Top Ten Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Have Won the 2016 Election

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1 More people voted for Hillary Clinton

Its really quite simple to defend the Electoral College system. If you look at a map of the United States broken down by counties, Trump won in more than 90% of the land area, while Clinton won in a handful of big cities. Los Angeles County has more people in it than do 40 states, without the Electoral College, what L.A. wants would rule over everybody, every single time. Not fair at all. A candidate has to be able to get votes in both urban AND rural areas to win, otherwise the candidates could just ignore most of the country.

More people voted for Trump...

No, she won the popular vote, but the election system is broken and stupid, and the electoral college made Donald Trump win. - CostcoHotDogs

She won because of a major plurality in Los Angeles and New York City. Those who think the Electoral College system is wrong might as well just let NYC and LA vote on all future elections, and the rest of the country won't have a say, and needn't bother.

True she won the popular vote but the electoral college decided that Trump should win... because well reasons.

2 She is more honest than Trump

Hillary is a liar.

She is, Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy 6 times unnecessarily and bragged about it.

The only reason I agree with.

She isn't.

3 There would be less rioting

Just accept that Trump one fair and square already. Rioting won't make Trump leave the office.

Or you crybabies could stop rioting - Phillip873

Because Trump supporters aren't crybabies like 99% of Democratic people - Randomator

True but I'm going to be honest the rioting does comes from some of her supporters...

4 Hillary Clinton is nicer

Only to her supporters yeah. - Randomator

Generally she has less of a stick up her ass compared to Trump.

She said the "N" word.

5 She lost because Russia hacked into the election

Liberal lies.

Not true

I'm a liberal and even I know this is false.

6 She's not Donald Trump

It is true that almost the only candidate worse than Trump was Hillary. Any number of other Democrats could have won easily, Joe Biden among them. But the Dems were dead-set on the coronation of Queen Hil. They blew it big time.

This should be no. 1. Nobody cares about her hair. Let's vote like grown ups, kids. - BKAllmighty

7 She doesn’t have stupid hair

It the same criticism about "hair" had been leveled at Hillary instead of Trump, the critics would have been destroyed with accusations of "sexism".

What kinda reason is that? - Randomator

Lol she does have stupid hair.

This is a troll

8 She hates Russia

And Russia hates her...

Russia doesn't deserve hate.


9 She is attractive

I'm not going to make you change your mind for thinking she's attractive, but how exactly does this have anything to do with being a worthy president? - Misfire

Your eyes must be drunk

You kidding, she gave me a reverse-boner, she's so ugly! - Phillip873

WHAT!? WHAT!? WHAATT? I swear list these days are getting creepier and creepier... - judo8alex

10 She is a woman

How does that make her a better? Men and women are equal.

Who cares if she is a woman, it doesn't change how she runs America! - Phillip873

That is the most shallow thing I've ever heard - Mcgillacuddy

So what? That means nothing in the world of politics. - Randomator

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11 She doesn’t want to commit ethnic cleansing
12 She isn’t sexist
13 She isn’t racist
14 If Hillary Clinton won, the US would have its first First Gentleman

Nobody really cares - Randomator

15 She isn’t homophobic
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