Reasons to Not Hate Nicki Minaj

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1 She has a sick flow.

I Love How An Visitor Posted this, considering almost everyone here hates Nicki. - DapperPickle

She has no flow.

Her verse in 'Monster' says it all.

2 She is an inspiration.

I think she is an inspiration. She will inspire many people to make their own music, and they will only want to make music because they will know that no matter it, it will be better than Nicki Minaj. - Songsta41

She inspires people to suck.

An inspiration for suicide and shame to the music community. - LemonComputer

Castlevania your right, an inspiration for suicide.

3 She is always working hard and putting more stuff out.

The only thing she is constantly putting out is her fake plastic a$$, and that's NOT a reason to even like her.

She shouldn't be putting more stuff out! She should be gone from the mainstream forever!

How to be Nicki Minaj:
1) Have a fake a$$.
2) Don't learn how to do decent rap.
3) Take 3 seconds to think of lyrics for your rap.
Boom! You're not Nicki Minaj! - LemonComputer

4 Everyone wants to work with her.

Nobody wants to work with her. I guarantee that the only reason other artists collaborated with her is because they only wanted money (except lil Wayne and drake because they're friends with her).

Just look at the number of Collabs she had done.

I NEVER wanna work with this bitch!

5 She can do a variety of genres.

And she can suck at a big variety of genres...

So what? She still sucks as a rapper.

And she sucks at them all! - LemonComputer

6 Her fans are great people.

Most of them I have seen threaten to kill anyone who doesn't like Nicki. - Popsicles

That's a stereotype, not everyone follows stereotypes and I don't even know if this is true. - Songsta41

They're really not. - LemonComputer


7 She is one of the most giving artists.

At giving porn videos.

Yeah, she gives a lot of money to the plastic surgeons. - LemonComputer

8 Cool style

What kind of reason is this? - Pony

9 Featured Eminem In "Romans Revenge"

That's one of the main reasons why she sucks. - LemonComputer

10 Hate is a strong word

No, hate is an opinion, you hypersensitive moron.

Only valid reason to not hate this plastic scumbag. - ThePwoperMuser101

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11 In Young Money

The group founded by Lil Wayne? I don't think that's something to be proud of...

12 Doesn't care that she's mostly plastic

Only good reason on this list. - Pony

13 She does what she wants, and when she wants to.

She should be locked in a cage.

So you're saying it's ok for her to keep holding a hateful grudge against lil kim and going on to make Stupid Hoe, one of the worst songs ever created by a human being? You're saying it's ok to hold grudges?

14 She's In Steven Universe

Shes in steven universe!? Hold on, I didn't know that. I'm gonna look that up... - TheMainReason

So what? That Show sucks.

What H*LL NAW people STEVEN UNIVERSE IS MAH SHOW I didn't KNOW THAT LIKE WHAT THE H*LL (also I don't even cuss, so this is saying something.

15 She can beat the boys in some of her verses.

'You can be the king, but watch the Queen conquer' - Monster Verse

16 She writes her own music.

So what? All of her songs are pretty awful.

Maybe that's why her songs are so stupid.

Unlike a certain Racist up and coming 'Fancy' wannabe rapper.

17 Uses her real voice

I strongly doubt it. - LemonComputer

18 Writes her own music

Her lyrics are good

This is already on here. - Pony

Duplicate - LemonComputer

19 She is a human being.

We all are idiots

Exactly! Makes two bad songs and she's the most hated rapper have YOU EVEN SEEN HOW BAD Lil WayneS SONGS ARE? Way worse than hers - RockStarr

20 She's sexy

Just look at her and you'll fap no matter how hard you try not to

21 Does not always feature people

So, she's an animal? - Pony

22 She's a feminist
23 She tells her fans to stay in school
24 She's Inspirational
25 Attacking her over a song is not a valid reason
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