Top 10 Reasons Why Evanescence is Better Than Jackie Evancho

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1 Evanescence makes their own songs instead of covering all the time for fame

"You don't know who those people are", which is exactly why you should not be making a "hate list" like this. it is fine to like whoever you like in music or elsewhere, but it is telling that one of your reasons regards a negative view of the fans who exercise THEIR opinion by voting for Jackie Evancho. Let THEM have their opinion, and stop criticizing them for their opinion.

"Age doesn't matter", now THAT is funny. Its simple, kids can't write good songs. The youngest female artist in history to perform, write and produce a #1 song was Debbie Gibson [not until she was age 17], and Michael Jackson did not do it until age 23, even though he became a huge star at age 11. Perhaps you have heard of a rock band called The Quarrymen? They were aged 15, 16, and 17, and were really, really bad, even though they were covering some very good songs. Finally in their mid-20's, they wrote some songs, and then changed their name to The Beatles. Names like Barbra Streisand, Linda Ronstadt, Elvis Presley, Celine Dion, and many more, never did write any songs at any age. Now at age 16, Jackie Evancho's next album coming out in March will in fact have a bunch of songs she wrote herself.

I don't know who these people are. Let me have my own opinion and I'll accept yours. Or log in, random visitor.

This is exactly a hate list, but you are entitled to be a hater.
Jackie Evancho's fanbase is almost exclusively adults, once they realized this was a children's site, they pretty much abandoned it, and her incoming votes dried up.

Wow, you really are stupid. I'm not a hater of Jackie Evancho, I just don't like her. You think everything is hating, that's the problem.

Jackie Evancho has done mostly classical crossover songs, which by design are covers, since they were written by people like Rachmaninoff, Puccini, Sartori/Quarantotto, and some guy named Andrew Lloyd Webber, none of whom could sing a note. When the Songwriters Hall of Fame decided to induct Arlen & Harberg's heavily-covered song [Google for title], they chose Miss Evancho as "the one" to sing it at the ceremony; perhaps the SWHOF should have checked with a few Top Tenners, whose vast and superior knowledge would have set them straight. It is hard to explain why, since Amy Lee did not write her first song until she was 17, and did not really get an album out until age 23, somebody would make a comparison to a singer who debuted at age 10.

2 Evanescence's fanbase is not widely known on here
3 Evanescence's fanbase doesn't ruin their music
4 Amy Lee is much more beautiful than Jackie Evancho

They look both beautiful - Userguy44

I'm not saying Jackie is ugly but she looks like an average girl. Amy on the other hand, oh my... Her eyes and her beautiful hair!

5 Amy Lee is a better singer than Jackie Evancho

At least Amy Lee doesn't try to hard to hit high notes like Mariah Carey.

6 Some Jackie Evancho fans will attack you if you don't like her music

Some Amy Lee fans will make attack lists if they don't like another artist's music.

7 Amy Lee has a bigger vocal range
8 Amy Lee's songs have a deeper meaning
9 Amy Lee has a very sad backstory from her songs, Jackie Evancho was only discovered from America's Got Talent
10 Evanescence/Amy Lee didn't need some talent show to be noticed
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