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121 Daisy's Teeth Being Exposed In Mario Party 8

They were flat & infrequently shown.

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122 She Isn't Playable In SSB

What for? Why is it always Princess Peach who has to join in Super Smash Bros. & Princess Daisy not wanted by Nintendo, Sora Ltd. Sega, HAL Laboratories, Namco Bandai Ltd, & Capcom?! That's it!

At least make her an assist trophy with an SSB4 design, Nintendo. Thank you!

Keep hating characters for stupid reasons

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123 Their Pear Figures in Sonic Riders

They're not that bad. Besides, they'd attracted the pervy Sonic the Hedgehog.

124 They Taunt a Lot

This reason doesn't need to be on this list.

125 Both Are (Subtly) Taller Than Luigi

Luigi is actually 5'7" according to most sources, significantly taller than his not so cool brother Mario (5'1"). I think he must have a Napoleon complex. Peach is about 5'10"-5'11" and Daisy is about 5'8"-5'9"

They look hot being at least 5'7", whereas Luigi is usually 5' 5".

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126 Peach's Manipulative Behavior

Princess Peach is Mario's stalker, always clinging to Mario's leg & abusing many other characters.

Peach makes too much excuses on everything.

Matpat is dumb there are plenty of holes in the majority of his theories

127 What Would Happen to Them if They Took Steroids

Did you know that for every spin-off, Princess Peach actually takes steroids?

Here's the three reasons why.

1. A slightly larger bust size.

2. A more tomboyish attitude.

3. She is stronger, faster & can jump better than usual.

I heard Kieran Glen Harris Stark wants to put both Princess Peach & Princess Daisy on steroids.

This is even a 'what if... ' situation why is this on the list?

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128 Ray William Johnson Doesn't Really Care about Princess Daisy

Daisy is much hotter than Peach & could be together forever with Ray William Johnson & Puff-Puff from the Your Favorite Martian project which mainly he was responsible of. He nedds to prefer both Princess Daisy & Rosalina over Princess Peach & say yes to the fact that Princess Daisy & Rosalina should be together forever with Sonic the Hedgehog & (one of) his best friend (s) Miles "Tails" Prower.

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129 Daisy isn't Featured in Annoying Orange

Why does Princess Peach appear in franchises Princess Daisy & Rosalina don't?!

Princess Daisy hasn't even appeared as an SSB3DS trophy in the Japanese version. Is Nintendo suddenly making Princess Daisy a more minor Mario character?

That s4! 7 sucks he should never became popular he was never funny

130 Daisy Can Do Anything Better than Princess Peach

Peach needs to get seriously grounded for not being elite & not being able to skateboard better than her friends, her foes & her rivals (even those who are not in the Mario franchise). Let's say this to Princess Peach "YOU'RE GROUNDED! ". Peach is so short-tempered.

Right. That's why that POSER is only in spin-offs nowadays, right?

One b-slap (that probably should've never been taken seriously) doesn't mean jack

Why is Peach so dainty, slow & clumsy compared to any dude?

Peach is argumentative.

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131 Daisy is Slow

Sometimes she's slower than Peach. ):D

132 They Don't Expose Their Bangs

I think we know what they'd look like as bald people.

133 Peach didn't really want her own game

Who prefers a Death Battle between Juliet Starling & King Neptune?

& this reason to hate the 2 girls as said on this list should be at least top 30.

She is so ungrateful. I think Peach had no choice to get her own game called "Super Princess Peach".
Why do video games have to have yellow-haired women?!

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134 Peach Abuses her Baby Self

Princess Daisy has the perfect score of how overall liked she is which is mixed, but she is underrated compared to Princess Peach, whose doesn't perform well at any Olympic/Amazing Race events.

She even abuses her brothers (if she had at least 1 brother or cousin).

Peach abuses everyone, & it's funny how she has a kind-hearted side at the same time.

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135 Peach Doesn't Want to be Partners with Princess Daisy

I doubt that she wants to be partners with anyone.

Yoy should've seen the boxart of Mario Party 7. Peach is making a timid face which is a reference to ruining the party when having to handshake with Daisy to be partners for the games. Peach is a short-tempered playable Mario Party character who is pissed for having to take the MSS Sea Star.

136 Peach Refuses to Compete with Princess Daisy

Peach doesn't prepare herself for any challenge anyways & forces people to pick her over Daisy & Rosalina. Rosalina could've replaced Princess Peach in games such as Mario & Sonic at the (Vancouver 2010) Winter Olympic Games, Mario Party 9, Fortune Street, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games & etc... I swear hate could be stuff Princess Peach likes best! Wha a critical teen queen who never wants to appear in anything (especially if she has to participate) Princess Peach is! :(

Peach deserves to be grounded for sure because of her girlish nature that leads to a very short temper.

Billy Hatcher is a better blonde.

She just won't compete with anyone. Maybe her boobs are big & flabby.

137 Daisy Would Have an Awkward Ponytail

Her ponytail looks much nicer than Peach's.

Even Rosalina's ponytail looks as nice as Daisy's.

138 Daisy Didn't Bother to Appear in Archie Comics

Please quit Sonic Archie comics. & stop Mega Man Archie comics, please. Please make Archie Super Monkey Ball comics & Archie Pac-Man comics.

Why is Princess Peach in so much stuff that Princesses Daisy & Rosalina aren't in? Also, Princess Peach always forces people to take the spot when she is forced to take the spotlight. Why? She's too girlish!

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139 Daisy's Brothers

Why the obese little brother who can't stop breaking things due to his heaviest weight compared to everyone & everything else? He was wanted to weigh 1,048,576 pounds by that dumb old 16 year old named Kieran Glen Harris Stark. He sucks.

Prince Theodore ruins everything. ):(

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140 Daisy Didn't Bother to Appear in Archie Comics Spinoffs

Goomba was the only character to be seen in Archie comics spin-offs.

I think Daisy was desperate to appear in everything, yet Nintendo barely cares about her. :(

Gee, I wish Princess Daisy & Rosalina were in Archie Comics. It's too bad they discontinued Super Duck.

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