Top Ten Reasons Kids Hate School

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1 Homework

I mean I hate all of this stuff but homework brings the hell of school to your home!

I hate homework if it's fun however it also means the teachers are not doing there job properly cause home is our free time were meant to learn at school not home shows how lazy they are. I mean they just wanna get paid why tell us to do work at home If we wake up early to study there teachers are extremely lazy

I hate everything about school Bullies because I can't stand seeing people being teased [I stand up to them] Waking up early I have to wake up 5 hours earlier than I want to for something I don't like. Mean Teachers my teacher is so mean and unfair. Studying I have to study for like 4 hours! Heavy books. Summer Math Packets! Uhh I had one last summer and it was so hard and boring but homework is the worst. I mean can't we just do all of this at school I mean were in school for 6 hours right? That should be PLENTY of time to do all of the learning

Well first School Sucks then giving you school work at home. It is all madness

Here are the reasons I CANNOT STAND homework. I am in the 8th grade and homework is my number 1 stress of school. There is not enough time to get it all done. I spend 1-3 plus hours a day doing homework. I do not understand how we can spend time with family, have some free time to eat or play a video game, or do anything really. The teachers assign homework every day, including weekends, and breaks such as Winter and Spring break. Currently I have 2 packets for History, 4 packets (2 pages each) in math, Two science poster projects, and a video essay for math, all due Monday and Tuesday. They where all assigned on Friday. I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME. A few of the assignments where given on Thursday and I stayed up all night doing them and still haven't finished. I was late to class and got in trouble. Also my science class assigns a 2 page essay due every other week. Not to mention I have 3 projects that are due next week that I haven't even had time to start. I am so stressed out I ...more

I agree! My school doesn't want the students to get stressed, so they gave us only Small work. When I get home, I do my homework early, and play games for the rest of the day. And on weekends, I have fun with my family and friends.

2 Bullies

Should definitely be number one. Suicide (sometimes) caused by bullies is the number one death in America. That is absolutely disgusting knowing that calling someone fat, ugly, whore, slut, worthless can lead to so many problems. People say that words can't hurt, but they can they hurt me

Words can't hurt? Who said that? Apparently, even one word matters. And If they're bad ones, they will affect others, even It was just the regular "fat" word

Kids **HAVE** to go to school. They have no say in the matter. The last thing they need, is to be harassed by their fellow pupils or students.

I don't get bullied but whenever I see a one bullying another person I get mad

NEEDS TO BE NUMBER ONE. Girls in my class sarcastically cat call and humiliate me, kids beat me up, get me into trouble for stuff I didn't do, and gang up on me, emotionally abusing me until I'm on the verge of tears. If I even attempt to fight back I'll get kicked in the gut, laughed at, or insulted even more badly. Two kids once hatched a successful plan to get me in trouble, and then knowing that I couldn't do anything to them, snitched on me, went up to my house to humiliate me, surrounded my desk and pushed it against the wall with me between the 2 surfaces, cracked my knuckles, walked up to me and emotionally abused me until I was on the verge of tears. My pathetic excuse of a teacher shipped me with another girl in my class and got the whole class to laugh at me. Girls cat called me sarcastically and humilated me in the hallways. Everyday at lunch, 4 boys would insult me until I felt like crying, and would occasionally throw things at me. I was so scared to be out in the open ...more

3 Getting Up In the Morning

Worst thing ever! As soon as that alarm sounds at 6 am I know another day of survival of the fittest starts. It sucks even more when your in winter and your all warm and sound asleep then you hear your mom come and rip the blankets off of your body the cold comes and you just want to either yell at your mom and blame the government for school being mandatory or you just want to kill yourself... you decide.

I know right getting up in the morning is the worst! Like I have to get up at 6 am and it the worst and when every time I get up my eyes hurt and I'm so hard to get up

Blah... I hate this part of day... you kno were you wake up... and your cold... then you put on your blanket.. and you'll be all warm... AND THEN YOUR MOM walks in your room and pulls off your blanket and says "GET UP TIME 4 SCHOOL" and you'll be all cold again... DAMN!. I hate that lmao... then right after school you finish your dream off, LMA0

I so agree with SmoothCriminal. As soon as the banket gets ripped off, I just try to preserve body heat cause I know the mothers gonna rip it off ya again.

Schools always give that pep talk in the beginning of the school year about us being successful. All of it is literal garbage to me.
Why, you may ask? We get hours upon hours of homework every night, and I think it's safe to assume that the average student goes to bed at around midnight. Also, schools start very early in the morning, forcing children to wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning. Please note that when I say children, I am referring to minors (people under 18 years of age). Minors are still growing and developing, mentally and physically. Not getting enough sleep can actually stunt this growth.
Studies have shown that getting 6 hours of sleep or less as the same negative impact on one's brain as having no sleep at all. There are things to boost one's energy, such as coffee, but some children choose not to drink it (like myself). Also, coffee can't replace sleep.
So, back to the speech at the beginning of the school year about being successful, I find it disgusting. The ...more

4 It's Just So Boring

I thinks schools should introduce this concept, we do math, reading, history and science until High School, then in High School, all of our classes are electives like cooking, theatre, art, and so on. Your parents and other adults would argue and say 'but wont you forget everything about the subjects if that happens? I don't think I would forget The subjects even if I didn't have to do them in High School cause how I forget everything if I was forced to learn about it for 8 years or however long it actually was. And so much stuff especially in math is unnecessary like Algebra, in the real world, when have you every had to do that complex piece of crap subject, math for me is adding subtracting and maybe multiplying, that's all you need to know about it. So I think in High School they should just let us only take classes about stuff we would actually be able to pay attention in

I can't wait until I'm thirty and say "Oh man! I wish I remembered how to make a parabola with this arc and these points on the Coordinate Grid! "

Well because you do maths, then you do writing, then you get tired and your not allowed to sleep in class, then you get ultra bored, wouldn't you rather wake up at 1:00 pm and go outside and eat ice-cream.

NEEDS to be higher. Heck, needs to be NUMBER ONE. It's basically everything on this list!

No. There are worse reasons, such as bullies. I'd say this does deserve being 4th place, though.

Schools want us to be productive, but I think they have completely overlooked the fact that some classes are not productive at all.
Here are some examples:
- Gym. It may be a good class to hang out with friends, but all students do in that class is play a bunch of "sports" no one has heard of. In other words, the gym teachers make up pointless games that don't actually help with one's physical health. This is also the easiest class to get bullied in. If a student is bad at one of the games, the "sporty" players yell at them and harass them, and the teachers do nothing about it.
- Classes with bad teachers. These classes that would otherwise be very productive and helpful are usually the worst. For example, believe it or not, math is a very important class to take. However, most teachers cannot teach math effectively. My math teacher is horrible at explaining things, which is why over half of the class failed one of his quizzes. Teachers like these also think giving twenty ...more

5 Grades

This is why I refer to school as the stress factory.
Whenever I get a bad grade on a certain subject, they call me parents and say that I am doing terrible in this subject. At least my parents know I'm trying hard, because lots of the teachers seem to look at the negative and try to harass us so they can tell get us in trouble OUT of school! They say good grades get you into good schools, which is true, but the stress won't help! I hate this!

I'm not showing off or anything but I'm very sorry for you. I get stressed a lot but I always seem to get a good grade. 52% was my lowest mark ever.

I just kinda had an epiphany while reading this. So, you see, grades were invented as an incentive to learn, but it has be taken so far. Everyone I know freaks out about getting the grades to get into the top 10%, most of them try to take all AP and pre-AP and stay up all night so they can get that one grade up. I just think that really it's all unfair because some minds naturally hold more information than others and the purpose of school should just be to give you some information to help you in the future, not to stress you out so much you have to start taking anti-depressants and caffeine pills to stay awake all night.

Okay, grades are idiotic.

I have a terrible grade in one of my classes, math, which is beyond unfair because I am definitely one of the smarter kids in the class, not in a bragging way but because a student had an argument with the teacher that if he stuck a fork into an electrical outlet he would be able to shoot lightning bolts like Storm. This isn't even the lowest point my class has gotten to. So how do I get bad grades? I work hard on everything I get, and that is why. My papers have been late because I was trying to actually learn more. One assignment was marked down because I decided to learn about Strong Force, something we hadn't learned about in eighth grade because these kids are still struggling with PEMDAS in eighth grade, and it took extra time because I'm not able to skip the lectures about things I learned in fifth grade and I think were part of our common core that year. The geniuses of our class are dragging the handful of competent students down as well. On ...more

Once my science teacher- who me and everyone else hated- gave me a zero on a science lab about potential energy. First of all I got stuck with the most annoying group ever- a popular kid who thought he was good at everything and judged everyone based on their popularity, an aggressive girl who got in trouble a-lot but probably should have gotten in more trouble- the only reason she didn't was because she was a girl. These people were in every single class with me too. There was also this dumb kid who was in compacted math with me, he probably should have been in regular, and he made fun of my speech problem (I stutter a-lot and mispronounce things) We didn't do very well with the kinetic energy lab and then I was absent- because I didn't want to go to school and get more homework from sexist teachers who overreact to everything most boys do and underreact to everything most girls do. Fortunately though the teachers didn't like the popular kids very much, except for a couple of kids in ...more

6 Annoying People

Why is everyone such asses nowadays? Believe it or not, school is supposed to be interesting and learning about things, but the annoying people you deal with everyday make it a horrible experience. People need to stop judging others and leaving people alone.

American teens becomes stupider every year! What a rip off!

Hooray! Another stereotypical jerk! Despite popular lore, there ARE intelligent Americans.

To me, the majority of the school is annoying! In my middle school, only three kids in the WHOLE SCHOOL (including myself) liked Nirvana! That's gotta say something about modern society! It's wack!

I'm in 5th going into 6th and most of the people in my class don't know who Nirvana are. About 75% of people in my school don't know who the Black Eyed Peas are

Some people think that the reason we get bad grades is because their is a lot annoying kids in schools that try to distract us from learning and that's some of the reasons why parents think that online schooling is much better for students that have a hard time focusing because their way to many distractions.. I really do hate school and this is some of the reasons why online schooling is probably the best solution... And homeschooling's good because basically you can get up whenever you want to for homeschool when you get tired you sleep and you take a break you can eat ice cream and eat food in homeschool because if your hungry, tired, or thirsty your bodies not going to function right how it's supposed 2 and it's going to distract you... and also because the reason why homeschooling and online school is because their to many rowdy kids and a lot of kids focus to much on dating and relationships. SCHOOL IS A PLACE FOR LEARNING! PEOPLE BE MATURE YOUR NOT IN ELEMENTARY ANYMORE IT'S ...more

7 Mean Teachers

One time my parents were gone and I was staying with my grandma, and she got really sick and I saved her because I called 911 when she couldn't reach the phone and had to spend the day at the hospital. I thought she was going to die. And the next day Miss Bigelow (3rd grade teacher) asked me where my homework was. I told
her the whole story, and she didn't believe me. I got Grandma on the phone, and now she believed me but she still counted off for not doing my homework.

When I was in third grade I had my worst teacher in the history of ever in my life. She never helped anyone. Her accent was hard to understand anything so the most of the kids (except the Spanish kids) were failing. When she pulled up a parent/teacher conference she was explaining things that were so not true, and after that my teacher had given my mother some work that would improve my grades. The stuff on those work sheets didn't even make any sense. She never taught any of it. And me nor my mother could figure it out. And in the middle of me trying to finish question 5 it had been an hour. And my mother asked me if I had been yelling mean stuff to the teacher (As I said it wasn't true) I told her no. She had a extreme face which meant tell the truth or your grounded. I still told her no. And she said okay. She also told me that my teacher wanted to have a student/teacher conference with me and some other class mates. We all had to sit in a huge circle during lunch and while ...more

Trivium your teacher was mean! Dang. My math teacher is SO mean One day I was just sitting in class daydreaming and my teacher screams at the top of her lungs PAY ATTENTION PAY ATTENTION! And another time she asked a REALLY hard math problem. I didn't know the answer so I didn't raise my hand. A lot of people had their hands up and my teacher calls on me! AND she expected me to do it IN MY HEAD I was like what I can't do that in my head!

Well, it is likely that you were not paying attention in class, so you could not understand the subject. Next time, try to focus a bit more so that you understand more clearly. No offense, okay?

I had a History teacher in 7th grade that yells at the top of her lungs in front of the whole class because we've got students that keep ruining the whole thing for us! I feel bad for the students that have to deal with her yelling nearly every single day! Let's describe this teacher! She humiliates her students, even swore once, and ripped the papers during a test 2 times! She gets away with all of her yelling! at least she heardly gives homework! Not to mention, every student here at my school complains about her, that they want to sue her and get her fired! To add on to the confusion of the problem, my Special Ed English teacher and the assistant teacher said that she will be the nicest teacher that we will ever have! Well, so yelling at students and cursing at them makes them a good teacher? No! Not only that, I once even cried 2 times in front of the whole class a few minutes after her frightening and stormy lecture, because it was so scary that I could not even handle this ...more

8 Exams

The worst part is that my school always give us very 'HARD' exams. How much hard you study it won't be of any use. It is almost impossible for us to identify what answer for each question. Our school doesn't even have the mind for us to get good marks. They don't even think how much it affects our future. And we don't have any other choice because this is the only school in our area. Everyone knows that there are good, average and below average students in the world. So they should make the paper more easier and give us questions according. Our school thinks that we are some kind of 'SUPER INTELLIGENT ROBOTS'. No matter why there are hundreds of failures in my school!

Worst thing in the world!

I hate exams! You take all these tests in the beginning and show that you actually know what you are learning! Than near the end of half the year you take this EXAM THAT IS WORTH 75% OF YOUR GRADE! We are teens what do you expect we want to have fun!

I take AP Biology as a freshman in highschool, which is fairly challenging. However, the exams is where it gets absolutely ridiculous. Being AP students, we are supposed to apply what we have learned to the questions on the test. However, how am I supposed to do that when 96% of the questions have some enzyme or covalent bond I've NEVER IN MY LIFE heard of? Everything reacts differently, and thus there is no way I could know the answer. Honestly, my bio teacher is a cool guy but his tests suck. Well, he doesn't make them. The stupid state does. I hate school so much. From middle school up, it is just a huge waste of time. While kids could be out socializing, making friends, PROPERLY dating, playing sports more often, or spend time with their families, they are cooped up in a hot, germ-infested environment overflowing with kids. This is no way to live. All the adults are like, "Oh, it's just because you are a freshman. I know it's hard." Really? I'd like to see an adult last a week in ...more

9 Physical Education

When I was in eighth grade, which was my last year of middle school, my friend and I took an advanced math class at the high school. The classes at the high school are longer than the ones at the middle school, so it messed up our schedules. We had to miss the first 5-10 minutes of our next class because of this, which happened to be gym. We would sometimes miss important information. Before the school year had started, we had let the coaches know that this would happen. At first, they marked us tardy every day. It took them a while to get used to our schedules, but they still forgot every now and then. Also, when one person was late or not in gym clothes, they made everyone run for a longer time. They expected everyone to know how to play sports, so they never explained the rules. When we started our basketball unit, they made my team demonstrate how to play in front of everyone. I'm not great at sports, so I was only picked to be on a team one time (which happened to be my ...more

I have an opposite problem...
The teachers explain what to do for most of the class, and we only get a few minutes to actually do something! - neehawgamer

I don't hate school, but I hate P.E or gym. Once, my school was making all the upper-grades play volleyball. It was complete hell for me and my friend. The boys in the class thought it was the Olympics, or if they lost/someone dropped the ball, we'd all be expelled. So, naturally, I dropped the ball once. (Clumsy me.) And a one of the boy screams, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! " That wasn't the end of it. Every time I or my friend missed the ball, one of three boys would roll their eyes, scream at us something like "Oh come on, slow-poke," or wouldn't talk to us and mope around for the rest of the day. The teacher was standing right there where the net was, so in the middle of this whole thing; and he didn't do anything. I love that teacher, but I guess he just didn't think it was too big to notice.

The first nail in the coffin was when one of the boys yelled at me as the volleyball came my way, "Don't get it! I'll get it! " And he lunged in front of me ...more

It's boring. It's useless. It's a time waster. If I could, I would stop Physical Education altogether, and stop children from having heart attacks and having their minds plagued with sports.

Plus having those annoying sports fanatics on your ass thinking that playing useless sports is the only form of exercise and that all non-athletes are 400 pound tubs of lard sitting around all day. - 3DG20

10 School Lunch

My school lunch is disgusting EVERY SINGLE DAY. One day at school we had to eat chicken wings that were raw. I threw up and one of the cafeteria ladies made me mop up my own puke and said I was being disrespectful to their food. I told my teacher and she said I shouldn't barf out school lunch because it was offensive. Now at my school, you can go to detention for throwing up. That wasn't even the worst part, about three months ago we were having "tomato soup" for lunch. I love soup, I almost thought it would taste good. Then I ate it. Thankfully I didn't throw up. Then I forgot to buy a chocolate milk so I got up in line next to my friend for lunch. I watched the process of making the soup and it was NASTY. They squirted ketchup in a bowl and then they put it in the sink and turned on the tap water. It was boiling tap water so it made it look a little like soup. Then they served it. I told all the kids at the cafeteria to watch and me and my friend counted three kids that ...more

Wow... That's horrible. I can't believe that they would make kids do something like that, or eat something like that!

Good thing I live in Australia where we bring our own food to school. I feel sorry for the kids in U. S who have to eat that slop.

Here in the states most kids have both the option to bring or buy lunch (at least at my school. )

The schools put no effort in making their lunches. And they serve the most disgusting things ever. Half the time, the food is expired/rotten, or under/overcooked. And bugs end up getting into the food way too often.

At my school, you are FORCED to stay in the cafeteria the entire 20-minute period. 20 minutes is not enough time to eat, and a fifth of that time is used getting to lunch, opening your lunchbox, and opening the wrappers. And our school lunch is made of gross, processed meat. Once when I tried to hide away in the bathroom, I was pulled out of there and forced to sit back down. You have to sit down the entire time, and the seats are CRAMMED. There are 28 students and 2 tables. They need to purchase larger tables or purchase more. Some children in my class don't eat the cafeteria food because of its repulsiveness. Once I stood up, but the lunch monitor told me to sit down. I stood up when he wasn't looking, but he saw me and yelled out "Do you want to go to the office? You can stand all you want in there! " I sat back down and remained quiet. Once I bought a really good school lunch, but then I sat with my friends, but the annoying kid in the class sat right next to me. He touched my ...more

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11 Bitchy Popular Girls

I don't think I would put up with them, just call them sluts and walk off

They are super annoying and ct lik they are the princess of every thing.

I don't mean to share a sob story, and hopefully it doesn't seem like I'm asking for attention. But these girls make my life even worse. My mom died a couple years ago and now I have a horrible step mom who verbally and physically abuses me and an older step brother who tries to beat me up everyday. My dad tells me I should just deal with them because I have to live there for three more years anyway. One time my brother punched me in the stomach until I passed out and my parents did nothing. My grandfather died in 9/11 before I was born and my grandmother lives in Sweden and I'm never able to see her. I haven't seen my mother's parents since I was 4. My uncle is emotionally and verbally abusive to me and is always ruining my mood. He says the worst things, he made fun of me when I came out and told him I was pansexual and said it didn't matter because no one will date my ugly ass anyway, and he said that just this morning. One of my aunts is dead and the other refuses to see us. My ...more

Ugh, that sucks. I feel sorry for you if you have to go through all of that. Really, really sorry

I hate popular girls, there's one in my school. She thinks she's so awesome because she has an instagram and always posts sexual pictures of herself and says things just for attention. She hangs out with a big group of other popular girls, they do nothing but talk crap about others and making up stories about being suicidal when they just want sympathy

12 No Friends

It's really unfair because this year I was separated from all my friends and I'm all alone in my class (full of popular kids by the way) and I'm alone for projects, or groups during sports

If you have social anxiety, then school is practically hell on Earth. For some reason, teachers feel that kids with such a mental condition should simply "get over it." They understand the true misery of being alone.

Let's list some stuff:
Not having partners, so you have to do 100% of the work by yourself instead of splitting the work with someone.
Always feeling alone and jealous that all of annoying popular kids have friends.
If you screw up on a test or do something stupid in gym, then you can laugh about it with your friends. If you don't have any friends, then you're left alone to cry in the corner and feel ashamed for your failures and no one will comfort you or joke about it with you.

This is what actually happened to me this year! Like come on first year in high school!

This is the biggest reason I hate school.
I actually never had any friends in my life, not kidding (Well I have one friend which had the same problems I had. I never met him in real life, but he doesn't chat with me now since he got friends)
It makes me feel so lonely and sad when I see everyone chatting, laughting and being happy and all that stuff. They always push me aside and I am always the last one to be chosen for a group or team. I always try to be nice and do anything anyone wants. I write their homework and projects, lend them pens. But nobody ever lets me borrow their pen!
It basically made my whole life harder because I became really shy and anxious around people and have really weird reactions when someone talks to me (It's really hard to control) so they make fun of me! But I feel really good whenever they do that because they give me attention and I realised I am extremely desperate for attention, good or bad.

I kind of wrote some unnecessary things, but ...more

Hey I would like to talk to you I have the same problem do you have a gmail account

13 Work

Every time you complete a worksheet the teachers always have another one waiting for you

School should not be work. ( Because when we grow up we have to get a job then work until we die)If we have to learn something when we are older our bosses should teach it! My ideal school would be candy pencils, allowed to wear what you want instead of a hideous uniform, fun teachers, no homework and any kind of bullies will be expelled. Unfortunately this probably wont happen

God I hate doing work all the time it so boring -_-

Every time you complete something your teacher doesn't even appreciate it. They just say: "Oh, good, here's two more for you. And after that, if there's time, you can do this sheet." You shouldn't even have to do problems/write something down to know it. All you have to do is memorize. But NO, the teachers have to make your hands ache as you right down everything. JUST LET US SAY THE ANSWERS! - CinderpeltandCinderheart

14 Pressure

I hate school. They expect you to do everything in such a short period of time. If not you either get a bad grade or you do it for homework. I don't even want to start with getting in trouble for forgetting one assignment. I stay up till about 11:00 every night working on homework. I hardly have any te for school because ok stressing about the big test or project. I hate having to do projects too. I can't trust anyone because I'll end up doing most of the work and getting a good grade for both of us even though I'm the only one who deserves it. I love weekends and all but teachers ruin that too with an assignment that they forget to check when we get back. I hardly even have time for sports anymore

Dude you've got it EASY. On the weekends I'm stuck driving 2 hours from home and going to all these school for the WHOLE day. I don't get time to do anything fun, and the next day I study for tests. - Apex320

I really feel horrible about the pressure kids go through at school.. And teachers know this but they don't make things easier.. Instead they make things harder... Being a teacher is a beautiful profession.. Teachers today insult the profession... They are unprofessional if anything else... Not like long ago...

Well, I don't think you should call ALL teachers unprofessional, but the pressure is just too much. Thanks to this, my blood pressure is NOT normal. I mean, they're obsessed with us getting into collage, so there's all these collage prep school which drain every last drop of energy in you and melt you to the core. Then there's pressure to pass the SAt, ACT, and all these hellish (but strangely necessary) tests. They don't understand that not all jobs require skills learned in school. But, to be honest, they just don't listen. - Apex320

Once I was supposed to be doing this project on how Charles Dicken's life influenced his writing. So since I have bipolar depression, I was about to get to work on it, but then I had this little crying fit. So we were in the library, and the librarian is super nice. She took me to a back room and told me to come back when I felt better. Every time I thought I was better, I would start crying again. So after a little while (maybe ten minutes) I decided to just suck it up because this is a partner project, and I don't want him to have to do all the work. So I got working and after the whole thing was over, the teachers (who saw my little breakdown) took points off for not working in the library, even though I came back out and did it. This is the kind of pressure I have in all my classes except French, because I'm just naturally good at that.

I absolutely HATE pressure in school. Its like, you don't do one crummy piece of homework? NO REDOS! You get sick? Well, you should've squeezed your homework between trying not to throw up and throwing up. Didn't come to school for family purposes? Well, why didn't you do the essay at your great grandmas funeral? Oh, and you decided to use a homework pass on your birthday? You got it last trimester, so it doesn't work now. All of that pressure just builds one on top of the other, about the homework you didn't do and the late essay and the pop quiz, causes a lot of students to break. Oh, and family life? You don't have it in your teachers eyes. So it doesn't matter that you were babysitting your sisters, you should've redone the test while trying to keep your sister from breaking that case. Family life and school life just causes my back to break from that weight on my shoulders.(I am the oldest child in my family, so all of these things happened to me before.)

15 Teachers

Ugh! Teachers! Majority of my teachers like me but the rest hate my guts for no apparent reason! They get on my nerve and they don't pay attention when someone is breaking the rules. I was sitting at my desk quietly reading and suddenly my teacher glared at me! What the heck? I'm reading quietly then you're glaring at me like I'm doing something wrong? Are you kidding me?! Other time, the same teacher walks up to my desk and is all like why are you crying?! I was all like I'm not. Then he's says oh and rolls his eyes at me. Everyone stared at me and laughed like little devils. I HATED THAT TEACHER! Thank god he recently got fired! He doesn't even pay attention to when someone's breaking a rule or bullying someone else. He was a nasty cruel devil who was always on his stupid phone/tablet! He was sassy towards me and even expected us to know high school level things. News flash: WE'RE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL! He was totally impatient and just LOVED to snarl at us! But what I despise most about ...more - ShadowSwashy

My teachers hate me so much. They always try to embarrass me in front of the class, give me bad grades, make people think I am a bad kid. And not going to school is illegal. One time a student was chatting to his friends and he had to stay in for lunch. And guess what! My teacher said, you do the crime you do the time. AND that's WHAT PEOPLE SAY IN JAIL! Oh wait, school is jail.

Uh teachers will just non-stop talk their unfair unsanitary I'd be alright with them if they didn't talk so much I'd be able to learn but nope it's talk talk talk

For some reason, my gym teacher HATES me. When we are getting changed, she shouts: BE QUIET! RACHEL! EMILY! ANITA! BE QUIET AND GET CHANGED! This make no sense! I am already changed, reading my book. Sitting quietly! I hate that teacher! I hope she gets fired! And, the people that were talking these kids called: Imogen, Katy and Lily! Seriously! Me and my friends didn't do it! Our teacher actually swore at 2 new kids because they couldn't play basketball! Seriously?!?! Teachers suck! a lot!...

16 No Reward for Hard Work

No matter how much effort the teacher only gives you more useless work. Never a break never a reward, the result is that we learn to use minimal effort to make school and become lazy workers as well as not striving for our dreams.

They say always say the reward for hard work is knowledge even though the teachers do not teach you stuff in the real world

I remember in school I always tried my best but then I had a bad day and (I don't really want to put it) happened and I got in MORE trouble than if one of the people that are usually bad so then I REALLY lost it and said maybe if those years of pretending to be someone I wasn't just to serve under a complete idiotic society had been worth something I wouldn't have been myself for once which to be fair is what you have been trying to make me do for the past 5 years. I got sent out the class for that so I put my book in the bin and sat down and refused to move

You spend at the least 6 hours of school working non-stop and switching from class to class. And what do you get guess what you get homework we can't even apply most of the stuff we learn to reality. - Zozo_Sweetiepie

17 Can't Use the Bathroom

Kid: can I go the bathroom?
Teacher: NO. WHY didn't YOU GO DURING RECESS?!

Lol ima be homeschooled I don't need no idiotic teacher telling me what I gotta do

My teachers were so mean we had to hold it in till break

One time in first grade, when the girls were lining up to go in the school building, a girl literally soiled herself in line. Poor girl. AND SHE WAS WEARING A SKIRT! I feel bad for her. Seriously, why can't teachers let kids use the bathroom? Oh, also in third grade, a boy that not a lot of kids in the class liked peed his pants. Even a friend of mine laughed at him and I told her not to. Even my mom peed her pants because her teacher didn't let her go while WATCHING A DANG MOVIE. It's just a movie. Oh and here's one thing: Maybe you can't go when something important is happening.

kid: can I go
teacher: you should have gone during recess
kid: but I didn't
teacher: why not
kid: because I, unlike you, have friends and I wanna hang out with them

18 Favoritism Among Teachers

I once had a health teacher in 9th grade who would always try to slip in little feministic tidbits into her lesson, as if her misandry wasn't blatantly obvious enough. She would put us down, as if our being male was unholy and sinful. She once played a game in the class where we would add and subtract points based on our life choices:
Teacher: If you have a vagina, add 3 points. If you have a penis, subtract 5 points.
She had low expectations for us males, and said that the world had the same expectations as well. She intentionally ruined our grades, and misgraded 2 of my tests, both of which I scores perfectly on. In the end, she gave me a final grade of C. For health.

Last year, I had an old teacher who was teaching sewing and cooking (it was a required class) for her last year. She had already taught for 25 years, so she was going deaf. You often had to repeat what you said several times before she would understand. She was also extremely quiet, so it was difficult to hear what she was saying when 40 students were talking as well. She would never explain how to sew anything. She would just tell us what we had to sew and expect us to make it perfectly. But her absolute worst quality was her sexism. Her bias toward girls wasn't hidden. Once, when the class was talking too loud, she got fed up and made everyone get out of their chairs and stand at the back of the room. She proceeded to assign every boy to a seat. After she was done, she let the girls choose where to sit out of the remaining seats.

They lie when they say that you all are equal to me while saying that they look out for students whom they admire and they do not judge you by your work your behavior or your hard work I so do not support this idea of favoritism among teachers

I always wanted to volunteer for an activity, but teachers seem to choose extroverts over introverts. Long story short, my school is a huge feminist community. You know those girls who look pretty, everyone likes them and are in the last 2 grades? (gr. 7, gr.8, junior, senior) Those always get picked. As a female, I think this is really sexist. I can't name one boy who has been chosen to volunteer for something, unless only boys are allowed to participate. I try to volunteer for almost everything, and it never works. Almost all teachers in my school always choose girls over boys, and always pick on the guys. I absolutely hate this kind of action. Yeah sure, you always had those 3 (or more/less) boys in your class who are always looking for trouble. But they should be allowed to take these kind of opportunities, too. Obviously this is just the case in my school, if you don't have this kind of thing at yours, you're really fortunate.

19 Test Taking

I'm a diabetic too. One time I asked to go to the nurse while a low blood sugar, and the substitute teacher yelled at me and said to sit down. I ended up being about 45 when I got home

Why the hell to tests exist even tough the teacher knows what you done on the work?!

When I was in 1grade I failed because it said 345 +a three digit number that I can't remember

I'm in 8th grade and we had an English benchmark and some of the questions as which of the 4 words is similar to the word in the question and some of are so easy and here's one of them. Which word is similar to evacuating and I'm like BRUH it's leaving what is this a 5th grade benchmark not 8th grade

20 Popularity

Does nothing but adds stress among todays people. It has grown a crippled and crude society that is the reason why issues like bullying or racism exist. Popularity is a common root for suicide, and anyone reading this, if you agree, vote for this as why kids despise schools.

I live in Canada, there's a lot of boys/girls that are more popular then me. I'm a loser for some reason, I don't even act like a loser and no one likes me for some reason, the I'm the least popular boy in my school, always feel bad about myself everyday, only nerds like me, and I hate them. If I didn't go school this wouldn't happen. I'm 8.

Popularity is not fair, you know. If you're popular, you get all the kids as your friends (and most popular people use their "friends"to bully other kids and the cover up for them) And if you're the opposite, no one wants to be your friend and they don't care if you're wearing something new (if you're a smart kid, they'll just use you for your homework). It's not fair at all... Do those jerks know that school is for education and making friends with all the other kids, and not for popularity and to make fun of weaker kids? I don't think so because if they knew, they wouldn't care about popularity...

Kids these days are so disrespectful. "Ooh my mom sucks she got me an iPad when I clearly asked for an iPhone 6" like god damn my phone ain't even touch screen and I'm not complaining. They just gossip all god damn day not knowing what that person might be going through like Do you even think before your u speak? I've been bullied a lot through my life and they didn't know what I was going through. My mom and dad were getting a divorce, I was in my third foster home and the foster parents treat me like sht, I was always late to school because my mom couldn't afford a car and I had to be in the district to ride the bus so my aunt would have to pick me up from the other side of town. I spent most of my time at counseling with this woman named Martha, she talked to me about my problems. I would cry a lot there. I was always depressed and sad. I barely talked in school and was stuck on A.D.D pills which is for my attention disorder that made me shake, feel cold and not eat and I was ...more

21 People Cheating On Their Work and Tests

Yeah, I've had to cut a few corners when I was in high school.

I hate these people. They are spoiled and lazy. In my school, if you get a bad grade, You wont have recess. The students cheat other students to get passing grades. Worst of all, they always act smart. These people are complete liars. They know that lying is wrong and no one likes a cheat! But, they are trying to be on the smartest student of the year ranks and they are trying to be called very smart as possible without studying. Some of them even threat other pupils. If they confess that they cheat, It would be fine (a little). But if they are also liars This would happen:
Teacher:Okay kids. Here's your exam sheets. You have 90 minutes to finish this (giving sheets to students)
Kid 001:Hey you! (whispering)
Kid 002:What? (Whispering)
Kid 001:Can you show me your sheet?
Kid 002:Wait, isn't that cheating?
Teacher:Okay, What's going on?!
Kid 002:(pretends innocent) It was Kid 002, teacher! Kid 002 ask my work! (pretends to cry)
Teacher:Kid 002, You're ...more

We had to draw a portrait of ourselves once, and I worked really hard on it. Lots of people said it was really pretty, and I was pretty proud and satisfied (which I'm not very often). We had about 5 weeks for the drawing, and this girl in my class didn't do anything at all, every single lesson. The lesson before we had to turn in our drawing, she asked the teacher if she could take hers home and he said yes. The next lesson, she had this really realistic and pretty drawing of herself, and I asked her how she did it and she started laughing and told me her mom made it for her (her mom's an artist). So she literally put NO EFFORT at all in her drawing, and she got higher marks than me, which still annoys me now and that was almost two years ago. I really don't mind when someone gets higher marks than me, but I do when I've worked really hard on something and the other person hasn't.

I go to a all black school and there are a LOT of lazy people. I'm pretty much the only one passing in my home room class. They keep asking me for my sheet, being nice and shy I go ahead and give it to them. Why do I even try?

22 Stupid Rules

This has to be one of the things I hate about my School. My School are just so bad in my opinion because the rules in my class is that if we forgot to bring our books or break the School rules (Fighting in class, running in class, swearing, etc), we have to pay money for it, and for me, I'm the type of person who always forgot easily so I often forgot to bring my books and have to pay money for it. Right now, I'm trying to be sneaky by not making everyone knows that I forgot to bring my books and that I have to pay money because honestly, I don't support that, and I don't think that's avoiding the rules because that kind of rules is not good, it will make you think that money is the solution to every problem. For me, I feel like if we forgot to bring books or break the School rules, we should just get send outside of class or get our score minused. - Hoenn4Ever

Me: Can I go to the bathroom please?
Teacher: No, didn't you hear NO bathroom breaks during class
Me : fine
**During walking to next class I don't have recess at all**
**goes to bathroom, comes out**
Teacher: why are you late?
Me: I had to go to the bathroom
Teacher: couldn't you have held it in?
Me: yeah but I told the last teacher and he said to go after class
Teacher:Yes but you are late, you will get a detention and don't you ever be late again
Me: But-

Some schools will get us killed when we get outta school like this one. Teachers always say if your in a fight don't fight back walk away or find an adult, yet in reality if someone is hitting you, you wouldn't walk away or no t fight back as they would beat you up and/or kill you and yet in school when you defend yourself you get in trouble school logic

When I was in middle school, the principal thought was a good idea to ban girls from wearing tights because she thought was some kind of sexual thing. Girls end up wearing tights and protesting for three months.

23 Teachers Think All Kids are the Same and that We All Learn the Same.

I was forced to do a complicated math method instead of a method I used for my entire life because it was "too easy" I ended up getting zeros on all my test and my parents hate my teacher now

I asked some of my teachers for higher level work, but guess what? They gave me a crap ton of nothing. (To be technical, that would be boat load, which is 126 gallons, but crap ton is fun to say.) HOW ON EARTH ARE TERRIFIED, MONOTONOUS, AND DOUBT VOCABULARY WORDS? Everyone else might have the I.Q. of a rock, but I an the smartest person in my entire school. Can you just kill me already? I always do my homework, always get at least a 95, and can learn and memorize concepts quicker than you average middle-schooler. - Merilille

There's one of the main screw ups in our education system! (Not to start debates) Yayy! It's kind of obvious not all maybe 600 kids in a school learn through a tasteless lecture. I'm glad we are improving in those ways, but we have a while to go before every kid can learn easily. - LynxTemper

I am in the highest level of my class, and I am still bored. I have been bored for eight years. I have never failed a class. I want other material. I used to be able to get all the homework for the week and do it all in one night and turn it in the next day. Not anymore. We are not all the same. Isn't that what you teach us? That we're all different? I think I'm right. Why is the school system a gigantic hypocrite?

24 Summer Math Packets

Why should we do stupid work during the summer! Summer is supposed to mean playing outside and sleeping.

Which is why I wrote an anti-Summer school song called 'Purpose of Summer'.

The purpose of summer is to get away from school, not to bring school to your house. I already have to do a summer project already. GAHH! Summer is made for sleeping in, playing video games, and hanging with besties. Not bringing school home!

I never do summer packets because that teacher can't do anything next year! Screw summer packetss, they are a waste of time after180 days of hell.

List of good stuff during summer: nice warm fresh air, riding bike, relaxing, playing video games, listening to music, going on a trip with family, going to the beach, swimming, and also earning money at your favorite job.

List of bad stuff during summer: School work, bad rainy weather, not spending enough time with family and friends, not being able to do anything because of school work.

You've been enjoying a nice adventurous summer vacation for 3 months, and once September rolls around, summer vacation is over and it's back to school for another long exhausting year doing lots of worthless (bleep)!

25 Fire Drills

These were the best, I remember my classmates were pissing off my math teacher and then he was yelling and right there the alarm went. God has spoken - FallenBlaze

I also hate when the teacher says to go behind them, like if were the last class, were gonna die - FallenBlaze

In my school the fire drills are so bad if a real fire happened everyone would die. Here's an example of a fire drill Me Running teacher stop running Me this is what you do during a fire teacher but you have to listen to me Me I would die if I listened to you teacher You said die you're suspended. - nonblock7

In my school fire drills and so bad that we would die. Here's what's happens kids get up and TAKE there phones. Teacher gets us in a lane then waits for us to get quiet. Then we walk out but by the time we would get we would die because the think walking out of a school walking in a line is a good idea because everyone would run but the teachers would yell at us for TRYING not to die!

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