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121 Daisy Won't Be Together Forever With Mario

Peach is bad-tempered & wouldn't let anyone spend their life without having to see her.

This is not how video games should be.

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122 Daisy's Smarter Than Peach

I need to ask Nintendo about Princesses Peach, Daisy & Rosalina's true breast & nipple sizes. & their true leg length (Rosalina obviously has very long legs) & etc. Also, Peach pretty much takes steroids for every sports game she stars in.

Why can Daisy do anything better than the more overrated Peach who is taller?

Why did Daisy have to be shorter than Peach?

No shes dumb she has to lie throughout her life even about her personality

123 Daisy is Less Famous Than Peach

Or maybe there could be at least 11 Super Mario Advance games. By the way, there needs to be an actual Super Mario Bros. 5. & a Super Mario Bros. 6 & so on other than New Super Mario Bros. & Daisy deserves to have her own franchise not Peach.

Why is Princess Peach so major?
Why does she appear more than Daisy?

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124 Peach's Design In SSBM

Peach is too common in the sixth generation era of video games, especially with her ridiculous hair loose.

Since which age during puberty did Peach, Daisy & even Rosalina grow breasts? Did they pop onto their body as big breasts or what?

I didn't want Princess Peach to appear in SSBM at all!

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125 Daisy wants to be a Disney princess

No wonder Daisy & Rosalina were subtly in Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph is a tubby, by the way.

She looks like a modern Disney Princess partially, too.

Please let her be a Disney Princess, Nintendo,
& please let Rosalina be a Disney character who is together froever with Tails the Fox from Sonic the Hedgehog.

126 Peach's hair wouldn't be brown, red or auburn

This should stay on the list & be at least top 20, so let's later take the reason "Daisy Isn't Blonde" off, 'because I barely like blondes.

It doesn't matter stop listing stupid reasons

'because I barely like blondes.'
Nobody should care whats your hair color preferences, hating a character because the color of their hair is EXREAMELY STUPID, and ALL these stupid 'their hair color is/isn't ___________' needs to be taken off the list, including this dumb reason.

127 Daisy Is a Vegetarian

That's in the past. Maybe it's just in Super Mario Bros. The Movie.

That's a reason why daisy is better than peach

Very dumb of daisy. Being a vegetarian is mostly unhealthy expecailly when u r straight vegetarian as it's harder to consume protein and have a weaker stomach. And really, it's pretty pointless. by the way animals themselves eat other animals so really no need to be vegetarian

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128 They Have Long Legs

Peach & Daisy's legs are the same length, & thus their waists are short. Anyone with long legs need a short waist to be someone with average height, like Princess Daisy. But Daisy appears to be a tall character at 5'7" with a round face, big eyes, flat teeth & a slightly slender to average figure. Peach has a tall height of 5'8". & if she were a tall teenager, which I think she is, she'd have to be an elite surfer, an elite basketball player, an elite golf player & an elite swimmer, & even etc... I mean it, Peach. Daisy doesn't suck, & you should (for your healthy body shape & tall height) be elite at what most tall teenagers (& even tall adults) can do.

Peach probably was worse than Daisy at figure skating back in earlier times.

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129 Daisy's Teeth Being Exposed In Mario Party 8

They were flat & infrequently shown.

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130 She Isn't Playable In SSB

What for? Why is it always Princess Peach who has to join in Super Smash Bros. & Princess Daisy not wanted by Nintendo, Sora Ltd. Sega, HAL Laboratories, Namco Bandai Ltd, & Capcom?! That's it!

At least make her an assist trophy with an SSB4 design, Nintendo. Thank you!

Keep hating characters for stupid reasons

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131 Their Pear Figures in Sonic Riders

They're not that bad. Besides, they'd attracted the pervy Sonic the Hedgehog.

132 They Taunt a Lot

This reason doesn't need to be on this list.

133 Both Are (Subtly) Taller Than Luigi

Luigi is actually 5'7" according to most sources, significantly taller than his not so cool brother Mario (5'1"). I think he must have a Napoleon complex. Peach is about 5'10"-5'11" and Daisy is about 5'8"-5'9"

They look hot being at least 5'7", whereas Luigi is usually 5' 5".

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134 Peach's Manipulative Behavior

Princess Peach is Mario's stalker, always clinging to Mario's leg & abusing many other characters.

Peach makes too much excuses on everything.

Matpat is dumb there are plenty of holes in the majority of his theories

135 What Would Happen to Them if They Took Steroids

Did you know that for every spin-off, Princess Peach actually takes steroids?

Here's the three reasons why.

1. A slightly larger bust size.

2. A more tomboyish attitude.

3. She is stronger, faster & can jump better than usual.

I heard Kieran Glen Harris Stark wants to put both Princess Peach & Princess Daisy on steroids.

This is even a 'what if... ' situation why is this on the list?

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136 Ray William Johnson Doesn't Really Care about Princess Daisy

Daisy is much hotter than Peach & could be together forever with Ray William Johnson & Puff-Puff from the Your Favorite Martian project which mainly he was responsible of. He nedds to prefer both Princess Daisy & Rosalina over Princess Peach & say yes to the fact that Princess Daisy & Rosalina should be together forever with Sonic the Hedgehog & (one of) his best friend (s) Miles "Tails" Prower.

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137 Daisy Can Do Anything Better than Princess Peach

Peach needs to get seriously grounded for not being elite & not being able to skateboard better than her friends, her foes & her rivals (even those who are not in the Mario franchise). Let's say this to Princess Peach "YOU'RE GROUNDED! ". Peach is so short-tempered.

Right. That's why that POSER is only in spin-offs nowadays, right?

One b-slap (that probably should've never been taken seriously) doesn't mean jack

Why is Peach so dainty, slow & clumsy compared to any dude?

Peach is argumentative.

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138 Daisy is Slow

Sometimes she's slower than Peach. ):D

139 They Don't Expose Their Bangs

I think we know what they'd look like as bald people.

140 Peach didn't really want her own game

Who prefers a Death Battle between Juliet Starling & King Neptune?

& this reason to hate the 2 girls as said on this list should be at least top 30.

She is so ungrateful. I think Peach had no choice to get her own game called "Super Princess Peach".
Why do video games have to have yellow-haired women?!

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