Top 10 Reasons to Hate Taylor Swift

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1 She Removed All Her Songs from Spotify

Guys you don't get it. She didn't do it for herself, she did it for upcoming artists. These artists need the money right now and can't make music for free. She did it to take a stand for these artists. And unless you're too lazy to simply type her album name into the YouTube search engine than you can access her music there too. She even has professional movies of her concerts that have been uploaded to YouTube! Also, she didn't change music genres for more money and popularity. She did it because she wanted to explore different genres of music, because that's the kind of talent she has. So before you ignorantly accuse Taylor Swift- someone who does so much for her fans like free meet-and-greets, surprising her fans at parties, and sending gifts to her fans- please make sure you actually know what you're talking about.

Really? Couldn't she find another way to make money from her instead removing her songs from being free? Tom also had a problem with streaming since he thought it was unfair to bands, but he also understood that his fans wanted to listen to his music for free, so he found a different way to deal with it rather than taking his songs off streaming. Taylor needs to be more creative and thoughtful, she could of came up with a different way, she needs to understand that people want to listen to her music for free. She should have done it like Tom did it, that way she would not disappoint her fans. I don't hate her for this, but it was a mistake from her that she could have fixed or done better.

You guys are stupid as donkeys. You think that she gets all the money from her album sale. Definitely WRONG, she only gets 11% (even though she plays the role of songwriter, exex., guitarist, background vocals,...) the rest of the money is divided to the ones who created the albums, She may rich but the album's producers maybe not. So, if her 1989 albums are sold 5,7 million, she only get 10% of it. And the albums of Fifth Harmony are written by most other songwriters, if they lived on the money from album sales, what would they feel? Will they be ready to make a album for free and get no money from it?

Sorry for bad English but Everyone here should have known this. Everyone makes money to live, and we don't agree with the idea that the ones who buy the album are no different with the one who don't because the album worth the price...

Because she didn't get paid. It caused her to lose album sales because it was free. She wanted to make money, even though she already has tons. She should think about her fans. Not everyone has enough money just to pay for a few songs and trying to support her. She also changed genres cause it was easier to make more money, get popular and win many awards. "The lights are so bright but they never blind me." No true. And this is coming from one of her fans. I just have faith she'll change.

2 She Is More Concerned With Money from Her Fans

The things that bugs me is that she is called the most charitable celebrity every year, but every times she does something nice she has articles written about her. Then she wins tons of awards for it. She video tapes herself gift giving to fans and then wins something. Why can't she just do it and not say anything about it? Why does she always need everyone to know she does something good. There are celebrities out there who do good to people, but don't get credit for it like getting awards or titles. They are totally fine with it, the difference they make in people's lives is what they care about. Not the awards they get from doing so. Also just donating tons of money doesn't mean she cares a lot about it. She always tries to "help," by donating money and that isn't always the answer to what charitable means.

Actually she not any more charitable than other celebrities and other people for that manner. I'm not impressed with people who just shove their money around to make themselves appear charitable. I'm more impressed with people who actually commit and give much of their time hands on to a cause. Don't see her actually getting her hands into anything and physically putting herself into a cause by laboring hard. Some people actually give lots of their time and are actual volunteers. They should have more respect!

How dare you! Check Taylor's personal history and you will see that she has donated millions of dollars to people in need and was even declared the most generous celebrity of 2013. She does not only care for her fans' health (considering the fact that she visits many hospitals) but also cares about the support and love her fans shower on her. Now you can't just go on saying that the fans don't know what they're doing because everyone has a reason to love Taylor Swift.

Wow I love this (being sarcastic like) you know this point is making me wanting to report this damn page Taylor love her fans more than anything how is she more concerned with money from her fans
and people below saying that she tries to make her look charitable HELLO at least she did donated money okay
plus, think about this if your brave enough to make a song for your damn haters and u shake em off how can u not be famous and even if she don't show u how much she donates news and gossips will still leak
apparently the gift to fans I only saw like one of them and its stupid to say u saw a lot of these because I saw almost none

3 Her Ticketmaster Scam

Basically if you want a seat at her concert, you need go to, register, and then you gain access to the TIX portal. You can then choose your city, and then you get to participate in "unique activities" to advance your spot in line to get tickets to her concert. and by "unique activities" it means basically buy her merchandise (I.E. Buy her albums T-Shirts) which this makes it very clear that she doesn't care about her fans she says they don't want bots coming in but obviously she only did this in order to get more money which she obviously cares more about than her fans.

Yeah, this was super greedy, and it forces fans to buy her merchandise in order to go to her concerts and be her "favorite fan"(yeah right, only because they gave her the most money).

Her ticketmaster Scam were the reason the sales were so poor! Wow Taylor. Good thing some cities remove them. She should think twice before doing this...

She may be nice, but this was not a smart idea. :/

4 She Steals the Attention from Other More Talented Artists

Marina and the diamonds deserves more attention than her. She does also make some break up songs too but she has a incredibly talented singing voice and her songs like teen idle have deep meanings. XxxTentacion deserves more attention than her because he made songs like sad that also have deep meanings and he was a great person. Melanie Martinez deserves more attention than her because her songs like mrs potato head have deep meanings and she has a guro kawaii aesthetic. Michael Jackson is and will always be a better singer than Taylor Swift

I wish that Taylor Swift was good. I used to love her albums when I was 11, like Speak Now and Fearless. I bought both of them, but now and even back then to some extent I started to get tired. I am starting to get tired of the music industry, though, too, and yeah, she's definitely not earning her fame well. Demi Lovato has such beautiful pipes, and Lady Gaga, and Beyonce, and Zara Larson, and Fifth Harmony, and Tori Kelly. I don't think anyone is really creative anymore, creativity is too restricted now, and I think one way Taylor Swift is so famous is that her lyrics are basic and more relatable, and when you hear a song of her's, you're likely to feel like you've heard it before.

What's with the word, "attention"? I know she steals lots and I mean LOADS of attention, but the attention isn't really what you think. There is some hate and not so much, but here is the problem, she takes it WAY too much that she doesn't let the other talented people like Demi Lovato and Boa Kwon shine! She is not letting them shine, and I think her popularity should go down by like 20%. This my opinion though.

Stop hating on Taylor! This is mean guys! It is not nice to hate these kind of people, it is very hurtful, it is even hurtful to the fans too! Stop it with the hate you people are being ridiculous. If you dislike (let’s say dislike instead because it’s sound less offensive) Taylor, than you don’t deserve to write something here, otherwise you will make things worser! (Sorry if I sound bossy, I just want to be safe, I’ve been like this all year.

5 She "Sold Out"

Taylor swift rocks have you ever heard the song change people she helps me with depression

She gave up country to be a pop artist, so yeah, she did sell out.

No I don't think so


6 She Uses Auto-Tune

She uses auto tune live most of the time. I heard her concerts without auto tune of 1989, and damn she sounded so awful, especially when she screams.

She has a beautiful voice, watch this video to see how she sings without autotune v=dOH5h1EABwo

Everyone used. But the demo recording in her iphone has the same vocal as in the original

Yes. In her concerts. There are so many artist out there who don't use auto-tune.

7 She's a Two-Faced Hypocrite

She is an absolute snake and for those of you who are defending her please su and sit your ass down because even a plant could "feel" how talentless she is. Her song ARE repetitive, she IS a snake, and she has absolutely NO TALENT, I mean come on auto tune on stage? She's not rapping or something she's a singer.

Also "look what you made me do" is ABSOLUTE T R A S H, and the other song that I couldn't care less about had SO much BASS, I can't even imagine what went through her head, "how to not make my songs repetitive? Add a TON of BASS boi". Hell she can't even stand near Kanye in the music industry. He is a simple genius that understands what freedom is (in a good way unlike Jake Paul), and his lyrics are just beautiful. Taylor doesn't even deserve to have feud with someone like Kanye, she should be fighting over some seat in a Hooters bar. Ssnake

She's a native to the area I went to college. I met more than one person that new her personally. No one had a nice thing to say. At first I figured it was pettiness and jealousy but the opinions were really consistent. "spoiled", "arrogant", "haughty", "had a lot of things handed to her", "Just not nice", "obsessed with her image/no substance".

I could give or take the music. It's on par with all the other pop stuff out there. But based on what I know of her persona life, I just couldn't support her. She lacks in some moral long as it's safe from the public eye, she'll hurt whoever she wants.

All celebrities are. They make you dumb folk believe in propaganda. It's all fake retards. Unplugg your brains. America is all propaganda. It's all fake. Sad is you people believe all this crap. Pay money for her stuff. All the propaganda is used to make money for other celebrities. They are all in the Illuminati and plot this propaganda kanya and Taylor are friends partners and in the same cult morons wake up already.

When you read this reason you might start thinking about the (terrible, stupid) Kanye West's Famous music video. Listen, Kim just snooped on Kanye and Taylor talking about the video and it showed Taylor approving the lyrics. However, she was not aware of this in the first place. Who knew her long time friend would betray her so cruelly! Why are people today such uncivilised? I have to say that the olden ages had better language than now. Kanye had absolutely no reason to bash Taylor Swift. Can someone with a heart think about that for a moment? Even if he told Taylor the actual lyrics, he had no reason to use them because we all know that Taylor never hurt Kanye.
People these days...really a tragedy...😪

8 She's a Mediocre Singer

I get that she's a great songwriter, but let's face it people: if you were to make a top ten list of the best female singers...let's say in the last decade...would you REALLY put Taylor Swift there? I mean she has a pretty voice, but I guarantee you that there a ton of less popular singers who could do a better job singing her songs.

What does this have to do with not liking her? I mean, I'm not a good singer but are you going to go write a top 10 list of why you hate me? If your sane, you won't. And to add, not all singers are liked for their voice. Most of them are loved for the message the song brings or how catchy it is.

She only has two octave vocal range, which is average, yet she is more successful than other singers who have a far wider vocal range than her.

She is pretty bad, better vocalist than Yoko Ono and Dahvie Vanity, but still bad. I haven't heard a show where she can sing, or her without auto tune actually singing decently.

9 All Her Songs Are About Breakups

Oh really? MEAN is about bullies, THE OUTSIDE is about the outcasts, THE LUCKY ONE is about the dark side of fame, 22 is about having fun, 15 tells teenagers that someday they will do better things in life than dating the boy in the football team, CHANGE is about hope, MARY'S SONG is about her old neighbour couples, TIED TOGETHER WITH A SMILE is about people with eating disorder, THE BEST DAY is about moms, A PLACE IN THIS WORLD is about finding yourself, NEVER GROW UP is about childhood, SHAKE IT OFF is about being carefree and also WELCOME TO New York. Let's not also forget her unreleased songs like POINT OF VIEW, I USED TO FLY, BROUGHT UP THIS WAY... Please get your facts checked before saying something.

, that's one of the biggest lies I've ever heard! 'Shake It Off' is about being independent and carefree and not caring about other people trying to push you down (like the person who made this list) 'Mean' is about spreading awareness about bullies and how it should stop. 'Lucky You' is about feeling lucky you are a special person and no one is like you. '22' is about having fun with your BFFs. '15' is about telling teenagers that they have much more things to look forward to than dating some football guy. 'You Belong With Me' is not about a breakup but a new relationship. 'Love Story' is telling people that love is difficult but it will al be worth it in the end. 'Welcome To New York' is inviting you to a place filled with wonders to explore. 'Never Grow Up' (one of my favorites) is about living your childhood and remembering that everyone will always be a child at heart. 'Change' is about having hope that everything has a solution.
So you see? Many of Taylor's songs are not ...more

Did you know that if you say something about someone that is not true then they can say something mean back,and by the way not ALL of her songs are about breakups so if you post something that isn't true then all of these people that post stuff and can't delete it will regret it so don't say something mean about someone behind their back because I have done that and I was very sorry to that person so think before you speak

, just because songs like 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together', 'I Knew You Were Trouble', 'White Horse', 'Blank Space' and 'Out Of The Woods' were about breakups DOES NOT make every song of hers the same. I know that when you look at this list you might think there are a lot, but seriously, if you even know Taylor (pretty sure ya don't) then you'll know she wrote many more.

10 She Doesn't Understand the Concept of 'Feminism'

She's acting like a radical feminist, trying to bash or degrade men just because they broke up with her. That is NOT true feminism. She's also called Selena Gomez "fat," which is never acceptable for a feminist to do (because it is forcing Selena to starve herself). Feminists DO NOT bash exes or call other women "fat." It's rude. True feminism is gender equality. A good feminist would be Emma Watson. Since Emma sometimes hangs with Taylor's awful squad, she should talk Taylor into what true feminism is.

I used to idolise taylor for her feminism ways and how she uses her fame to promote womens rights, but then just recently I realised, taylor does support feminism for HER own benefits. the recent kesha incident? what did she do? I was actually waiting for her response because she was my female idol, but all I saw was she donated money? to kesha? for what? and on top of that, she only donated money because people started talking about how they expected taylor to speak up about it but she didn't! and that's when it hit me, that the person I "loved" was just another "famous" celebrity blinded by the fame.

She isn't a true feminist. She has a lot of feuds with women, and even judges them by their body. And she thinks girls are superior to guys(mentioned in her songs). Not to mention, her "squad" is really just a clique of attractive girls who are super skinny and tall, which sets a bad example to women. Feminism is about equality for all, people of all colors, men and women, and religion.

Taylor! Have a personality! Don't be like "Hey! You're breaking up with me? Well I guess I might have to be extra dramatic and write ANOTHER song about all we've been through and make tons of money from it". GOD! You're so typical. every time you broke up with someone, I thought to myself: "Here comes another song". And BAM, "I knew you were trouble" was all over the place. And I'm not a fortune teller.

I'm a girl and I understand how breaking up with someone feel but at least I'm not like: "First, I'm gonna write a song to get back at that and gain my fans sympathy because I'm a bitch and I write songs about whoever dump me". Everyone has already been through all that so stop acting like you're precious.

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11 She Says "People Must Pay for My Talent"

Her music may sounds good and it may makes her famous and rich, but things gotta have its limit, ya know. It's not like you have to dig every single dollars out of your fans account. If you think you're not rich enough, then fine do whatever you want. Music is the thing that makes your fan love you, not a tool to manipulate them. Is your fans loyalty not enough for you? Are money is more important. Music is not something you use to make you richer. Some people have their passion for music so they decided to follow their career. Some even sing for free at charity concert because they know it will help others. They're not what you call "talent". They're just a bunch of complaints about you're exes that are fixed to have rhymes and rhythms

This is funny to me. Taylor swift has NO talent what so ever. I used to be a ghostwriter for taylor. She knows if she shows her nasty ass face around me that I'm going to sue her ass. I've refused to write for her for about 4 years now, and it totally shows. Taylor has been forced to do collaborations and has not put out any albums. Taylor is one of the worst people on planet earth, a total scumbag, just like the scum she surrounds herself with. Taylor swifts career is over as far as I'm concerned. Like I said before, she ever shows her nasty ass mug around me ever again, the whole truth about taylor swift will come out and be all over the news. I'm not going to put up with her bull ever again

LOL! What talent she have? She have no talent. She is just money crazy. Her singing is so boring and her lyric writing are nothing creative and its like a 13 years old boy-crazy girl crying about breakup. Grammy is no longer an award show that celebrate talent. It has become like who have more popularity and who sold more records rather than looking at actual talent. Also her fandom is full of kids and immature teenage girls who are intrested in relationship and they have absolutely zero experience of real music and they don't even know those powerful voices in the music industry who have real talents. People who have real talent are passionate about their career and follow the path because they enjoy it.. They are not obsessed with money or say something like this. There are a lot of underrated singer out there with genuine talent.

She acts like she's the greatest thing that's ever happened to music. Like her music can be compared to Mozart or Beethoven. Sorry Taylor, but you're music is just ok, nothing ground breaking. Plus people are always going on about how she donates and is so charitable, yet despite rolling in money since her diaper days, she still complains about not making enough money off of royalty fees. That's when you know it's no longer about the music for her...

12 She Insulted Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus

She seems to be way over dramatic about the Katy Perry incident while for the most part, Katy Perry has seemed fairly calm. Besides, those dancers were signed with Katy Perry first and did properly give Taylor Swift the two week notice of leave like their contracts said, so it feels like she's making a big fuss just to get attention.

! How can she hate such sweet people, katy perry is way much better singer than her, selena gomez is more beautiful than her. Taylor is a BIG MORON. She can only sing stuff about boys and she is the reason of the jelena break up. Why dosen't she quit everything she does? After that, many people could breathe a sigh of relief

I am obsessed with Katy Perry. I honestly think it was stupid of her to insult someone better than her. I am very sick of Taylor's all-money attitude. She doesn't care about fans, which is why I left her fanbase. Also, she used to put some darn quality into her songs. Now she grabs 1000000 songwriters and says "write". Her pop music is sucking and she has a weak range. She also removed all her music from Spotify. Bashes exes and pretends to be the victim. If you like her, please do not comment on this page and go to "Reasons to love Taylor Swift". She sucks and that's my thoughts on her.
Now to Katy: 9 number-ones, writes her own songs, and LGBT supporter. Her recent tour made about 180 million. Much more accomplished!

I'm a swiftie and I absolutely agree that the Katy perry and Taylor swift drama was unnecessary. Katy said that she tried talking to Taylor about it but Taylor didn't respond. A couple of months passed and Katy apologised to Taylor in the media. Thank god they buried the hatchet last year. FYI, I disagree with everything on the list except for this. Saying Taylor only writes songs about her breakups and saying that she is a bad songwriter is just plain rubbish. Go listen to Ronan, the lucky one, I'm only me when I'm with you (it's about her mom, not her ex), mean, ours, new romantics, never grow up, tied together with a smile...please do your research

13 She Didn't Release Her 1989 On Spotify

Because having it free in Spotify causes lower albums sales for 1989. She wanted to cell more cd's and make even more money. I hate to admit it, but it bother me a lot.

This is literally the same thing as #1. And why would she be concerned with money if she has 5 houses? She is loaded. She doesn't need anymore money. But, If you had the chance to make millions, wouldn't you take it? - Bubblelover

Because she's thirsty for money

Don't get fooled and buy her album. She need your money only and not your love. She is greedy.

14 She is talentless and a weak vocalist

Her voice is substandard, she can't hit any power notes, her lyrics are generic, that's why many people relate to them, you put your own story to the song instead of her being the storyteller which can be cool in certain ways but it's not what a true artist does, all her songs follow the same standard pop structure and anyone with enough brains can observe and repeat the same formula, that's why there are tons of pop stars, all you need to do is find someone willing to completely sell themselves for fame and glory, and those kind of people are all around us and if someone with that kind of resolve is "bankable" as in good looking and strong-willed enough too keep up the lie, you have yourself a classic pop industry product...the same goes for Rihhana, Miley and many more. They're products for you to buy and worship. If you want real music, stop watching MTV or following the award shows and dig up your parents or grand parents old record collection, even though the industry ...more

Her vocals are really poor. She relies on the same notes in every song and when she tries to mix it up it's usually a disaster that doesn't go over well. I have never been this bored with a person this popular. Her songs sound the same and most rely on the chorus. Lyrics are usually really boring and meaningless. The songs are easy to listen to and little kids can sing the lyrics so I guess that is a plus, but I like my lyrics the way I like my men. Mature and intelligent.

Her voice is very boring, no power. If you want to listen to someone with powerful vocals, listen to Freddie Mercury, Axl Rose, and Bjork. If you want to listen to someone with unique vocals, listen to Tom DeLonge and Johnny Rotten.

There are much more talented people out there even though they aren't as famous as she is. Her songs are not that difficult to sing and any decent singer would be able to sing it as well, if not better than she does

15 She Writes Songs About Her Exes

Yes. And they're always the "bad guy." Take Adele for instance. All her songs are about love and breakups, but at least she has stayed loyal and admitted it was sometimes her fault. Adele is SO much better

I personally have no issue with people writing songs about their exes. I only have an issue when she makes them out to be the "bad guy" or "villain", when in reality the breakup was caused by them both, not just the guy. Some artists write songs about their exes but, still speak of them respectfully or don't completely trash their name. For example, Harry Styles from One Direction. In their song 'Perfect', their is a line that goes
'If you're looking for someone to write your breakup songs about, baby I'm perfect'. Now, obviously this is alluding to his passed relationship with Taylor Swift. Do you notice how he can talk about her but, isn't trashing her name or saying anything bad about her? I don't understand why she can't show that same respect for him or any of the other guys she has dated?

These are more than ten questions.

Way what about 22? - kandlelight

16 She's Overrated

It is all about her appearance. She isn't a simple singer. I used to like her so much before. Now of course, I realize her true face and personality which hide under her skin. She is so fake! I wonder why she is in the list of the best singers of the all time. Teenagers and children usually like to listen her song. But when they grew up, they will realize Taylor Swift is not a great singer. She is just a simple singer. Her songs are not good. Now I don't like to listen her voice. I don't like her. She makes friends and relationships with who is becoming famous. It is a strategy to increase her career. She is a cat hides nails. Why do people like to listen her music,? It is simple. Teenagers and children interest about relationship. Taylor Swift's most songs are about relationship. Also her music seems fun. So people like to listen fun music. It is all. It is too shameful to compare Taylor Swift with other Great Divas and Singers.

No she isn't, she writes nearly all her songs herself, she is very unique not just some white girl who wants to sing.. She's more than that, and so is Ariana grande and stuff, like how did Ariana even become famous? I only heard of her like in 2015 and she's kinky famous for San and Cat and Victorious mostly, she's the one who's overrated!

She is the most overrated mediocre singer I have ever seen. She use her personal life to get attentions. There are so much talented singer in the music industry who don't get that so much attention. Even Miley Cyrus is a better singer than her. Miley Cyrus is a genuine person with a beautiful personality.

I feel like her music is both overrated and underrated. A lot of people overrate her 1989 album. They don't fully appreciate her semi country and country albums. Those are way underrated. Plus, you can hear in her self named album that she doesn't really use autotune, just a guitar and simple instruments.

17 All Her Songs from 1989 Are Copyrighted by Youtube

In order to force people to buy her albums. If her songs are there, they'll be blocked by her company. These are all about wanting money. I really think the lights has blinded her.

This is done so people buy her album. Don't get fooled and buy her album. She is money crazy. She use music as a tool to manipulate people and take money from them. She actually have no special talent.

Well, yeah. That's kinda the way it works. - Bubblelover

18 She Doesn't Care About Her Poor Fans

Taylor DID say that her fans really helped her achieve her goal in her Grammys speech. And as you all are saying, I think that there is a fine reason as to why Taylor doesn't actually thank her fans on social media and stuff. Maybe because it would cause rivalry between other fans and having them think that Taylor likes someone else more than them. Besides, I believe you all the know than when a celeb replies anything on social media, it spreads like wildfire. They just can't get some privacy. Like remember her beach date with Calvin Harris? Yes, it was supposed to be romantic and private and yet some stupid 'fans' spread Taylor's personal business. This is a main cause for almost all breakups that celebs went through in the past.

It's not just Taylor, but as well as having many fans, she has a lot of people who hate her. She has manny videos on the Internet to which both lovers and haters watch. When one hater critisizes her, her many fans just jump at the chance to defend her and argue with the hater. Her fans get a lot of critism that can sometimes include a very mean comment. I have not once seen her defend herself or even thank her many fans for their support.

Why are there so many repeats? This is the same as #2. She makes her concerts expensive because she has to pay for all the props. That is REALLY expensive. She just needs the money to pay for the concert itself.

She cares more about money than her fans and this is coming from one of her fans. I don't have to lie about this, when I know it's true. ALL SHE WANTS IS MONEY. Legit. It really bothers me.

19 Her Album Is Super Expensive On Itunes

Christina Aguilera's Stripped and Back To Basics both have 20 songs and at least the price of both album is $11.99 but when comes to 1989 (Deluxe) which have additional 3 songs and 3 boring voice memo from 13 original tracks, the album price is $ 13.99 in iTunes.

Well, I'm pretty sure that is because she has more songs on her album than other artists do.

I knew from the start that shes all about money she uses money from her talent

Em if u poor ass can't afford it then don't buy it

20 Her Songs Are Very Expensive On Itunes

That's why she's so greedy and rich.

Seriously? They literally cost the same amount as any other good song. - Bubblelover

There is not one of her songs I found catchy.

She is NOT greedy!

21 She Has Too Many Bad Relationships with Other People

She dated with too many guys! And she write dumb songs with fun music which seem to people nice. But it is just foolishness! You know I used to like Taylor Swift until 2011. She was my most favorite singer until 2014. Now I hate her and She seems so fake and acts like sweet. But she isn't sweet. She seems a cat who hides nails. Now I don't like to listen her simple tiny voice and dumb music. She is definitely overrated because of her white skin, blonde hair, tall and thin body. Just listen her songs. Her voice is not good.

If she was a good person, she would not have that many bad relationships. Yes, we all have a person that dislikes us, and some people get hated on for being socially awkward. But Taylor brings this all herself, she doesn't forgive people, she kicks people out of her squads, she insults anyone she does not find cool, and starts drama over the stupidest reasons.

I agree. Not only her relationship with a lot of guys is a huge mess, but she is also not nice to her friends.

She recently just broke up with Calvin Harris. can't she have a better relationship, I mean she broke up with too many people.

22 The Only Reason She's Famous Is for the Guys She Dates

Absolutely true. She is an attention seeker. She just use famous men to diss them later and write a breakup song about them. She is heartless. Katy Perry was right that Taylor is like Regina George.

This is kind of a contradiction in itself, given that some of the people she dates got famous from dating HER, not vice versa.

TRUE! honestly I hate her because shes always taking over everyday she took over selena gomez on the billboard 100

That's true cause when she always break up with someone,she will write a song.I wondered if she didn't date,where would she found her inspiration?

23 Her Body Sucks

Excuse me idiot but you wrote about to hate her because she called someone fat but that means we should hate you because you are body shaming someone too, next time you need to use a brain

You know,who ever wrote this comment,this is absolutely no reason to hate a singer! I think reasons of hating a celebrity is because they have a bad attitude,is rude and maybe if the don't care about fans! Body shape doesn't matter.Her voice is okay.

This just shows how brainless Taylor Swift haters are. I mean, Body shaming? You've got to be kidding me.

Tay Tay does not suck so don't think she does if you looked in the mirrer and opened your eyes then probably you would see the same

24 She Inspires Annoying Top Ten Lists Like This

She doesn't understand how people hate her for being so fake and other dated many guys, very simple voice but overrated. So she sings Haters gonna hate hate hate. Hey Taylor Swift Realize that people hate you and don't like your fake personally. Fakers gonna fake fake fake. It is you Taylor.

Lol good one, but so does literally every celebrity in this industry, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Tori Kelly will probably Ben have one in a few years time! It's because people have different opinions and then decide to make lists like this, that's what inspires them not just Taylor swift

I voted for this because she inspired someone to create this top ten list in which people are harping on the dumbest things about her. - ThingFling

More like Best Things About Taylor Swift or Best Taylor Swift Songs. - 3DG20

25 People are Always Defending Her

Her fans are just like halsey's and Ariana Grande's fans. They defend them yet they don't realize how awful they treat their fans like.

OK, maybe it's the people, NOT HER

Shows that she have fads - kandlelight

What morons

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