The Whole Class In Detention When Only a Few Did Something


This happened once when I was in 5th grade. People were going up the stairs after lunch and they were loud and the principal called us down and yelled at us. Then the teachers who give fake money for a event at the end of year made us pay the fake money. Then I was whispering revenge in a evil voice. It also happened in 2nd grade when people where being loud during a drill. Our science teacher found out and made us do it again and I was crying and this other teacher told me to stop CRYING IT WASN'T MY FAULT I WAS CRYING IT WAS UPSET WE WHERE GOING TO DO SOMETHING FUN! Then next time we had science we where the only class to do it inside because was snowing 2 days later. I was so mad that I didn't care about the fun.

Ugh! this is the worst! my friends class has a mean teacher and once a boy asked to go to the bathroom. apparently he really needed to go because the teacher was making him wait for a while, so he sneaked out when he came back, the teacher was in a long lecture when he yelled "YOU! " and he said to the class " you all have a lunch detention because I am sick of you going to the bathroom at work time" and my friend had to eat lunch in silence in a hot classroom with no air conditioning and sitting next to the class clown who kept interrupting and her whole row got in trouble for talking with another lunch detention for the next day.

I know right, heres what happened last week in math. This actually happened:
Math teacher: (Boy's name)! Where is your homework?
Boy: I forgot to do it.
Math teacher: Why didn't you do it?
Boy: I was busy.
Math teacher: You had all of study hall to do it.
Boy: *Face turns red*
Math teacher: You lazy unprepared slobs, I'm sick and tired of you guys forgetting to do the homework, you ALL have lunch detention tomorrow, if you don't show up, you will be suspended for 3 days.
Girl: *Snickers loudly*
Me: *Thinks* crap. - Catacorn

So, in social studies, the class is constantly SCREAMING out of line and generally being a nuisance to the teacher and myself. When the madness starts, I pacify it, and the teacher occasionally calls me out for being the only one who acts like he has some sort of mentality.

Then when the class is about to leave for buses I try and pacify them again (it failed probably because I was the only one trying), and the entire class sit down and wait. Even me, who the teacher called out for having sense. - WonkeyDude98

My friend's entire class in geography got kept back for 15 minutes at lunch just because 2 people were talking, once we all got stopped from using the keyboards in music just because two idiots were throwing mud around and when I was in year 4 my entire class got kept back for the whole of lunch only because one person was mucking about and it was really unfair. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

In gym my class which was a mix of 7th and 8th grade kids were going to do handball which was my favorite sport because I'm a good goalie but one stupid kid thinks I should grab a basketball then the gym teacher makes the whole class run instead of handball which is unfair because it was ONE kid for god sakes!

That's a thing I despise too.. When two or three idiots do something and everyone pays... What's the point? The idiots that do this win... Yes they win they get everyone dose to pay for their bad behavior... That is why teachers are IDIOTS!

Alright so.. My French teacher is REALLY BOSSY AND ANGRY. Ugh, she's so annoying and thinks she feels pain when we are the ones who feel pain! One day this girl called Karina was shouting something and the teacher told us to go to the detention room for 20 minutes, yes, 20 minutes! Ugh.

I have done DoS attacks on my school website because this happens almost everyday of school (This is my Hacktivist name, just in case a teacher finds this post.). I get so pissed. One time the teacher made all grade 7 boys (Me included because they think I'm a boy.) stay in at lunch because apparently boys are the only problem, forget the girls who are just as bad, they gave us all a huge lecture on 'behavior' and 'being polite'. Half way through the lecture they point out people who are good students, but then still keep us in and say that we are just being told whats going to happen (the new punishment system for classes 7F1, 7F2 and 7F3). LIKE REALLY, JUST TELL US SEPARATELY IF YOU KNOW WHO THE GOOD STUDENTS ARE! IT'S NOT LIKE IT'S DISCRIMINATION AGAINST THE HEADS OR ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING A TO EVERY GRADE 7 BOY IN 'F' POD! By the way this happens almost everyday at my school and to my friends and I. There is worse cases (number of people wise.) of this but that one was the ...more - The_whit3_rabb1t

Oh my God. In fourth grade, the teacher punished the girls who were fighting, and even punished the girls who were CLOSE to the people who were fighting and that didn't even DO anything! Teachers can be dumb sometimes. - Powerfulgirl10

I don't remember this happening, but I remember having to sit out during recess. Why? Because two kids out of the ENTIRE GRADE did something dumb during lunch so we all have to sit and do nothing for half of recess. MORONS! - DCfnaf

In my home room my social studies teacher has gotten tired of some of my classmates for acting immature and has said we won't go on any field trips because of it and the fact that almost 20% are really doing there work,not talking,throwing paper like it's the NBA or goofing off and even this week we are watching a video about bullying and some kids laugh at how bad some kids go through with bullying and the good kids like me and teachers are like how is that funny and it is so disrespectful

It happened to me loads of times in the past. once it was near the end of the day and one student was throwing his pencils around class and laughing, then the teacher got pissed and we all stayed in for like 15 minutes!

This happened in Elementary school all the time. Only a couple kids would talk, then they decide that the whole entire grade has to sit 5 minutes before we can have recess.

Yes 1 day in Spanish class only 3 kids were talking and the whole class had to give a report on respect that was 6 paragraphs while doing our reading test that was an hour long

In music class our teacher threatened to give all of us homework because the 1/3 of the class that never shuts up wouldn't shut up. It's not like we would of done it anyway. - Spiritfall

Dude, the same thing happened to me! Why must the ENTIRE class get punished just because two goofballs are horsing around. It is COMPLETELY unfair! Just saying'! :( - ShadowSwashy

Why can't only the kid that caused trouble go to detention? - EpicJake

This happen to my after school study session class. Me and some of my friends get a passing grade. Actually, a lot got a not passing grade. But, something like that happen last year. But, The Teacher didin't made the whole class in detention for getting a grade under the passing limit. And this time because the smartest one in the after school study session class didin't got a passing grade, The whole class have to stay put at class - MLPFan

1 person was late in my PE class, but the teacher forced all of us to do 50 pushups as punishment. what! I DIDN'T DO WRONG AND I GET PUNISH!

Yes like how in gym when a few kids talked during warm ups we have restart everything again with the push ups and hard stuff

Those other kids did nothing but their getting punished to! What on earth were you thinking dumbass! - WWEfanJayden

We need to copy a bunch of stuff in chorus class just because some idiot won't stay in his seat. - SamuiNeko

In year 6, someone coughed in a test, then we all got detention

This is stupid going to school at 7:45 come home at 3:15