Here are the reasons I CANNOT STAND homework. I am in the 8th grade and homework is my number 1 stress of school. There is not enough time to get it all done. I spend 1-3 plus hours a day doing homework. I do not understand how we can spend time with family, have some free time to eat or play a video game, or do anything really. The teachers assign homework every day, including weekends, and breaks such as Winter and Spring break. Currently I have 2 packets for History, 4 packets (2 pages each) in math, Two science poster projects, and a video essay for math, all due Monday and Tuesday. They where all assigned on Friday. I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME. A few of the assignments where given on Thursday and I stayed up all night doing them and still haven't finished. I was late to class and got in trouble. Also my science class assigns a 2 page essay due every other week. Not to mention I have 3 projects that are due next week that I haven't even had time to start. I am so stressed out I ...more

Whoa! You're in 8th grade!? You shouldn't be getting too much homework. - an_anju

We go to a NON-PAYING job, NON PAYING, mind you. We go for AT THE VERY LEAST 6 hours, and we have to deal with including but not limited to, several pages of class work rammed right up our asses and down our throats, having to see people who will judge and make fun of you for having originality in you, teachers with insane expectations who expect you to get EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF WORK DONE! You'd think that after an entire day of this crap, they would be satisfied, BUT NO! WE GET MUCH MORE WORK RAMMED UP OUR ASS TO DO AT HOME, AND THE TEACHERS YELL AT YOU IF YOU don't FINISH! Not only that, but after elementary school it gets worse. Just when you think it can't possibly get any worse, IT DOES ALRIGHT! In middle school and beyond YOU GET IT ON THE WEEKENDS! WHAT KIND OF JOKE WAS THAT?! "Alright, class, school's almost out. Enjoy your weekend, kids and I will see you back on Monday! OH WAIT, YOU WONT ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! AHAHAAHAHAAHAAA! YOU FOOLISH PATHETIC ASSWIPES THOUGHT THAT YOU ...more

I actually was assigned a paper on whether or not schools should give homework, and there was overwhelming evidence that they shouldn't. Anything past two hours of homework for high schoolers, and they stop reaping the few benefits. Other downsides would be ulcers, migraines, sleep deprivation and high stress levels. It was also proven that homework has increased by 40% in the last 40-50 years, with 56% of students say homework is the main stressor in their lives. Also, the average amount is three or more hours a night, and showing no signs of going down. While some might argue it teaches time management, it also gets in the way of other interests, hobbies, and extracurriculars. Along with hindering social skill development (which is why Asian countries are successful academically, but have social skills similar to average 7-9 year olds). Another point may be that Finland is one of the worlds leading educational countries, and assign little to no homework. We shouldn't be laboring for ...more - keycha1n

I hate homework, we waste 7 hours a day to learn stuff and then we have to do homework! Why should we have to do homework isn't school work enough and when we get home from school we don't want to be stuck doing school work at home we should be relaxing after 7 hours of work!

I swear we should start a riot or something about homework. There have been TONS of studies saying homework is bad, yet NO ONE listens! If I could send anonymous complaints about homework to the school I WOULD! We have a 3 day weekend here and GUESS WHAT OUR TEACHER DOES? GIVES US A MINI PROJECT! AND to make things worse, this project is not a book report, not a biography, but A Facebook PAGE FOR SOME RANDOM "Founding Father of Canada"! The one I got looks like he could star in a Bernstein Bear reboot! But the project alone wasn't the only bad thing this saintly being graced us with. NO. She just HAD to make the due date MONDAY, the same day we have our French grammar test on! Oh, and eventually, she's going to make us DRESS up like the founding father we used for the Facebook thing. I'm a girl by the way, and most people can tell it right away. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TURN MYSELF INTO SOME GUY FROM THE 1860S THAT LOOKS LIKE A CARTOON CHARACTER?! And we also have to make FOOD ...more

I got to the 'homework' school. It's the middle school known for its homework all throughout northeast Florida. And it's GETTING ON MY NERVES! I'm in 6th grade and already doing about 3 1/2 hours every day. And the worst part is, there's no scientific proof that homework does ANYTHING AT ALL for you. If a student doesn't 'get' what the teacher want them to in class, then they aren't going to have a sudden revelation while doing homework. And this stuff sure doesn't help your grades! I'm in all advances gifted classes, and people say to me, "You're really smart. You must make all A's like me." No, that's not the way it is. The people in gifted at my school make LOWER grades than people that aren't. we have mixed classes, with gifted and nongifted in the same advances gifted classes, and the nongifted people make WAY better grades than the rest. Because of what? HOMEWORK. I never study. I'm an anti-studier. If I 'study' for a test, it just looks like I'm sitting there, drooling all over ...more

I hate homework! If seven hours of boredom wasn't enough! Then you have to go home and do stupid homework when you could be doing other things! School basically doesn't want kids having any kind of fun and wants all kids constantly just working, working, working. I mean, school helps you be a we'll rounded person but homework is just a big, pointless waste of time!

You wake up at the crack of dawn, try as hard as you can to get ready in time, see a bunch of people who judge you and gossip about you, go to your classed, get all your crap done, and then go home to more work, like can I enjoy my life?

I don't hate school. In fact, my fifth grade teacher is the best! My fifth grade teacher hated how we got homework and even wished it wasn't part of the school rules. Yes, homework is in the school rules. NOW I'M IN SIXTH GRADE, and it is so dang hard! My sixth grade teacher gives us SO MUCH homework, and it takes me 7 hours to do one single page! We once had a math test coming up and she gave A LOT of math review homework to us. When taking the test, it wasn't as hard as the homework! It took me 30 minutes to do the crap, and I will get my test back in ten days after the day I took it Nov. 20, 2015 . My sixth grade teacher tells us that homework is important in our lives, and she said that in a tone implying that she wants us to do homework. Homework's the worst, and that's why it's 1! I am good friends with this popular girl, and we HATE homework and wish it would go away! My teacher said it won't. She is the most not fun sixth grade teacher, and my friends in the other classes say ...more

We spend 6 hours of a day, five days a week at school. That's 30 hours a week. That's a lot stress for kids and teens. As you get older more and more things start to pop up in your life. 6 hours is bad enough, then homework is given! A lot of kids and teens need relax time and family time. (Let's face it we would be nowhere without it.) This can build up more stress, especially if a punishment is involved when it is not completed. Time limits for completing homework is a big issue as well. Teachers just seem to think that we have all the time in the world. Well, news flash- WE DON'T! Homework is just useless. If teachers aren't smart or productive enough with their teaching, it's not our problem to catch up with something that could of been done in school.

I hate school because they aren't willing to adapt to fit my needs. I feel like my life is in a rut. I am not getting anywhere except upgraded to a new level of classes and expectations. I feel like an outsider with these thoughts. Also the homework keeps me from doing anything fun. In summer I was happy and carefree. But then homework came in and started ruining my life. MY parents say school is your life deal with it. Unfortunately I have to. I feel like a prisoner being forced to go their. I am not giving up my beliefs just because adults tell me to. I want to feel free to speak my mind. I also hate the annoying teachers who trying teach me. They aren't doing anything. I want to be a video game designer and grow up to learn what I want. IN ninth grade they don't even give me a choice on my classes. Also my parents said they are picking my classes for me in college. I am never getting away from the hell of it. Since school started again they have been giving me double the homework ...more

How is this not number one? This is by far the biggest complaint about school I hear! I hate it, we slave away in school and then have to go home and slave away on homework for school! Whoever came up with this idea I would say is the evilest person in all of school history!

First of all, homework takes away free time and won't let kids have a break. Second some of your homework is hard for you, and you will be sitting here all day! Third you try to hide your homework but your parents found it! And fourth you want to RIP IT!

Solution: sneak out of your house at night and hide a lighter and a can of hair spray in your front yard, when you get home from school with all your homework, tell your mom you want to go outside and get some fresh air (but take your backpack) then grab the homework assignment, light the flame right in front of it, and spray the flame with hairspray, (this will simulate a flamethrower) then go back inside casually and say "oh by the way I don't have any homework mom", works every time as long as your neighbors don't call the cops

After school, my dad yells at me to get my homework done. I spend almost 4 HOURS on basic assignments, and then you have to study for tons of tests, and work on a project. After all of that, it's time for bed, and you probably stayed up too late, so you lose sleep because of homework. Kind of ironic because they teach us to get a good amount of sleep. Homework sucks!

Some teachers simply don't understand things. By high school each class typically assigns an hour of homework a night, and with up to seven or eight classes you can be going at it all night. Not to mention the fact that teachers are oblivious to the fact that students have their own lives too. Afterschool activities can take hours, and homework time starts three hours or so later, and that's three hours later that your homework gets done. Also, the amount that students get is just enough so that parents don't think it's ridiculous, but it keeps you up until night, and you have little to no free time. Even on weekends where you're supposed to have time off teachers assign extra homework because "you have more time to get it done". It's hard to juggle a social life, good sleeping habits, and homework at the same time without superpowers, and for some reason, teachers don't understand this.

End of school, the 6 hour rest, but NOO, the teachers bring another 3 hours of work here, and what? 3 hours on having fun, 10 hours at school, are we turning into social robots or what?

I like school sometimes and then BAM! When your teacher says you have homework, it kills me. I WAS having a good day.

There's a universally negative opinion of this it seems. I can tell you guys right now, being smart does not help. Being an A-B student, does not help. It's worse. Nothing is worse than knowing you have homework due tomorrow in about 4 different periods. As I type this, I am writing an essay and, hoh boy.

Don't you just love the idea of the fact that teachers cannot teach everything within a single period so they need to give us work to do and home and projects and whatnot? Isn't that just great.Summer homework and projects over breaks do not help either, I don't understand why things like that are expected of children.

I more have a negative opinion of modern education in general, but, I'll say this.

Homework ruined my social life.
Homework ruined my passion for creative arts.
Homework is ruining my chances at a decent education under the guise that it's helping.
Homework made me hate Mathematics.
Homework made me hate writing, which is surprising ...more

Homework has pushed my sanity off the cliff. Studies show that homework doesn't affect grades much. So why all this uselessness? You're just making us sleep deprived, stressed, and making home a live horror movie. As I said, I'm pretty much insane now. I hate how my house is literally just a place for me to sleep, eat two meals, and DO HOMEWORK. Excuse me, I have a life to live, thank you very much. And I'd like to actually get some ACTUAL sleep in, not taking 3 second naps in the middle of science. I swear, if I see another "Find the compound predicate in the first independent clause" I am going to rip all things within a 374 mile radius to pieces.

I'm only in SIXTH GRADE and I spend about 3 hours on homework every day! That's just wrong. My parents always say, "Oh, you get homework because your teacher wants to make sure you know how to do the skill by yourself." Really? At school, they can watch you and make sure you're not cheating. At home, we have the internet! We could be getting the answers straight off of our phones! School shouldn't cut into our personal time. We already spend 6-7 hours on it, isn't that enough? Homework is the dumbest thing in the world.

I have to agree, scientists have actually proven that the brain needs a break, that people actually do better in school and life with a break for their brain. People in other countries have 15 minutes between each class to go outside, but they aren't idiots, they have fun but they also don't go around bullying people, taking drugs, or tackling each other, they actually have fun without being idiots, and they are smarter than us! More than the college graduates in advanced math and science aren't even American! Maybe if our brain had a break from sitting at a desk all day, we could possibly overcome that!

An inconvenient waste of time and annoying and it can perfectly ruin your weekend or the rest of your day. To make matters worse some teachers believe that the others don't give homework and sometimes they seem to think you don't have a life. A lot of students get overstressed by this. - zam67

Your supposed to spend time with family and rest after all the work. But no. Just waste your time answering questions. Like if we don't have anything better to do. - MasterJamezZXQ

I understand why we have homework and everything, but the fact that it consumes six hours (no I am not exaggerating) of my evening is ridiculous! Teachers always scold us for staying up late and not eating breakfast, well thanks to all of this homework I have to stay up late (especially when I'm in a sport) and I sleep later (because of staying up late) in the morning leaving me NO TIME for breakfast or anything else. Who's idea was it to have school at 7am anyway?!

Homework isn't fair. For one, you have to go through 7 hours of school. Then you have homework and sometimes homework can take up to 1 to 2 hours! That's a total of 9/24 hours doing work! 8 of those hours is your approximate sleep time, so you have 17/24 hours taken out of your day. That's not very fair to give out homework. Plus, homework ALSO doesn't help all the time. Some kids will procrastinate and stay up all night doing it, not getting sleep. Some kids will even get STRESSED because they might have trouble doing work. Also, some kids have so much trouble that their parents do it FOR THEM! That doesn't help! Homework isn't fair, and this is why.

I hate homework, it's bad enough that they're making us go five days a week. And then they give us 100 pages of homework that we have to do the whole night and can never get any sleep.