Top 10 Reasons to Like Marilyn Manson

Okay, now I know you're all pretty shocked about this list but I just want to say right now that Marilyn Manson is not a devil worshiper. He's actually a nice guy in real life. His songs actually do have positive messages disguised as bad ones. You don't have to like him but I'm just telling the truth. Marilyn Manson is actually a nice guy in real life and his songs do have positive messages.

The Top Ten Reasons to Like Marilyn Manson

1 He's Nice in Real Life
2 He Does Not Condone Bad Behavior in His Fans
3 His Songs Actually Do Have Positive Messages
4 He Doesn't Hate Jesus

The music video to his song Coma White was a tribute to Jesus. He stated that it was to show how men like Jesus Christ died at the hands of mankind's unquenchable thirst for violence.

5 He is Against Violence
6 He is Against Bad Parenting
7 He Does Not Worship Satan
8 He is Against Songs About Partying, Drugs, Sex, and Violence
9 He Cares for People
10 He Has Better Lyrics

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11 He Has Awesome Music Videos
12 He's not a brat
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