Top Ten Reasons Kids Hate School

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1 Homework

Here are the reasons I CANNOT STAND homework. I am in the 8th grade and homework is my number 1 stress of school. There is not enough time to get it all done. I spend 1-3 plus hours a day doing homework. I do not understand how we can spend time with family, have some free time to eat or play a video game, or do anything really. The teachers assign homework every day, including weekends, and breaks such as Winter and Spring break. Currently I have 2 packets for History, 4 packets (2 pages each) in math, Two science poster projects, and a video essay for math, all due Monday and Tuesday. They where all assigned on Friday. I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME. A few of the assignments where given on Thursday and I stayed up all night doing them and still haven't finished. I was late to class and got in trouble. Also my science class assigns a 2 page essay due every other week. Not to mention I have 3 projects that are due next week that I haven't even had time to start. I am so stressed out I ...more

We spend 6 hours of a day, five days a week at school. That's 30 hours a week. That's a lot stress for kids and teens. As you get older more and more things start to pop up in your life. 6 hours is bad enough, then homework is given! A lot of kids and teens need relax time and family time. (Let's face it we would be nowhere without it.) This can build up more stress, especially if a punishment is involved when it is not completed. Time limits for completing homework is a big issue as well. Teachers just seem to think that we have all the time in the world. Well, news flash- WE DON'T! Homework is just useless. If teachers aren't smart or productive enough with their teaching, it's not our problem to catch up with something that could of been done in school.

Homework has pushed my sanity off the cliff. Studies show that homework doesn't affect grades much. So why all this uselessness? You're just making us sleep deprived, stressed, and making home a live horror movie. As I said, I'm pretty much insane now. I hate how my house is literally just a place for me to sleep, eat two meals, and DO HOMEWORK. Excuse me, I have a life to live, thank you very much. And I'd like to actually get some ACTUAL sleep in, not taking 3 second naps in the middle of science. I swear, if I see another "Find the compound predicate in the first independent clause" I am going to rip all things within a 374 mile radius to pieces.

Homework isn't fair. For one, you have to go through 7 hours of school. Then you have homework and sometimes homework can take up to 1 to 2 hours! That's a total of 9/24 hours doing work! 8 of those hours is your approximate sleep time, so you have 17/24 hours taken out of your day. That's not very fair to give out homework. Plus, homework ALSO doesn't help all the time. Some kids will procrastinate and stay up all night doing it, not getting sleep. Some kids will even get STRESSED because they might have trouble doing work. Also, some kids have so much trouble that their parents do it FOR THEM! That doesn't help! Homework isn't fair, and this is why.

2 Bullies

When I was about 12 Years old, I saw a bunch of kids (idiots) in the other class that where about 13-14 Years old standing punching other kids that where about 6-7 years old in to the hard brick wall so they started crying and some of them started bleeding, so I of course walked to them and tried to stop them, when I did that they took my face and smashed it in to the brick wall so I broke my nose and my face was filled with Blood and a river of blood started running down my face and I started crying and then those little jerks ran away, but that was not even the worst thing, no the worst thing was that a TEACHER was standing about 15-20 meters away from the thing not paying ANY attention, in all honestly homework definitely should be the #2 because it's so stressful and brings the hell home to you, but Nothing can compare to this

I was bullied by AN ENTIRE CLASS OF BULLY SNITCHES FOR OVER 3 MONTHS! They are some of the lowest, most disgusting creatures on planet earth. They think it is okay to gang up on me whenever they can, shouting incredibly rude and degrading insults and death threats. We also had this supply teacher who is CLEARLY BIPOLAR TO ME, but she decided to turn all my class against me somehow and deleted all of my proof of my class's heinous actions when she took my tablet in class when I mixed up the dance and games room dates and tied to make me look as bad as possible. I wanted to destroy the school. The insane part is, that some of these people were my friends once, but were sold out for the new iPhone or something to turn school from prison to a living hell. I can never find the guidance counselor, my parents idea of getting proof was ruined, as I mentioned before and my class went on with their sadistic bullying. I honestly think that I lived through the worst bullying in human history and ...more

I personally do not care for what others think of me or how they view me, as long as the bullying does not extend to a physical level. This truly is one of the main problems with schools. There is hardly anything that can be done about it sadly due to how vast it is. There have been cases at previous schools of mine where the person who was bullied got suspended instead of the bully. That, that right there, is plain down right stupid. If you were to fight back if someone were to punch you, YOU would be the one who got suspended, YOU would be the one who everyone hates, YOU would be the one at fault. Not the person who started the confrontation. YOU. That is what is wrong with our educational system. They believe that both parties are responsible for the confrontation, when almost 99% of the time only one participant is responsible.

Stopping bullying behavior needs to be a shared effort. You don't really want parents/administrators solving all of the bullying issues alone. What needs to happen is to have a plan where students are guided through a solution process, where they can help resolve the bullying situation with guidance from adults.

Easier said than done, I know. It seems that the people that are bullied the most are isolated individuals. Those students who don't have friends. Perhaps they are shy, introverted, anti-social. Whatever reason, bullies tend to bully those students who don't have a network of support.

Bullies are really the weak individuals. You don't see them bullying people that are their equal in terms of strength. They bully those who they can dominate with as little to no resistance.

Of course bullies couldn't exist with out their enablers. People who standby and just watch bullying behavior happen and don't say or do anything in an effort to stop it. Too often they ...more

3 Getting Up In the Morning

Worst thing ever! As soon as that alarm sounds at 6 am I know another day of survival of the fittest starts. It sucks even more when your in winter and your all warm and sound asleep then you hear your mom come and rip the blankets off of your body the cold comes and you just want to either yell at your mom and blame the government for school being mandatory or you just want to kill yourself... you decide.

Schools always give that pep talk in the beginning of the school year about us being successful. All of it is literal garbage to me.
Why, you may ask? We get hours upon hours of homework every night, and I think it's safe to assume that the average student goes to bed at around midnight. Also, schools start very early in the morning, forcing children to wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning. Please note that when I say children, I am referring to minors (people under 18 years of age). Minors are still growing and developing, mentally and physically. Not getting enough sleep can actually stunt this growth.
Studies have shown that getting 6 hours of sleep or less as the same negative impact on one's brain as having no sleep at all. There are things to boost one's energy, such as coffee, but some children choose not to drink it (like myself). Also, coffee can't replace sleep.
So, back to the speech at the beginning of the school year about being successful, I find it disgusting. The ...more

I actually like exam week because it's a good break from the normal class time, and I usually get done with homework pretty quick. I like going to gym class because then I can actually wear shorts! The people at my school might be annoying but my best friends make up for that. :) Everything in school I can deal with to a certain degree except for one thing: getting up in the morning. Literally no matter how hard I try I can never get more than 7 hours of sleep on a school night, which is not good for my health or my learning ability. Everyday when the alarm goes off I count down the days to the weekend. If school started at 10:00 in the morning, I would actually love school and look forward to it!

School is quite possibly the worst thing ever. An utter waste of precious childhood. You are forced to wake up at 6 in the morning and go into a yellow long car that takes you to prison (school). When you are in this prison you are forced to do essays and write paragraphs until your arms bleed. And if you even whisper something, this tyrant (the teacher) yells at you and gives you time out (detention). You have absolutely no freedom here whether the tyrant forces you to go outside in the blistering heat or if you can't go to the bathroom. Also hell teaches little to no things we would ACTUALLY need in life. It's just memorizing a bunch of stupid letters and numbers until you get this piece of paper and finally say "screw you guys. I'm going home! "

4 It's Just So Boring

I thinks schools should introduce this concept, we do math, reading, history and science until High School, then in High School, all of our classes are electives like cooking, theatre, art, and so on. Your parents and other adults would argue and say 'but wont you forget everything about the subjects if that happens? I don't think I would forget The subjects even if I didn't have to do them in High School cause how I forget everything if I was forced to learn about it for 8 years or however long it actually was. And so much stuff especially in math is unnecessary like Algebra, in the real world, when have you every had to do that complex piece of crap subject, math for me is adding subtracting and maybe multiplying, that's all you need to know about it. So I think in High School they should just let us only take classes about stuff we would actually be able to pay attention in

Schools want us to be productive, but I think they have completely overlooked the fact that some classes are not productive at all.
Here are some examples:
- Gym. It may be a good class to hang out with friends, but all students do in that class is play a bunch of "sports" no one has heard of. In other words, the gym teachers make up pointless games that don't actually help with one's physical health. This is also the easiest class to get bullied in. If a student is bad at one of the games, the "sporty" players yell at them and harass them, and the teachers do nothing about it.
- Classes with bad teachers. These classes that would otherwise be very productive and helpful are usually the worst. For example, believe it or not, math is a very important class to take. However, most teachers cannot teach math effectively. My math teacher is horrible at explaining things, which is why over half of the class failed one of his quizzes. Teachers like these also think giving twenty ...more

Honestly, I can't even think of anything more boring than school. You have to listen to adults tell you what to do for seven hours. The only break is lunch, but even there there are rules. I feel as if there is no reason that I am learning what I'm learning. I just want to rip my hair out and scream, because there's just no point to it all. Seven hours we spend in that prison, individuality gone, we're just part of the never-ending rat race. Over and over and over again. We waste our lives wishing for the weekend to come. And once it's here it's gone soon, and we have to put ourselves through the endless, torturous cycle all over again. Over and over, and over, and over, and over and over, and over, over, over, over, and over again. Please help, someone. I feel as if I'm the only one who realizes that the education system needs a complete do-over.

How is this not #1? This is basically everything on the list! School is awful. You may as well go commit crimes and get thrown in jail and it will probably be as much fun as school. Seriously?! Why are people so cruel that someone would actually invent such an awful place? It's inhumane to be stuck in a building being tortured by extreme boring lessons and overreactions from teachers. If people actually did have fun in school they'd be willing to learn and pay attention in class. It's so obvious but people are so stupid that they can't even see the obvious. It's pathetic! No wonder people commit suicide over school. If this is what school is going to be like in the future then you better pray the world doesn't become hell.

5 Grades

I just kinda had an epiphany while reading this. So, you see, grades were invented as an incentive to learn, but it has be taken so far. Everyone I know freaks out about getting the grades to get into the top 10%, most of them try to take all AP and pre-AP and stay up all night so they can get that one grade up. I just think that really it's all unfair because some minds naturally hold more information than others and the purpose of school should just be to give you some information to help you in the future, not to stress you out so much you have to start taking anti-depressants and caffeine pills to stay awake all night.

Grades are so stressful and they should not determine your future. They also make students not want to learn and they make school more about passing than learning. They give parents a reason to torture you.

Okay, grades are idiotic.

I have a terrible grade in one of my classes, math, which is beyond unfair because I am definitely one of the smarter kids in the class, not in a bragging way but because a student had an argument with the teacher that if he stuck a fork into an electrical outlet he would be able to shoot lightning bolts like Storm. This isn't even the lowest point my class has gotten to. So how do I get bad grades? I work hard on everything I get, and that is why. My papers have been late because I was trying to actually learn more. One assignment was marked down because I decided to learn about Strong Force, something we hadn't learned about in eighth grade because these kids are still struggling with PEMDAS in eighth grade, and it took extra time because I'm not able to skip the lectures about things I learned in fifth grade and I think were part of our common core that year. The geniuses of our class are dragging the handful of competent students down as well. On ...more

They take the whole point of school away. School is supposed to be about learning things that will benefit us in the future, showing your knowledge, finding what you want to be when you grow up, and even liking learning. But now it is all about passing, stressing yourself out, and memorizing facts you will never use in real life just to pass a test you will forget after taking. Grades don't determine you intelligence or how much you learned, yet they determine whether you graduate. And they also determine how your teachers and parents will shame you. Look at Finland! Their education system has no grading and they have some of the smartest students! While our country thinks that grades and tests will make us smarter when they don't! Please abolish the grading system!

6 Annoying People

Time for a story. In gym class today, we played soccer with groups we were assigned to. During the whole game, this one girl kept on hand balling and then she threw it to her fat friend who kinked the ball one foot and she scored. Another kid was ball hogging so that was stupid. The other team had 2 people who tried and they were breaking the rules the whole time. We won 4-3 but it should've been 1-0 because I scored the only legit goal. Then, the same girl who was throwing the ball said that I couldn't play soccer (I'm in a soccer league and she barely walks a mile in a day). Another girl on the other team agreed with her even though I joked her out like 5 times. I'm so tired of the heads in my grade.

Annoying people! That's one of my biggest problems! At my school we are forced to sit places, I was sat next to this boy and his group, the whole time they talked about Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy's, and they sang "do you balls hang low, do they reach down to the floor can you tie them in a knot can you tie them in a bow." It was ridiculous! People are the most annoying at lunch! I'll be walking through the hall and there will be a line of people side by side taking up all the space so I have to push through them, earning me some words. Or someone will ram into me for no reason causing me to stumble, it's really irritating!

Okay, call me a nerd if you like. That's what I am, but not in a bad way, I just have "nerdy" qualities. I LIKE SCHOOL. You hear that? I think it is interesting for the most part, except for maybe a bit of math and language arts. Well, I DON'T LIKE those kids who are blurting out, asking stupid questions about the "icee man", and disrupting teachers. Most of my teachers were nice, and I felt SORRY FOR THEM! All the kids were talking about how stupid the teachers are, and give them a hard time whatever chance they get. Yes, the occasional laugh is okay, but purposely doing things like this every 5 minutes is just not funny. People need to actually listen in class. It WILL come back to bite them one day.

Some people think that the reason we get bad grades is because their is a lot annoying kids in schools that try to distract us from learning and that's some of the reasons why parents think that online schooling is much better for students that have a hard time focusing because their way to many distractions.. I really do hate school and this is some of the reasons why online schooling is probably the best solution... And homeschooling's good because basically you can get up whenever you want to for homeschool when you get tired you sleep and you take a break you can eat ice cream and eat food in homeschool because if your hungry, tired, or thirsty your bodies not going to function right how it's supposed 2 and it's going to distract you... and also because the reason why homeschooling and online school is because their to many rowdy kids and a lot of kids focus to much on dating and relationships. SCHOOL IS A PLACE FOR LEARNING! PEOPLE BE MATURE YOUR NOT IN ELEMENTARY ANYMORE IT'S ...more

7 Mean Teachers

One time my parents were gone and I was staying with my grandma, and she got really sick and I saved her because I called 911 when she couldn't reach the phone and had to spend the day at the hospital. I thought she was going to die. And the next day Miss Bigelow (3rd grade teacher) asked me where my homework was. I told
her the whole story, and she didn't believe me. I got Grandma on the phone, and now she believed me but she still counted off for not doing my homework.

I hate my teacher. Today I had an exam, and I've been having a fever so I couldn't go to school for a whole week. And my mom promised me my teacher wouldn't let me take a test and let me study. But she lied. He gave me a science test and I didn't even know what to do. He joked about it saying an injured brain can pass it and made fun of me. I then didn't pass it and now I'm humiliated. He also humiliates me in front of class, like when I was crying one time, he joked about me and everyone laughed at me. He made fun of me right in front of my crush, and now my crush hates me. Then when I ran off to cry in the bathroom, he said where are you going and I said "to the bathroom" while still running away, then he just grabs my arm and takes me back and my eyes are red and everyone sees that I'm basically crying, so that was ANOTHER humiliation. Dang, I hate school so Much...

We had this sub who bullied the entire class with grades into bullying me, and punishes whoever is nice to me. Someone decided to partner with me for a project, the next day he was attacked, and HE was the one who got in trouble for "provoking a student". She tried to make me look as horrible as possible, to destroy my reputation. I touch the floor, I get detention. Someone calls me a fa**ot, nothing happens. I had to deal with the entire class shouting degrading comments and death threats DAILY for the most ridiculous of reasons, like needing to go closer to see the board. Once, the class ran out of things to make fun of, so they criticized me for being born and beat me up.When I told the teacher, I WAS SENT TO THE OFFICE FOR DISRUPTING THE LESSON! HELLO, THEY'RE INSULTING MY VERY EXISTENCE, DEAF! When I got my report card, it looked she went and took 10 points off every subject. All my rotary teachers were confused as hell when I showed them. My grade is extremely ...more

I remember going to music class and always feeling ashamed because I couldn't sing as good as some of the girls in my class, I remember feeling like crap because I couldn't understand the music textbook when I was given work and I remembered always being terrified to go to school because I had music that day and the teacher was mean as hell. I remember trying to come up with excuses to skip school just so I could skip music class and I remember crying the entire night before a music test because I knew I was going to be horrible. I remember what my goal was for school: get through the first 3 years of music and then I'll never have to go to a music class again. Thanks to that mean teacher, I had some of the most horrible moments of my life.

8 Exams

The worst part is that my school always give us very 'HARD' exams. How much hard you study it won't be of any use. It is almost impossible for us to identify what answer for each question. Our school doesn't even have the mind for us to get good marks. They don't even think how much it affects our future. And we don't have any other choice because this is the only school in our area. Everyone knows that there are good, average and below average students in the world. So they should make the paper more easier and give us questions according. Our school thinks that we are some kind of 'SUPER INTELLIGENT ROBOTS'. No matter why there are hundreds of failures in my school!

I take AP Biology as a freshman in highschool, which is fairly challenging. However, the exams is where it gets absolutely ridiculous. Being AP students, we are supposed to apply what we have learned to the questions on the test. However, how am I supposed to do that when 96% of the questions have some enzyme or covalent bond I've NEVER IN MY LIFE heard of? Everything reacts differently, and thus there is no way I could know the answer. Honestly, my bio teacher is a cool guy but his tests suck. Well, he doesn't make them. The stupid state does. I hate school so much. From middle school up, it is just a huge waste of time. While kids could be out socializing, making friends, PROPERLY dating, playing sports more often, or spend time with their families, they are cooped up in a hot, germ-infested environment overflowing with kids. This is no way to live. All the adults are like, "Oh, it's just because you are a freshman. I know it's hard." Really? I'd like to see an adult last a week in ...more

I don't usually mind exams, but when there would be a subject on the test that we didn't even study, we would go to the teacher and say we didn't learn this ( which I am positive about ). Instead of maybe taking the blame for once, of course, the teacher would respond with: "well, you weren't listening." Then everybody would do bad on the test, and once again, teachers would focus on the negative, and yell at us, saying we should be ashamed of our grades. Thanks. Because it definitely wasn't your awful teaching.
I'm not sure if this is all schools, but my school district tends to do this quite often.

I study, I know everything and then all of a sudden there are things mentioned on the exam that your teacher never told you to study! It's so annoying, you're all stressed out expecting to get in the 90's or a 100 and you end up getting below that. I swear I am not good under pressure especially when your teachers tell you that you better score high and that "colleges are viewing" your grade. No matter how hard I try I will never get over test/exam anxiety.

9 Physical Education

When I was in eighth grade, which was my last year of middle school, my friend and I took an advanced math class at the high school. The classes at the high school are longer than the ones at the middle school, so it messed up our schedules. We had to miss the first 5-10 minutes of our next class because of this, which happened to be gym. We would sometimes miss important information. Before the school year had started, we had let the coaches know that this would happen. At first, they marked us tardy every day. It took them a while to get used to our schedules, but they still forgot every now and then. Also, when one person was late or not in gym clothes, they made everyone run for a longer time. They expected everyone to know how to play sports, so they never explained the rules. When we started our basketball unit, they made my team demonstrate how to play in front of everyone. I'm not great at sports, so I was only picked to be on a team one time (which happened to be my ...more

There is of course, in my class, a group of guys that believe that my class is the Olympics. If you mess up, or don't do something right, they will yell at you and say things like "Why do you even try? " So one day I didn't try, and just stood in the corner, and then the same guy came over to me and was yelling like, "Oh my god, our team lost because you didn't play, I can't believe you, you're so selfish! " Like, no.

Also, my gym teacher decided this year that instead of grading you on if you "participate" he's going to grade you on how fit you are, meaning body type. Most of my friends are a little bit chunky, and even though I'm like stick skinny, I decided that this was totally unfair so I don't even try in gym anymore.

People are hoggers with the ball, only pass to their friends, they don't involve you. I have played basketball for 4 years in school now, but when we do basketball in PE...guess what? No one passes to me still. If you lose a game, the winners will show off so badly to you. If they think you're bad, they will be so annoyed even if you touch the ball. Today in PE, I was extremely tired out, my face was a tomato, and burnt like the sun. But, it was my turn. The coaches saw my face, but they said "FASTER! FASTER! " don't they realize if we have no energy, then it's painful to exercise? Then, the coaches said "I WANT YOU ALL TO HAVE RED FACES BY THE END OF THIS SESSION! " they treat us horribly!

None of the girls participate and I have a whole rant that I posted on the other one so I'll just paste that in: Time for a story. In gym class today, we played soccer with groups we were assigned to. During the whole game, this one girl kept on hand balling and then she threw it to her fat friend who kinked the ball one foot and she scored. Another kid was ball hogging so that was stupid. The other team had 2 people who tried and they were breaking the rules the whole time. We won 4-3 but it should've been 1-0 because I scored the only legit goal. Then, the same girl who was throwing the ball said that I couldn't play soccer (I'm in a soccer league and she barely walks a mile in a day). Another girl on the other team agreed with her even though I joked her out like 5 times. I'm so tired of the heads in my grade. Anyways, the girls just stand there and look at the ball, then criticize the people who are playing to try harder.

10 School Lunch

My school lunch is disgusting EVERY SINGLE DAY. One day at school we had to eat chicken wings that were raw. I threw up and one of the cafeteria ladies made me mop up my own puke and said I was being disrespectful to their food. I told my teacher and she said I shouldn't barf out school lunch because it was offensive. Now at my school, you can go to detention for throwing up. That wasn't even the worst part, about three months ago we were having "tomato soup" for lunch. I love soup, I almost thought it would taste good. Then I ate it. Thankfully I didn't throw up. Then I forgot to buy a chocolate milk so I got up in line next to my friend for lunch. I watched the process of making the soup and it was NASTY. They squirted ketchup in a bowl and then they put it in the sink and turned on the tap water. It was boiling tap water so it made it look a little like soup. Then they served it. I told all the kids at the cafeteria to watch and me and my friend counted three kids that ...more

So one time at my school they were serving spaghetti burritos and I got it for some reason. Why the heck did I do that?! It was like eating a worm sandwich. I just gave the lunch lady a sad look, like "Are you really this depressed? " Another time they served a sandwich, which I thought was a grilled cheese sandwich, but it was just two pieces of bread glued together by american cheese and filled with mayonnaise, relish, some kind of tasteless red meat that was somehow dry even though it was covered in mayo. I couldn't eat it. I gagged too much. Also, they never cook spaghetti long enough and it's always bland, the apples are super waxy and the bananas are never ripe.

The school lunch is worse than prison food. No kidding! Literally, the schools strut around the campus preaching about health and balance, but what they feed is the polar opposite of what they preach! Do they not know the saying, "practice what you preach? " Kids even go to an extent of tossing their food after the smallest bite or just tossing it once they get it. Or, they just skip lunch entirely! The food is horrible--the quality is bad, the material is bad, everything about it is just plain HORRIFIC. Even the utensils, which can be broken by the weakest geek in school, and can hold a portion that's as a big as a quarter. The drinks taste like vomit, the containers are very bad, and the system is just plain weak. We are forced to wait in a line for who knows how long, just to get the worst food you can ever get. And where you eat it isn't vey good! Cafeterias are usually a mess, loud, and more. I think schools can do better. Just look up, "school lunch in Japan" on YouTube and put ...more

Ok, so, this happened, I ordered a subway lunch, with only ham, and mayo, and orange juice. But when I got it, I had an apple juice, and I unwrapped the sandwich, it had tomato, drenched in mayo, olives, lettuce, cheese, EVERYTHING! I was ticked off, because I looked up to that and waited a long time for that. So, I went to the lunch lady, gave my sub to someone else who would eat it. And the lunch lady made me a marble cheese sandwich, I didn't even take a bite into it, was about to sink my teeth into it, MY TEETH WERE EVEN TOUCHING IT! I was one split second away from biting into it. And one of the grade 2/3 teachers (We have split classes in my school) said that it was time to go outside for recess. And she told us to clean everything up, took I bite into the sandwich, it had barely ANY flavour. So, I gotta admit, they're oranges are awesome, but the apples are brown. And they put the carrots with the celery, coliflower, broccoli, and other stuff, so when I bite into the carrot, it ...more

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11 Bitchy Popular Girls

I don't mean to share a sob story, and hopefully it doesn't seem like I'm asking for attention. But these girls make my life even worse. My mom died a couple years ago and now I have a horrible step mom who verbally and physically abuses me and an older step brother who tries to beat me up everyday. My dad tells me I should just deal with them because I have to live there for three more years anyway. One time my brother punched me in the stomach until I passed out and my parents did nothing. My grandfather died in 9/11 before I was born and my grandmother lives in Sweden and I'm never able to see her. I haven't seen my mother's parents since I was 4. My uncle is emotionally and verbally abusive to me and is always ruining my mood. He says the worst things, he made fun of me when I came out and told him I was pansexual and said it didn't matter because no one will date my ugly ass anyway, and he said that just this morning. One of my aunts is dead and the other refuses to see us. My ...more

I kind of agree. I was verbally abused by a popular girl in 8th grade, because I was Chinese. We ended up fighting and she threw the first punch. I then kicked and punched her. Everybody in my English class was watching, and they were very scared. That girl's boyfriend also gave my friends death threats like:"I'll kill you because you're poo. You filthy, smelly Indian! " That popular girl also told me that If I told her off, she'll KILL me. I was so scared that I only told my friends. Well, that girl would go to jail one day if she continues to act like this. -Angela Yang

This girl is the daughter of an important teacher so she treats everyone (teachers included) like a piece of trash. Once I asked her to move her chair in a little so I could squeeze by to speak to the teacher, it was like this. "Could you move your chair in a little please." "No! Go around ugly! " I should have told the teacher but why? I mean she was just being "cool". She's one that dresses up nice but still ultimately is still ugly inside and out. But her and her little group act like hot stuff but in reality they're not that pretty or cool.

I never did anything to them but I used to get bullied by these two girls in my choir class, one popular and one nobody knew. Even though I don't care much about what other people think of me, and I realized what they thought of me doesn't matter as much as what I think of me, it made it difficult for me to have other friends because THEY were scared of what the bullies thought. So even though I thought I could handle them, turns out I couldn't handle the ways it affected me and things didn't get better until I dropped choir.

12 No Friends

If you have social anxiety, then school is practically hell on Earth. For some reason, teachers feel that kids with such a mental condition should simply "get over it." They understand the true misery of being alone.

Let's list some stuff:
Not having partners, so you have to do 100% of the work by yourself instead of splitting the work with someone.
Always feeling alone and jealous that all of annoying popular kids have friends.
If you screw up on a test or do something stupid in gym, then you can laugh about it with your friends. If you don't have any friends, then you're left alone to cry in the corner and feel ashamed for your failures and no one will comfort you or joke about it with you.

This is the biggest reason I hate school.
I actually never had any friends in my life, not kidding (Well I have one friend which had the same problems I had. I never met him in real life, but he doesn't chat with me now since he got friends)
It makes me feel so lonely and sad when I see everyone chatting, laughting and being happy and all that stuff. They always push me aside and I am always the last one to be chosen for a group or team. I always try to be nice and do anything anyone wants. I write their homework and projects, lend them pens. But nobody ever lets me borrow their pen!
It basically made my whole life harder because I became really shy and anxious around people and have really weird reactions when someone talks to me (It's really hard to control) so they make fun of me! But I feel really good whenever they do that because they give me attention and I realised I am extremely desperate for attention, good or bad.

I kind of wrote some unnecessary things, but ...more

Alright, I just wanna say, I do have friends.

So in school wherever I am the teachers HATE talking. I swear even at snack time if it gets "too loud" though we are practically whispering the teacher will yell and ring her little irritating as crud bell. Every time I am in class and my friend starts talking to me pretty loud, it's like the teacher won't hear them but scream their head off at me. I try so hard to be able to actually joke with my friends, even on group assignments, and the teacher'll give me a mark for "not talking about math" or whatever. The thing that gets on my nerves most is we can never pick for ourselves. Even at lunch seats they pick our seats for us! On class trips they pick for us, so I end up with a bunch of outcasts and some abusive chaperone but my friends are all together. I honestly hate this more than homework.

I thought I had some friends, but I'm in a different class with them. People think I look like a mean person because of how I look. I laugh it off but I really do not like it. This girl in my class is a two-faced brat. I'm friends with her but I really want to punch her face into a wall. Lots of people think she is an angel...But they haven't met the real her. There are only 10 girls in my class and they all have their own group of friends. I feel alone and sad all of the time and I just hate going to school everyday. I'm always left out of group projects and groups of friends. I HATE SCHOOL.

13 Work

School should not be work. ( Because when we grow up we have to get a job then work until we die)If we have to learn something when we are older our bosses should teach it! My ideal school would be candy pencils, allowed to wear what you want instead of a hideous uniform, fun teachers, no homework and any kind of bullies will be expelled. Unfortunately this probably wont happen

Every time you complete something your teacher doesn't even appreciate it. They just say: "Oh, good, here's two more for you. And after that, if there's time, you can do this sheet." You shouldn't even have to do problems/write something down to know it. All you have to do is memorize. But NO, the teachers have to make your hands ache as you right down everything. JUST LET US SAY THE ANSWERS!

I agree with you person who said school shouldn't be work. If it is, we should get paid. I hate school more than anything. Most people here hate school, but when Koolguy2218 says the same stuff, they disagree. What the hell? I know he's a troll but still, I hope Powerfulgirl10 doesn't actually think school teaches important things (they teach some important things but mostly useless like I'll never need algebra or crap like that).

What makes it worse is when you can't think when the other kids are screwing around and then the teacher has to yell at them to stop. Yeah if you were in my class you would have a hard time learning with these idiots

14 Pressure

I hate school. They expect you to do everything in such a short period of time. If not you either get a bad grade or you do it for homework. I don't even want to start with getting in trouble for forgetting one assignment. I stay up till about 11:00 every night working on homework. I hardly have any te for school because ok stressing about the big test or project. I hate having to do projects too. I can't trust anyone because I'll end up doing most of the work and getting a good grade for both of us even though I'm the only one who deserves it. I love weekends and all but teachers ruin that too with an assignment that they forget to check when we get back. I hardly even have time for sports anymore

I absolutely HATE pressure in school. Its like, you don't do one crummy piece of homework? NO REDOS! You get sick? Well, you should've squeezed your homework between trying not to throw up and throwing up. Didn't come to school for family purposes? Well, why didn't you do the essay at your great grandmas funeral? Oh, and you decided to use a homework pass on your birthday? You got it last trimester, so it doesn't work now. All of that pressure just builds one on top of the other, about the homework you didn't do and the late essay and the pop quiz, causes a lot of students to break. Oh, and family life? You don't have it in your teachers eyes. So it doesn't matter that you were babysitting your sisters, you should've redone the test while trying to keep your sister from breaking that case. Family life and school life just causes my back to break from that weight on my shoulders.(I am the oldest child in my family, so all of these things happened to me before.)

Once I was supposed to be doing this project on how Charles Dicken's life influenced his writing. So since I have bipolar depression, I was about to get to work on it, but then I had this little crying fit. So we were in the library, and the librarian is super nice. She took me to a back room and told me to come back when I felt better. Every time I thought I was better, I would start crying again. So after a little while (maybe ten minutes) I decided to just suck it up because this is a partner project, and I don't want him to have to do all the work. So I got working and after the whole thing was over, the teachers (who saw my little breakdown) took points off for not working in the library, even though I came back out and did it. This is the kind of pressure I have in all my classes except French, because I'm just naturally good at that.

I go to a school with a lot of, lets call it academic pressure. I'm talking best of the best of the entire country. I think someone once told us that the top 50% at our school was part of the top 0.5% of the country. I wouldn't be shocked if that was true. To my parents (and the parents of most if not all my friends) nothing less than straight A's is acceptable. The tests are hard and the teachers are harsh. I once saw a girl cry because she forgot her homework and her parents were going to be so upset and angry with her. No one cares if you're depressed or sucidal. I guess that's why for the last few years, there has been a security guard by the train tracks, because so many commit suicide.

15 No Reward for Hard Work

No matter how much effort the teacher only gives you more useless work. Never a break never a reward, the result is that we learn to use minimal effort to make school and become lazy workers as well as not striving for our dreams.

They say always say the reward for hard work is knowledge even though the teachers do not teach you stuff in the real world

I remember in school I always tried my best but then I had a bad day and (I don't really want to put it) happened and I got in MORE trouble than if one of the people that are usually bad so then I REALLY lost it and said maybe if those years of pretending to be someone I wasn't just to serve under a complete idiotic society had been worth something I wouldn't have been myself for once which to be fair is what you have been trying to make me do for the past 5 years. I got sent out the class for that so I put my book in the bin and sat down and refused to move

You spend at the least 6 hours of school working non-stop and switching from class to class. And what do you get guess what you get homework we can't even apply most of the stuff we learn to reality. - Zozo_Sweetiepie

16 Teachers

Ugh! Teachers! Majority of my teachers like me but the rest hate my guts for no apparent reason! They get on my nerve and they don't pay attention when someone is breaking the rules. I was sitting at my desk quietly reading and suddenly my teacher glared at me! What the heck? I'm reading quietly then you're glaring at me like I'm doing something wrong? Are you kidding me?! Other time, the same teacher walks up to my desk and is all like why are you crying?! I was all like I'm not. Then he's says oh and rolls his eyes at me. Everyone stared at me and laughed like little devils. I HATED THAT TEACHER! Thank god he recently got fired! He doesn't even pay attention to when someone's breaking a rule or bullying someone else. He was a nasty cruel devil who was always on his stupid phone/tablet! He was sassy towards me and even expected us to know high school level things. News flash: WE'RE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL! He was totally impatient and just LOVED to snarl at us! But what I despise most about ...more - ShadowSwashy

My teachers hate me so much. They always try to embarrass me in front of the class, give me bad grades, make people think I am a bad kid. And not going to school is illegal. One time a student was chatting to his friends and he had to stay in for lunch. And guess what! My teacher said, you do the crime you do the time. AND that's WHAT PEOPLE SAY IN JAIL! Oh wait, school is jail.

Uh teachers will just non-stop talk their unfair unsanitary I'd be alright with them if they didn't talk so much I'd be able to learn but nope it's talk talk talk

For some reason, my gym teacher HATES me. When we are getting changed, she shouts: BE QUIET! RACHEL! EMILY! ANITA! BE QUIET AND GET CHANGED! This make no sense! I am already changed, reading my book. Sitting quietly! I hate that teacher! I hope she gets fired! And, the people that were talking these kids called: Imogen, Katy and Lily! Seriously! Me and my friends didn't do it! Our teacher actually swore at 2 new kids because they couldn't play basketball! Seriously?!?! Teachers suck! a lot!...

17 Can't Use the Bathroom

One time I had an incident where I had to go really bad and it was kinda the beginning of class. I was drinking my water and it had been a couple of minutes and I had an infection so I had a weak bladder. The teacher didn't believe me so I had to wait. I finally gave up and went to her answer asked if I could use my right to go pee. She said no so I waited and waited and it finally spilled so it looked like I was having girl issues٫

Here's a little story from my Spanish class. I was in first grade, I had to go really badly. So I raise my hand. I wait for a little while, and start to fidget in my chair. My Spanish teacher was talking with a student, so I was ok with it. I don't soil myself easily. I can wait hours on end waiting to go. Well time passes, and she still doesn't notice me. By that time, I'm jumping around in my seat. Kids are trying to get her attention to tell her that I need to go. More time passes, and I just can't take it. I soil myself and I felt really bad. My Spanish teacher just said: "Why didn't you ask me? You can just raise your hand and I'll come to you." Yeah, I totally wasn't skipping around the classroom trying to get her attention.

I think that (especially in high school) It is rather ridiculous for children to have to stop the class, interrupt the teacher, and have to publicly announce their need to relieve themselves. Anyone who has attended a school with a large classroom may have felt the intense awkwardness that comes from your announcement, and then the heads all turning to follow your movement out the door. Teachers say that the reason is to keep students from skipping class, but a full grown eighteen year old adult should not have to ask to go to the bathroom, and all high schoolers should be old enough to make their own decisions, including whether or not they want to keep their grades by attending class.

I mean sometimes digestion and all that takes a while.

During recess back when I was in 7th grade, it was after our 3rd period. I often drank a lot of water. My 4th period was art class, and while I don't hate the teacher, I hate the subject. I usually ask if I can go to the bathroom and he knows I hate his class so he gets suspicious maybe. I asked and he asked "why do you always have to use the bathroom during my class? "
Me: "I drink a lot of water, sir."
That: "Well, use it during recess."
Me: "But sir, all that digestion and stuff can sometimes take a while."
Him: "I don't care".

He didn't listen to Science. This was in a Catholic school. And I'm SDA, we don't believe science as much as them.

18 Favoritism Among Teachers

Last year, I had an old teacher who was teaching sewing and cooking (it was a required class) for her last year. She had already taught for 25 years, so she was going deaf. You often had to repeat what you said several times before she would understand. She was also extremely quiet, so it was difficult to hear what she was saying when 40 students were talking as well. She would never explain how to sew anything. She would just tell us what we had to sew and expect us to make it perfectly. But her absolute worst quality was her sexism. Her bias toward girls wasn't hidden. Once, when the class was talking too loud, she got fed up and made everyone get out of their chairs and stand at the back of the room. She proceeded to assign every boy to a seat. After she was done, she let the girls choose where to sit out of the remaining seats.

I once had a health teacher in 9th grade who would always try to slip in little feministic tidbits into her lesson, as if her misandry wasn't blatantly obvious enough. She would put us down, as if our being male was unholy and sinful. She once played a game in the class where we would add and subtract points based on our life choices:
Teacher: If you have a vagina, add 3 points. If you have a penis, subtract 5 points.
She had low expectations for us males, and said that the world had the same expectations as well. She intentionally ruined our grades, and misgraded 2 of my tests, both of which I scores perfectly on. In the end, she gave me a final grade of C. For health.

My School District is especially sexist, giving benefit of the doubt and just generally treating the females at in the schools better than the males. In elementary school, many of the recess attendents would, if a boy and a girl did the same crime, immediately ship the boy to lunch detention, and just lightly scold the girls, even if the girl was a repeat offender. And in middle school I had a science teacher who would yell at guys for whispering in the back of the class, but two girls on the opposite ends of the classroom yelling at each other got many "Please calm down", but whispering in the back of the classroom was immediate lunch attention.

I think that this is a serious issue. One week our PE teacher got us to play soccer for the lesson and yes it was good. But there was a group of about 4 girls who were sitting out because they didn't want to play. No biggie. The next week the same teacher says that we are playing netball this week. So me and 2 other guys choose to sit out because we don't want to play. When she sees us, she yells at us saying stuff like "what, you think you can just choose what to do when you like" and " this is school not your lounge room". So she sends us back to our classroom. Luckily though our regular teacher understood. I would consider this sexism rather than favouritism.

19 Test Taking

I'm a diabetic too. One time I asked to go to the nurse while a low blood sugar, and the substitute teacher yelled at me and said to sit down. I ended up being about 45 when I got home

Why the hell to tests exist even tough the teacher knows what you done on the work?!

When I was in 1grade I failed because it said 345 +a three digit number that I can't remember

I'm in 8th grade and we had an English benchmark and some of the questions as which of the 4 words is similar to the word in the question and some of are so easy and here's one of them. Which word is similar to evacuating and I'm like BRUH it's leaving what is this a 5th grade benchmark not 8th grade

20 Popularity

Everybody was asking me to do favors every time and it was so annoying. They need to start asking someone else for favors too. Being popular is good, but it will make everyone ask you for favors every time. It's very rude to always get the same person to do jobs, because then they'll get bored, and nobody wants that. Sometimes, you may feel like hitting and kicking because of that, but you wouldn't actually do it, because that's bullying. Nobody enjoys being bullied or insulted. I usually feel like saying "Stop asking me for every single favor", but that would be mean, so I wouldn't actually say it. People were also telling me to do things I'm not supposed to do, which is not very nice. If they do that to you, don't listen to them.

Popularity is not fair, you know. If you're popular, you get all the kids as your friends (and most popular people use their "friends"to bully other kids and the cover up for them) And if you're the opposite, no one wants to be your friend and they don't care if you're wearing something new (if you're a smart kid, they'll just use you for your homework). It's not fair at all... Do those jerks know that school is for education and making friends with all the other kids, and not for popularity and to make fun of weaker kids? I don't think so because if they knew, they wouldn't care about popularity...

I'm popular among a lot, and a handfull hate me. I mean the best way to get rid of bullies is become popular and have people find you funny. when you become popular a lot of less popular kids give you what you want if you ask for something without second thought. I make friends among "popular kids" less popular kids, and in between. but its not like I'm the most popular out of all of 6th grade, because teachers would become ruder towards you. but WARNING if you try and become popular, and fail and people find you not funny... its like boot camp for the rest of the year. its either an amazing hit, or a dreadful miss

I agree, at my school, the "popular kids" simply hate me and my friends guts for not having an instagram and, snapchat, and we don't like their boy bands and stuff. Whenever I talk about what I'm passionate about, TO MY FRIEND AWAY FROM THEM they always give me looks of disgust. I was talking about space -.- it's so frustrating and these people practically run my school. They are always team captain because the teachers think they're good role models. HA they always gossip about anyone and everyone! Seriously all you have to do is stand by them and listen and you will hear quite a few familiar names pop up.

21 People Cheating On Their Work and Tests

Yeah, I've had to cut a few corners when I was in high school.

I hate these people. They are spoiled and lazy. In my school, if you get a bad grade, You wont have recess. The students cheat other students to get passing grades. Worst of all, they always act smart. These people are complete liars. They know that lying is wrong and no one likes a cheat! But, they are trying to be on the smartest student of the year ranks and they are trying to be called very smart as possible without studying. Some of them even threat other pupils. If they confess that they cheat, It would be fine (a little). But if they are also liars This would happen:
Teacher:Okay kids. Here's your exam sheets. You have 90 minutes to finish this (giving sheets to students)
Kid 001:Hey you! (whispering)
Kid 002:What? (Whispering)
Kid 001:Can you show me your sheet?
Kid 002:Wait, isn't that cheating?
Teacher:Okay, What's going on?!
Kid 002:(pretends innocent) It was Kid 002, teacher! Kid 002 ask my work! (pretends to cry)
Teacher:Kid 002, You're ...more

We had to draw a portrait of ourselves once, and I worked really hard on it. Lots of people said it was really pretty, and I was pretty proud and satisfied (which I'm not very often). We had about 5 weeks for the drawing, and this girl in my class didn't do anything at all, every single lesson. The lesson before we had to turn in our drawing, she asked the teacher if she could take hers home and he said yes. The next lesson, she had this really realistic and pretty drawing of herself, and I asked her how she did it and she started laughing and told me her mom made it for her (her mom's an artist). So she literally put NO EFFORT at all in her drawing, and she got higher marks than me, which still annoys me now and that was almost two years ago. I really don't mind when someone gets higher marks than me, but I do when I've worked really hard on something and the other person hasn't.

I go to a all black school and there are a LOT of lazy people. I'm pretty much the only one passing in my home room class. They keep asking me for my sheet, being nice and shy I go ahead and give it to them. Why do I even try?

22 Stupid Rules

This has to be one of the things I hate about my School. My School are just so bad in my opinion because the rules in my class is that if we forgot to bring our books or break the School rules (Fighting in class, running in class, swearing, etc), we have to pay money for it, and for me, I'm the type of person who always forgot easily so I often forgot to bring my books and have to pay money for it. Right now, I'm trying to be sneaky by not making everyone knows that I forgot to bring my books and that I have to pay money because honestly, I don't support that, and I don't think that's avoiding the rules because that kind of rules is not good, it will make you think that money is the solution to every problem. For me, I feel like if we forgot to bring books or break the School rules, we should just get send outside of class or get our score minused.

Me: Can I go to the bathroom please?
Teacher: No, didn't you hear NO bathroom breaks during class
Me : fine
**During walking to next class I don't have recess at all**
**goes to bathroom, comes out**
Teacher: why are you late?
Me: I had to go to the bathroom
Teacher: couldn't you have held it in?
Me: yeah but I told the last teacher and he said to go after class
Teacher:Yes but you are late, you will get a detention and don't you ever be late again
Me: But-

Some schools will get us killed when we get outta school like this one. Teachers always say if your in a fight don't fight back walk away or find an adult, yet in reality if someone is hitting you, you wouldn't walk away or no t fight back as they would beat you up and/or kill you and yet in school when you defend yourself you get in trouble school logic

When I was in middle school, the principal thought was a good idea to ban girls from wearing tights because she thought was some kind of sexual thing. Girls end up wearing tights and protesting for three months.

23 Teachers Think All Kids are the Same and that We All Learn the Same.

I was forced to do a complicated math method instead of a method I used for my entire life because it was "too easy" I ended up getting zeros on all my test and my parents hate my teacher now

I asked some of my teachers for higher level work, but guess what? They gave me a crap ton of nothing. (To be technical, that would be boat load, which is 126 gallons, but crap ton is fun to say.) HOW ON EARTH ARE TERRIFIED, MONOTONOUS, AND DOUBT VOCABULARY WORDS? Everyone else might have the I.Q. of a rock, but I an the smartest person in my entire school. Can you just kill me already? I always do my homework, always get at least a 95, and can learn and memorize concepts quicker than you average middle-schooler. - Merilille

There's one of the main screw ups in our education system! (Not to start debates) Yayy! It's kind of obvious not all maybe 600 kids in a school learn through a tasteless lecture. I'm glad we are improving in those ways, but we have a while to go before every kid can learn easily. - LynxTemper

I am in the highest level of my class, and I am still bored. I have been bored for eight years. I have never failed a class. I want other material. I used to be able to get all the homework for the week and do it all in one night and turn it in the next day. Not anymore. We are not all the same. Isn't that what you teach us? That we're all different? I think I'm right. Why is the school system a gigantic hypocrite?

24 Summer Math Packets

List of good stuff during summer: nice warm fresh air, riding bike, relaxing, playing video games, listening to music, going on a trip with family, going to the beach, swimming, and also earning money at your favorite job.

List of bad stuff during summer: School work, bad rainy weather, not spending enough time with family and friends, not being able to do anything because of school work.

You've been enjoying a nice adventurous summer vacation for 3 months, and once September rolls around, summer vacation is over and it's back to school for another long exhausting year doing lots of worthless (bleep)!

You never get a break from school work. Never. During the summer, we all are given summer reading and math and science and whatever else the school wants to give us. Instead of being able to enjoy our time off, we're stuck reading The Odyssey or some. During the school year, we can't even catch a break on the weekends. The homework and projects we're forced to do on the weekends and during the summer take up all of our free time. It needs to be stopped. Right now.

These teachers don't know what vacation is. For example, your sitting in your classroom, it's the last day of school. Your sitting next to your friend telling him how your going to have so much fun. But then, your teacher starts passing out these giant packets. You tell him, what's this?. He says, its your summer math packet. And your like, are you serious. And he says yes, I'm serious. He says its going to be fun. And your like, no its not. PS: this really happened to me

I hate homework at the summer time. Ever since the beginning of summer my teacher was really trying to let us practice math even in the summer I argue with her telling that summer is for breaks and fun no more math and other works but I get like a thousand pages of packet and I have to finish it before a new year starts.i got tons of vacation and fun so I only finish half of the packet.

25 Fire Drills

These were the best, I remember my classmates were pissing off my math teacher and then he was yelling and right there the alarm went. God has spoken - FallenBlaze

I also hate when the teacher says to go behind them, like if were the last class, were gonna die - FallenBlaze

In my school the fire drills are so bad if a real fire happened everyone would die. Here's an example of a fire drill Me Running teacher stop running Me this is what you do during a fire teacher but you have to listen to me Me I would die if I listened to you teacher You said die you're suspended. - nonblock7

In my school fire drills and so bad that we would die. Here's what's happens kids get up and TAKE there phones. Teacher gets us in a lane then waits for us to get quiet. Then we walk out but by the time we would get we would die because the think walking out of a school walking in a line is a good idea because everyone would run but the teachers would yell at us for TRYING not to die!

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