Top 10 Reasons to Hate One Direction

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1 They can't sing

Tell me, have they ever been caught lip singing? Nope, cause they CAN!

You're right that's why they were on the X factor

They can't. It's the truth.

They can sing that's y they get the Artist of the year awards all the time. Lol losers don't even have point to argue on

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2 They steal other bands' music

Even Style by Taylor Swift steal the music by one direction.

SkyrimFreak knows what's up. (The Clash') Should I Stay Or Should I Go = stolen. (The Who's) Baba O'Riley = stolen. (Green Day's) Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) = stolen. (Blink 182's) Stay Together For The Kids = guess what? Stolen! (Avril Lavigne's) What The Hell = Stolen. (Grease's) Summer Nights = FRIGGEN STOLEN! If you don't believe me, I can direct you to a certain video and you can listen for yourself. - DovahQueen

3 They're a disgrace to the music industry

They covered "Wonderwall" and ruined the song, Gallagher would've sobbed I he heard that whining. - Sibi

I hate your awful music you all suck and are very very ugly!

Their music is awfully bad

"I hate your awful music you all suck and are very very ugly! "

Who? One Direction? You said it, pal. :D - The Ultimate Daredevil

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4 They are fake

Where? HAHA, this one is one of the stupidest reasons ever heard!

SO FAKE. you would totally know since you know so much abou them

5 Their songs are meaningless and overused

I'm sorry, but they are not meaningless at all. Little Things is telling a girl not to be insecure, Diana is telling a girl not to end her life/self harm because there is someone waiting for her, You & I is about fighting for your love, even if none approve and proving nobody could separate you two, Don't Forget Where You belong is stating that no matter where, you're never alone, Strong is another love song saying that they are not scared of love, Through the Dark just listen to it, it explains itself, Over Again is sort of like, can we start all again and make things right, They don't know about us is a love song where they can't tell the world they are in love, but want to, etc etc - ThePeskyWalrus

They're wrote songs about girls being insecure, suicide, bullying, feeling alone, being judged, living life at the fullest. Who they are is what I love the most.

There songs are annoying for me and also meaningless.

Maybe you don't like some of their songs, but they are far from meaningless. they have actually saved a lot of lives believe it or not. oh wait, you wouldn't know. whoever made this obviously doesn't have one๐Ÿ˜‚

6 Their song "Best Song Ever" is the worst

Because they wish it could be

Yes! It is the worst.


So true!

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7 They're everywhere

Of course they are everywhere because they are the best


8 The comparisons
9 Hate

I just hate 1d they worst like hell

10 Directards / Directioners

Directioners you shouldn't like one direction.
Because there attitudes are the worst.

Well I'm a 'directard' and I'm obviously a lot happier than you are๐Ÿค"๐Ÿ˜‚

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? They can't play instruments

I can't even say anything. D'ya know what? I'm gonna kill myself now.

? They rip off songs.

Look at The Beatles' "Blackbird". Harry Style's song Sweet Creature is Blackbird. Plus his singing wants to make you punch someone and hide in a black hole and die. And murder him.

Blackbird isn't the only one. Look at Queen's "We Will Rock You". "Rock You" is literally "We Will Rock You." Idiots. One Direction is an idiotic group. They aren't even music.

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11 They claim to be better than the Beatles

Actually, no. They never have said that. They were INSPIRED by them. They don't hate them at all.

They don't claim to be better smart ones. They just mind their own business like you should be doing.

One Direction will never be better than the Beatles. For me, the one direction their going, is the direction striat ahead to Failure - Draco

Excuse you? sorry, but until you find something to back that crap up no one is going to believe you. they NEVER said that

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12 They are rude

Wait...Are you sure we are talking about the same thing?! We are all talking about One Direction!? The charity events organizers?! The anti self harm supporters?!, the guys who tripped over a dog and apologised?! Umm...if they're rude then I love being rudely treated!

Since when? dude you really need stuff to back this up (haha good luck finding some! )

One time a 1D fan wanted to see One Direction when he/she was sick and what did they do? They didn't even show up after they found out they wouldn't get paid

Um since when? this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen

13 They're overrated

I don't hate them, quite frankly I think this list is sad. they are over rated but they're only a boy band with huge success I just think people need someone to hate to make them feel better about their own pathetic lives.

They're just real, good singers, attractive and talented. Admit it. Nothing wrong.

How do you suppose that?

14 They are only famous for looks

Ya, because I bought all their albums to listen to their face

15 I love them

me too

THANK YOU! honestly some of these 'reasons' aren't even actual reasons and just hate.

16 The 'Directards' trashed Taylor Swift for dating Harry

I am swiftie and now the directioners are blaming taylor for hurting Harry. Harry isn't even concerned about it. He is dating already another model. He even hooked with a fan girl.<<< He is known only for looks and he loves only for looks. And they call it music ------ YUCK!

Everyone knows that eventually Taylor will write a break up song about him. It happened a long time ago, but the deal is that since 1989 came out 2 yrs after Haylor, it just brings back the relationship. She'll bring Harry hints in her music videos and it gets more people talking.
Harry is the nicest person alive! He hasn't brought up Taylor or said anything rude towards Taylor. He'd compliment her every once and while if he's asked. He hasn't dated in years! He has a HUGE heart, and is sensitive. The hate got to him, he broke down many times when he thought he was losing fans. He hasn't been in a relationship for a long time. Many of the people he "dated," are as fake as helf as Taylor's rumored relationships. Harry hasn't dated over 5 people in his 20 yrs. Taylor dates every few months, so don't be a liar.
The only reason Taylor asked him out is because he's attractive and nice. Admit it. she barely knew him!
Remember at least 1D can write beautiful songs like If I Could ...more

This is to whoever posted right before me... Y the hell won't you ask your to shut her ass and stop lying about her relationship with Harry. She is the biggest retard on the plant because even if she's dated at least 20 boys after Harry she never stops hurting him with her godforsaken songs๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘

17 They aren't even hot

If you want to see ugly go to 5SOS

They aren't hot, they are simply clones of other big time boy bands such as JLS.

Excuse me... This discussion is abt people hating on one direction because they think that their music is bad.. not their looks(and by the way go for an eye checkup and a brain cheap to see if u have cancer)

18 They think they are the best band ever

Whoever said that they own the title, "Biggest Band on the Planet," is misinformed. The Beatles actually are the biggest band on the planet, as almost EVERYBODY has heard of them and likes their music. One Direction is not a good band from my opinion, and is sure as hell not the biggest band on the planet.

They own the title "Biggest Band on the Planet," so how can't they?
Don't know where you got that, but they are themselves 24/7. They don't need a huge concert full of back up singers and dancers. They like to tour because that's their way of connecting with fans. They legit talk to them during a concert, sing them happy birthday, read their posters and talk to them throughout the show. They don't act like they're something special, they act like any normal person.

Um hahaaha they are

Ahahaa um they are

19 They make UK / Ireland look bad

This makes no sense. They're just making it look greater since they're from those countries. The biggest band on Earth from the U.K and Ireland just makes the country look better.

I live in Ireland and Niall isn't all bad but he could have done MUCH better

I know right. Everyone, uk and Ireland actually are places that make fine music, U2, van Morrison, Beatles, Rolling Stones, the whoโ€ฆLED ZEPPELIN!

These people are very poor examples of music

20 They completely suck

Good one, you could be a lawyer

Honestly can someone tell me who wrote this list? ๐Ÿ˜‚ you must always listen to their music since have such good judgement.

What the heck is wrong with you? ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm literally dying of laughter who has time for this?

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