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141 Peach Abuses her Baby Self

Princess Daisy has the perfect score of how overall liked she is which is mixed, but she is underrated compared to Princess Peach, whose doesn't perform well at any Olympic/Amazing Race events.

She even abuses her brothers (if she had at least 1 brother or cousin).

Peach abuses everyone, & it's funny how she has a kind-hearted side at the same time.

Baby Peach deserves to be ripped up by a paronia plant

142 Peach Doesn't Want to be Partners with Princess Daisy

I doubt that she wants to be partners with anyone.

Yoy should've seen the boxart of Mario Party 7. Peach is making a timid face which is a reference to ruining the party when having to handshake with Daisy to be partners for the games. Peach is a short-tempered playable Mario Party character who is pissed for having to take the MSS Sea Star.

143 Peach Refuses to Compete with Princess Daisy

Peach doesn't prepare herself for any challenge anyways & forces people to pick her over Daisy & Rosalina. Rosalina could've replaced Princess Peach in games such as Mario & Sonic at the (Vancouver 2010) Winter Olympic Games, Mario Party 9, Fortune Street, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games & etc... I swear hate could be stuff Princess Peach likes best! Wha a critical teen queen who never wants to appear in anything (especially if she has to participate) Princess Peach is! :(

Peach deserves to be grounded for sure because of her girlish nature that leads to a very short temper.

Billy Hatcher is a better blonde.

She just won't compete with anyone. Maybe her boobs are big & flabby.

144 Daisy Would Have an Awkward Ponytail

Her ponytail looks much nicer than Peach's.

Even Rosalina's ponytail looks as nice as Daisy's.

145 Daisy Didn't Bother to Appear in Archie Comics

Please quit Sonic Archie comics. & stop Mega Man Archie comics, please. Please make Archie Super Monkey Ball comics & Archie Pac-Man comics.

Why is Princess Peach in so much stuff that Princesses Daisy & Rosalina aren't in? Also, Princess Peach always forces people to take the spot when she is forced to take the spotlight. Why? She's too girlish!

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146 Daisy's Brothers

Why the obese little brother who can't stop breaking things due to his heaviest weight compared to everyone & everything else? He was wanted to weigh 1,048,576 pounds by that dumb old 16 year old named Kieran Glen Harris Stark. He sucks.

Prince Theodore ruins everything. ):(

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147 Daisy Didn't Bother to Appear in Archie Comics Spinoffs

Goomba was the only character to be seen in Archie comics spin-offs.

I think Daisy was desperate to appear in everything, yet Nintendo barely cares about her. :(

Gee, I wish Princess Daisy & Rosalina were in Archie Comics. It's too bad they discontinued Super Duck.

148 Peach's Anger Issues in Super Mario Adventures

Don't tell us we're lucky that Princess Peach has appeared the most out of other female video game characters! What's with her first name being called Peach? Huh? I guess she was named Princess Peach because she smelt & tasted like peaches & was very prissy she had to be crowned princess. Peach needs to go to Canada.

This reason is too low on the list & should surpass top 2! Behind that blond hair, the fact that we get her instead of Daisy, that pink clothing, that girlish voice which is so overrated & that silly behaviour & even her low capability is an aggressively annoying princess (who is Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom who never bothers to prosper even if she has to).

Why does Peach's voice usually break down.

This Archie-like comic strip shows people why Peach doesn't wear denim.

Princess Peach is an overrated psycho!

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149 Nothing Peach Says is True

It's funny you peach haters have to copy off this list that was about Daisy and instead make it for peach. I mean what does peach lie about? She doesn't like about being a tomboy like princess poser does.

I think Peach had no choice to win gold at all!

She lies. She always holds a grudge at everyone, even if Mario rescued her. She doesn't forgive Mario, either.
She is Princess Bossy.

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150 Daisy's Shorts in Games Such as Toadstool Tour

I know she's a tomboy & all, but her shorts seem a little long for short shorts.

Rosalina looks much cooler in shorts, including Mona. I'd prefer Princess Daisy to wear Daisy Dukes. I think Princess Daisy's full name is "Daisy Dukes Sarasa"!

151 Their Artwork by Sigurd Hosenfeld

It's not too bad, but Daisy & Rosalina sure beat Princess Peach.

I expected ALL the girls in his pictures to have regular, toned pear shapes w/ enlarged thighs, slightly big busts, huger bums, wider hips & multiple complexions alongside nudity.

I expected in the pictures by Sigurd Hosenfeld that have Rosalina wearina a ponytail a big pear figure (which gives her big thighs, a big torso & wide hips) like how Jassy Coco stylized Rosalina's body.

152 They Never Were Confirmed to be Able to Jump as High as the Mario Bros.

I know! They're taller & should be able to jump higher, especially Peach.
Aurora & Belle are much kinder than the 2 princesses. I can't lie, but Rosalina s much more mild mannered & is the only princess out of the 3 who never holds a grudge.
Peach holds too much grudges after she is rescued & after her boyfriends (& girlfriends) forget her date & birthdays.

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153 Peach Has Babyish Fits When People Forget her Date

Just like Amy does with Sonic. :(

This needs to be top 1! She is rude!

How can this be still top 145? Peach is unreasonably overrated! WHAT'S WITH HER? SHE SUCKED SINCE THE NINETEEN EIGHTIES!

"Just like Amy does with Sonic. :("
u mean only amy b***h does that because peach never did that at all lol

154 They Don't Wear Clothes Realistically

Yeah the one with no likes that is true princesses wear dresses

Please dress like modern people, Princesses Peach & Daisy!

There a princess they where dresses

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155 Daisy is a Sea Captain

Daisy looked sexy in her sailor outfit from "The Adventures of Pac-Man & Super Mario Bros".

So what? They all are perfect as sea captains! In fact, this reason needs t be off the list.

156 Peach Has Bad Jumps for Her Tall Height

Luigi could jump to 7'0".

Mario could jump to 6'0".

Princess Daisy could jump to 5'6", though she is 5'7".

Toad could jump to 4'0".

Rosalina could jump to around 6'10".

Peach, for her tall height can only jump to 5'0".

In Super Mario Bros. 2, she was the least capable playable character. She needs to work out a lot.

Peach gives me nightmares.
I think her father King Toadstool's first name is Plum.
His full name could be King Plum.

157 Daisy Hates Knuckles

It says on Sonic News Network that Princess Daisy isn't very fond of the male Sonic characters.

Princess Daisy should stop hanging around with female Sonic characters.

Why the heck is Princess Peach's hair flowy? & what's with Amy Rose's modern first name? Is this all for nothing?

I don't think Daisy hates Knuckles. Maybe you were drunk when you were trying to post "Daisy Doesn't Like Knuckles".

Princess Daisy should check out on Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower & Knuckles the Echidna back in British Columbia.

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158 Daisy Wasn't in Sonic X

How come Princess Daisy from the Mario franchise was never on television?

Why not put Mario characters in Sonic X?

Same with all Mario characters

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159 Daisy's a Winner

Probably. Princess Daisy should have an overall higher voice than the surprising Princess Peach! Was Princess Daisy cut in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS? Why is her latest appearance still Mario Kart 8?

Yep. When she said that in the old Mario Party games, it sounded like she gets more of a pear figure, a bigger bum & a large bust.

It only works perfectly on Princess Daisy. Did Jen Taylor retire for nothing?

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160 Daisy Was Kidnapped by Tatanga Instead of Wart

Please tell me why you'd do that, Nintendo.

Please tell me why it matters, person.

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