Reasons Music Back Then Is Better Than Music Now

Modern music sucks so badly. Miss the old days of The Beatles, Queen, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson when there was no Justin Bieber or One Direction or Rebecca Black. Although there are a few good modern artists like Eminem, the rest is crap. And I will be criticizing Justin Bieber and One Direction the most here so if you're a fan of either one of them, please leave and don't give me the jealousy card because I am not jealous.

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1 Artists had more talent

My friends at school listen to mumble rap all the time! Not that they aren't allowed to have that opinion, of course they are, but that music just makes me want to fall off the window next to me! Old music is so much better, it just had more originality!

Old musicians really used instruments. Today's musicians care more on the singing and I don't think even use instruments.

Compare Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber and all of One Direction. Each one of those old artists are 10x better individually than Bieber and all of 1D COMBINED.

2 No Justin Bieber or One Direction

Now we got people worse than JB, Nicki Minaj, Rebecca Black, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry and 1D! The Sweatshirt guy and the Gucci Gang dude...


He sucks

3 Artists didn't have Autotune and didn't need it

It's thanks to the wide use of autotune that any old idiot can get a computer to play the music and enhance the voice for him/her, and not actually try to make music. It's also pretty pointless considering that we notice when a record is autotuned. Because it sounds ridiculous. And the thing that really pisses me off with autotune is how electronic music, which is done without it, is criticised by those who cannot tell the difference. For them, if it's not rock, it's autotuned. - PositronWildhawk

They don't need autotune to be amazing singers.

4 Songs had good meanings; not just about love, sex, or partying

Compare a song like Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway To Heaven, Imagine, My Sweet Lord, or Thriller to a modern song like Friday, Baby, Live While We're Young, What Makes You Beaultiful, or One Time. The first five songs had good meaning. The last five were songs that have no meaning whatsoever.

5 Love were creative

Compare a love song from the 50s to the 80s like Love Me Tender, Something, or any other love song from that time and compare it to a modern love song like Baby or As Long As You Love Me. Old love songs are creative and original. Today's love songs, not original.

6 Past artists are legendary and their music lives on nearly 60 years after Elvis's debut

Artists like the Beatles, Queen, Elvis, MJ, and The Rolling Stones are legendary. People still listen to them many years later. Artists like Bieber and 1D will be forgotten soon.

7 The Artists Were Good

Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Devo, the eagles, Metallica, and others are amazing, and don’t use auto tune and have songs with true meanings! I’m gonna mention some other great artist since they are awesome: Rush, AC/DC, nirvana, soundgarden, pearl jam, journey, led zeppelin, U2, the white stripes, smashing pumpkins, prince, Madonna, rage against the machine, arcade fire (well they are newer but still good), and Radiohead.

Music like glenn miller,the andrew sisters had made good ones like in the mood.They make songs from WW2

Flanagan and Allen made run rabbit run,if you know ms peregrine
todays music is so bad no one likes it

8 Nowadays songs have very bad messages


9 No autotune
10 No SoundCloud rappers
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