TRUE they just have a hard time reading sometimes and I know kids in reading lab that like to read books

22 They Make You Anti-Social
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