Top Ten Reasons to Hate Internet Trolls


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1 They are annoying

In my opinion trolls are the most annoying thing about this website because at least with drama it ends after a while trolls seem to never go away - christangrant

Annoying? They're worse than that. They're irksome and downright nasty.

2 They are rude
3 They are idiots

Especially the ones who accuse others of trolling ( because they troll others and suspect the same ) and try to defame them then act like victims, why? because they're just snakes and their attempts should be ignored. - Ananya

4 They ruin your lists

That's the main reason why I have to always add things to my list otherwise trolls will just ruin them and the worst part is they never go away even when you ignore them they always manage to comeback - christangrant


5 They stalk you

It proves that they have nothing better to do that ruin peoples lives while hiding behind a keyboard. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Almost every list I make gets ruined by a troll and I have a feeling it's the same person every time - christangrant

6 They spam

Aka they ruin you lists by spamming loads of items - christangrant

7 They never go away
8 They always add the same songs to every list they see
9 They drive users away from sites
10 They insult you and your family

Bad behaviour from bad people - belarbi

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11 They want to prove you are wrong
12 They are grammer nazis

You can tell by the way they go grammar policing, you say something and their comeback sometimes is pointing out your grammar errors for example, you say "your a bitch" and they reply with "you're"

Grammar nazis seem offensive to others but why don't they do it politely? just like "it's you're and not your. hope it helps you! :)" they should have used constructive criticism politely instead of just calling them idiots! - Lucy1402

13 They lie to you
14 They think they are intelligent, but they are dumb

Trolls think they are cool when they are not - ToptenPizza

Labelling someone dumb is a way of telling them or proving to yourself that you are more intelligent than them, which according to your list makes you dumb... And also me for thinking you are dumb - ShutTheFullCup

Oh my god Delgia what is this - Puga

The time when I was an idiot... Well, I regretted on making this list anyway. - Delgia2k

15 They are only making themselves look bad
16 They have no lives
17 They spoil
18 They would make you commit suicide
19 They oppose major opinions
20 They think they are god
21 They try to wish death upon you

This is scary and hurtful. Whatever they say can never be taken seriously

22 They won't cheer up no matter how hard you try
23 They're stupid
24 They hate your favorite shows and movies
25 They want you to get offended
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1. They never go away
2. They are annoying
3. They are rude
1. They ruin your lists
2. They are idiots
3. They are grammer nazis
1. They are idiots
2. They are annoying
3. They are rude

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