Top Ten Reasons Lady Gaga Is Better Than Madonna

Madonna is ok, I don't hate her, but she isn't as original and awesome as lady gaga (queen of pop) is and why anyone would like Madonna (average singer) over Lady gaga (amazing singer) is beyond me. Lady gaga was playing piano since she was 4!
Lady gaga is more fresh, and cool, Madonna is too old and is desperately trying to become famous again. Shd should just retire. Lady gaga is queen!

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1 Better Voice

Agreed. Madonna's voice is very high-pitched and whiny. - PandasNGaga

Amazing voice! Sings everything from Metallica to Julie Andrews

Madonna’s voice is a little bit annoying, I tried to listen to her but in the only 30sec of her song her voice started to cause agony (okay I am exaggerating a little bit but...)

Lady Gaga definitely has a better voice, though Madonna is a pretty good singer herself.. I actually listen to more advanced music like rock, jazz or even classical. Still, they're two of the few pop stars which can be considered artists and not just attention seeking porn stars like most pop singers nowadays (Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, to name a few). However, it's silly to start comparing artists in general. I also hate when people start assuming that an artists should retire at a certain. Madonna is 57!... yes but only 57! She might live for another 30 years or more. While I don't like the fact that she acts provocative, this attitude has got nothing to do with her age, it was annoying all along. Let the woman do what she wants, if you don't like it, don't listen to her.

2 More Creativity

Lady Gaga sings upon every topic, a lot about pain and struggles. Look at The Fame Monster. Born This Way album is a masterpiece, better than Madonnas discography to be honest. That album is so versatile. Lady Gaga can also actually sing, she has the whole package. Her fashion is more creative than Madonna's was, that's why she was the first musician to receive the CFDA Fashion Icon Award.

Madonna's ray of light album beats any creativity gaga can muster

Ray Of Light is a masterpiece. Madonna is a lyrical genius

Lady Gaga cares way more than Madonna

3 Madonna Is Desperately Trying to Become Famous Again

Why is she doing stuff again? It's not even that good. - PandasNGaga

Madonna is a icon, the Queen no need to be famous when she already is more famous than Gaga will ever Be! 30 million records sold of her first greatest hits complication! Gaga top that

Madonna needs to retire. She's in her fifties and she's still doing the controversial stuff like she did in 2012.

Some people just don't know when to stop. Madonna is obviously one of them. Like seriously she is 57.

4 Better Style

Lady gaga is out there, she expresses herself through her clothes and music. She isn't over the top, she is bold and has amazing styles. Madonna is just mainstream (in the 80's, at least) - ToptenPizza

Madonna has reinvented her image countless times

Lady Gaga is unique with her outfits and creative.

Gaga has borrow from Madonna, Bowie and many even a cave men is mor original lol

5 Better Dancing

Madonna has rhythm but is not a professional dancer. Paula Abdul, Michael and Janet were professional dancers. Lady Gaga has vocal talent, that's what you need to be an artist.

Lady gaga isn't a dancer. Look at Madonna's express yourself performance, blows any gaga can ever do

Madonna is an amazing dancer. Gaga has not shown any talent in dancing at all. - anthineee

Madonna no offense, but your dancing sucks!

6 Better Videos

Lady gaga is just so much more expressive in this way - ToptenPizza

She puts more thought and meaning in her videos

Gaga videos suck! just ray of light videos are more amazing than any Gaga files

7 Lady Gaga Is Herself, Madonna Is Just Weird

My name is scotty masters I will vote for lady gaga Gammys award this year of
2019 my birthday songs for me is lady gaga

Oh god so many people are pressed rn... Madonna is not creative anymore, deal with it,.she's just doing everything she can to stay relevant

People call Lady Gaga a copycat but Madonna wore exact outfits that Marilyn Monroe wore and styled her hair like Marilyn did throughout her whole career. That's unoriginal.

In that Madonna performance, I thought she was being attacked by bulls. Lady gaga does what she wants to, and does great at it - ToptenPizza

8 Lady Gaga Has a Better Personality

Lady gaga is super famous, but is still humble about it, and that is admirable. She also is very spirited and nice. - ToptenPizza

Lady gaga is very modest unlike Madonna.

Lady Gaga faker than press's on nails!

Yeah, using gays to sell is being humble - anthineee

9 Born This Way Is Better Than Anything Madonna Has Written

Madonna is desperate for attention. Lady gaga isn't.

Born This Way album is definitely better than any Madonna album.

LOl obvipusly you haven't even heard of Madonna's music before. Born this way is a rip off of express yourself. Madonna's songs will always be better - anthineee

Oh, please. Born This Way sounds nothing like Express Yourself. Lady Gaga was inspired by Madonna, not copying her! When will you Madonna fanatics learn? - PandasNGaga

Did a 12 year say this?

10 Gaga looks way better than Madonna

Lady Gaga is more better has a better voice Madonna only cares only how to be sexy in her age and dance videos only

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11 Lady Gaga Always Dresses Awesomely Freaky

Madonna copied Marilyn oops

Lady gaga is better than Madonna will ever be. It's time to retire Madonna.

Gaga it's getting boring there is more to life than playing characters

Madonna has done everything. Gaga copies

12 She Could Be a Legendary Jazz Artist If She Continued Down That Path

Boring even the litle monsters left her side

13 She puts more heart in her music and it has a meaning.

More heart with a satanist messege, yep she do that best

14 Lady Gaga Has Done More Things for the LGBT Community

Ignorance in this topic has no real meaning

Born this way and hair are a gay anthem.apart from maybe express youself what has madonna done for her LGBTQ+ followers?
Also bear in mind that Lady Gaga was a fierce and fearless attacker of Don't ask don't tell. And she has a charity. Madonna don't care

15 Lady Gaga's Voice is More Mature
16 Lady Gaga is a More Down to Earth Person and is Kinder to Her Fans
17 Better songs
18 Lady Gaga Has Original Ideas and Styles While Madonna Steals Her Ideas and Styles from Various Cultures and Claims Them as Hers
19 Lady Gaga Can Act and She is a Full Blown Musician.
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