Annoying People


Some people think that the reason we get bad grades is because their is a lot annoying kids in schools that try to distract us from learning and that's some of the reasons why parents think that online schooling is much better for students that have a hard time focusing because their way to many distractions.. I really do hate school and this is some of the reasons why online schooling is probably the best solution... And homeschooling's good because basically you can get up whenever you want to for homeschool when you get tired you sleep and you take a break you can eat ice cream and eat food in homeschool because if your hungry, tired, or thirsty your bodies not going to function right how it's supposed 2 and it's going to distract you... and also because the reason why homeschooling and online school is because their to many rowdy kids and a lot of kids focus to much on dating and relationships. SCHOOL IS A PLACE FOR LEARNING! PEOPLE BE MATURE YOUR NOT IN ELEMENTARY ANYMORE IT'S ...more

I have this group of people on my bus that are always trying to be cool and "roasting" others. So one morning my brother and I were getting on the bus, and since we didn't have assigned seats yet, we just chose a random seat. About halfway through the bus ride the group of kids got on and filled up the seats around us. One gave me a dirty look and sat down in the seat across from us. A few minutes later, the kids were whispering something like "They took my seat.". This didn't make any sense at all since, as a said before, we didn't have assigned seats. I had the urge to say "Well it doesn't have your name on it! ", but I didn't. A while later the kids said "OOHHH, SHE HAS HER PHONE OUT! " (What a loudmouth) Jeez! I was just telling my mother that I was safely on the bus. So I put it in my backpack. I was already waiting for us to get to school so I just said "What time is it? " and a boy said "IT'S TIME FOR U TO GET A WATCH! " When we got off the bus, I accidentally bumped into one ...more

Time for a story. In gym class today, we played soccer with groups we were assigned to. During the whole game, this one girl kept on hand balling and then she threw it to her fat friend who kinked the ball one foot and she scored. Another kid was ball hogging so that was stupid. The other team had 2 people who tried and they were breaking the rules the whole time. We won 4-3 but it should've been 1-0 because I scored the only legit goal. Then, the same girl who was throwing the ball said that I couldn't play soccer (I'm in a soccer league and she barely walks a mile in a day). Another girl on the other team agreed with her even though I joked her out like 5 times. I'm so tired of the heads in my grade.

Okay, call me a nerd if you like. That's what I am, but not in a bad way, I just have "nerdy" qualities. I LIKE SCHOOL. You hear that? I think it is interesting for the most part, except for maybe a bit of math and language arts. Well, I DON'T LIKE those kids who are blurting out, asking stupid questions about the "icee man", and disrupting teachers. Most of my teachers were nice, and I felt SORRY FOR THEM! All the kids were talking about how stupid the teachers are, and give them a hard time whatever chance they get. Yes, the occasional laugh is okay, but purposely doing things like this every 5 minutes is just not funny. People need to actually listen in class. It WILL come back to bite them one day.

Annoying people should definitely be at least the second reason! People get more dramatic each year, especially the private school kids who make every little thing a priority. Hey annoying people, we know that you hate going to school, but would you please express it to yourself and anywhere else other than school? You're just making it worse. And please try to let other people speak up too.

Annoying people! That's one of my biggest problems! At my school we are forced to sit places, I was sat next to this boy and his group, the whole time they talked about Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy's, and they sang "do you balls hang low, do they reach down to the floor can you tie them in a knot can you tie them in a bow." It was ridiculous! People are the most annoying at lunch! I'll be walking through the hall and there will be a line of people side by side taking up all the space so I have to push through them, earning me some words. Or someone will ram into me for no reason causing me to stumble, it's really irritating!

I wouldn't say the people in my class or the grades below mine are completely annoying. I would say I think teachers are more annoying because they don't try to understand their students. In today's society phones are a huge part of everyone's life now I do agree that everyone can put their phones away for a class, but any teacher who feels the need to take everyone's away and put them in pockets for their students. Is by far outraging because you not only don't understand that some students have insecurities and feel more comfortable about having their phones on themselves.

I'm honestly not trying to be rude, but I'm stuck in idiot land because all of the other schools are so full, so I can't transfer. All of these kids have the mental capacity of an 8-year old. I can't eat a banana, they all act like animals and trample me over in the hall. I was going down the stairs and bumped into two kids in a fist fight. They proceeded to push me against the wall, while I punched them in the head with my lunch box, in an attempt to get them off of me. And who got in trouble? Me, for getting "involved".

There are these annoying group of girls in class they do not even respect the teachers even I feel like an urge to shout at them. There were students who are dying to get their exam over with next door then you get them screaming and running around the changing rooms topless. My PE teacher walks in and made the whole class stay in because those group of girls are literally the equivalent noise of our class. I honestly want to shoot myself since they wouldn't shut up, even though I told them countless times they asked me to shut up instead and then proceeded to talk again. - cola

Why do the only sane people deserve to be treated like scum from all the insane people?! No one did anything to you lot, so WHY THE HELL do you guys keep talking to us and try to annoy us?! We get it that you guys don't have anything else to do, but do you realise how much we are stressed? I come to school with a headache every morning because I know some annoying kid is going to pick on me for their own entertainment. Stop talking to us because we bloody hate you and no one cares about all your comments!

Why I hate school people are stupid nowadays I have no friends at school why students so annoying I hate my class and its boring people so stupid every Year in Florida every school you go to sucks I wish I can play video games is better than school no I want no school forever and sports and video games are fun

Everyone is an annoying idiot in their own way, the teachers and principals are just fine, it's them that make school a hassle! My school's full of them unfortunately, I have to survive their stupidity along with only 2 other friends to help me. But it's easy. They make these attempts to "diss you," and it barely works. And if you get revenge on them, they'll attempt to "hurt you really bad." Undisciplined failures in life. One day I'll see them lying down on the street with a sign in their hands. - cholaraje

I have a few kids who are annoying. This kid named who I can't spell his name is so weird and annoying and I have like 4 things about way. In 7th grade Darain (I think that's how it should be spelled) did something with his junk under a table and then stole some girl's underwear and is like a perverted kid because he likes every girl but is hated by all. Then there is Caleb, so Caleb is annoying because every teacher in the first quarter is tired of him, but, what makes him annoying is he says to everyone: go kill yourself and then got in trouble with my science teacher and she said some people take it seriously and do commit suicide which is just awful.

Me an this idiot was having an argument until she just randomly said "Lets go fight! You wanna fight! "

This just angers me so much because it had NOTHING to do with the topic, and that students in my school do that a lot. Now kids, doesn't mean you just randomly changed the topic of the argument mean you are winning, it just means you gave up. Back to where we were now. The girl was calling me a baby, chicken etc. etc. Until I said back:

"It won't show me I'm not scared, just an idiot."

Most of the 8th grade in my school act like kindergartners because they talk and goof off during the pledge, they secretly use their phones, throw stuff in the classrooms, break/steal stuff and worse of all just act damn immature to the point my 8th social studies teacher has to yell off the top of his lungs to tell everyone to shut up and I have never up involved even though I FOLLOW the rules so way am I also punished with lunch detention with the idiots ITS NOT FAIR AT ALL

I thought this boy at my school was annoying, until I saw red sparks about what happens at his home. I started to become a bit concerned being the nosy person I am. The first worry was when I saw him walking home on his own with no phone. (we are quite young) I asked him and he says he always walks home on his own. At first I thought it was because his mum could not arrange for childcare but then again, surely his mum has a phone she could lend him? Or maybe she just didn't care... The second worry was what my Bff told me when she went round his house for a sleepover. (My bffs mum had to work at the last minute so the mum just had to let her stay round there.) She said the place was horrible there were people swearing at the T.V., smoking, drinking and then leaving glass bottles on the floor and then worst of all, his so called mum might of been taking drugs. That's all of it and I know my BFF could be lying or exaggerating and the walking incident could just be the mum doesn't have a ...more

A boy told on me because I disliked a teacher, and called her "Mrs. Perfect" in a group chat, all outside of school. We got a lecture, and the teacher sat me next to her desk, but because I'm generally quiet and avoid bullying on purpose, she moved me (We changed our seats every month). During the lecture she was staring right at me. Still mad at him. I call him "Traitor" because I trusted him.

This happened to me to but it was my former friend and she is annoying as hell I mean seriously I have one class with her and the one thing she does to get back at me is that when she sits down she has to sit so close to me and annoy me by talking nonstop to her partner and she doesn't shut up and she acts like she's some cool person but she's actually ugly I just hope her schedule changes so that way we have no class together

It could be tablemate, classmate, other class or even teachers... I hate when anybody who think that this "anybody" was better than someone looks like he was a king or she was a queen and bully with annoying words, if don't like hello this is school not your house even in this "anybody" house there's parents that provide whole of what "anybody's like"... I hate too if teachers give second test, how can happened one class fourty kids has 4 what's wrong with teachers? Maybe teachers have problems and smack kids test to 4 it can't be that's very annoying...

In my old school, I used to get kept in for break for not finishing my Irish homework (which I had problems doing) and kids kept pressing their faces on the window to stare at us! They looked like a tribe of pig children with their faces squashed up like that

Honestly school sucks, and it's pretty much the people. It's probably because you're stuck in a tight, hot building with them for 6-8 hours a day. And remind you this goes on for like 9 months. No wonder why you sat in your room alone behind your computer screen while your mom yells at you for not being "social", it's because you were stuck with those awful little awfuls for a majority of the day. SCHOOL sucks BUTT to be honest

I think this is #1. I get so pissed off at school because there's always these dumb people that annoy you or harass you. I started a conversation with a girl and she literally replied "Who cares? "

Yesterday somebody stole my gum pack (A lot of people chew gum in school to stay focused), and every single day people play those annoying Boyfriend/Girlfriend games (Asking me about dating people from school). Even if I keep gum a secret, people still know about it because of the rattling sound and they could either see or smell it in my mouth. They know almost everything about me. I do kinda sound mean because they won't leave me alone. A boy named Demitri kept calling me stinky, ugly, and a troll for no reason.

I hate people when break the classroom rules and interrupt the teacher. I always follow the rules, but when people keep breaking rules, sometimes all of our classmates (including me) get punish. - MaxTheRabbit

I always feared teens in school because there so big it happened to me in kinder garden every time recess ended too me they were huge plus they could step on you pick on you play with you as there own toy and pick you up even if you do not want to