Top Ten Ways to Fix America's Healthcare System

We're a mess. Millions don't have insurance, and those that do have it are usually stuck with high premiums and high deductibles. So, how can we fix this?
The Top Ten
1 Establish Universal Healthcare

Almost every single developed country has at least something resembling universal care. The U.S., as always, is the odd one out.

There are many different ways to provide universal healthcare. The most popular proposal is single-payer. There are also proposals for a multi-payer system, where all adults could choose between public or private care, which is what most of Europe has. Additionally, there are proposals to give people very generous vouchers to purchase some form of basic private insurance.

2 De-link Health Insurance From the Workplace

Lots of Americans get their insurance through their jobs, so if they quit or are fired, they lose their insurance.

On top of that, employers now use health insurance as an excuse for not giving employees higher wages. Many economists have stated that de-linking insurance from the workplace would result in people leaving jobs they hate, fewer people losing their insurance, and more people getting higher wages. It would also lead to millions buying insurance on the marketplace, which would lead to more competition and lower costs for consumers.

3 Let Consumers Import Drugs From Canada

This is an easy and simple solution to combat the rising cost of life-saving drugs. Just allow people to buy Canadian drugs if they are cheaper.

Isn't competition the American dream? Apparently not, because pharmaceutical companies constantly lobby and bribe Congress to strike down legislation involving this, as they want to retain their monopoly over these drugs so that they can continue to charge unfair prices.

4 Expand Catastrophic Insurance

Catastrophic insurance policies have low premiums with a relatively high deductible. This means that one is required to pay for ordinary expenses, but emergencies are completely covered.

Economists claim that catastrophic plans result in consumers not purchasing unnecessary care or checks, which raise healthcare prices. Singapore has a public catastrophic healthcare plan called Medishield, which is very popular.

5 Expand Health Savings Accounts

HSAs are savings accounts that grow with interest. The funds from these accounts can be used to pay towards one's deductible. In Singapore, HSAs are actually mandatory.

Currently, one cannot deposit more than a couple of thousand into these accounts a year, and you have to have a certain plan to qualify for an HSA. By expanding HSAs, healthcare will become more affordable.

6 Get Rid of Essential Health Benefits

The ACA required most insurers to cover benefits that were deemed essential. This has led to insurers raising prices for everyone.

On top of that, it's a little immoral for someone who is celibate to pay extra in order to afford maternity care.

7 Shorten Patents On Healthcare Devices

Many businesses have patents on their products, which prevent other businesses from competing with them and offering lower prices. While patents shouldn't be abolished completely, they should be limited in order to encourage more competition.

8 Tax Unhealthy Items and Services

While there are taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, and tanning salons, the taxes are pretty minimal. They need to be raised in order to discourage use, and other unhealthy items or services that are currently untaxed should be taxed.

9 Get Rid of ObamaCare
10 Reward People That Live Healthy Lifestyles

People who do not consume drugs, maintain a healthy weight, and do not engage in dangerous activities should be rewarded. Whether it's with a tax credit from the Federal government or discounts on insurance, these people should be rewarded.

Yep. If you have a disease and can't be healthy or are unhealthy due to genetics or something that you can't control, you do not deserve a reward. Exactly what we should teach society.

The Contenders
11 Reward Charitable Hospitals

While it is becoming less common, hospitals sometimes give discounted or free care to the needy. Hospitals should be fully reimbursed for providing charitable care.

It's the least we can do for them.

12 Educate to self-medicate

We should teach people how to take care of themselves and their families. Why should we depend on a system to save us when we could be taught medical treatments in school and natural ways of preventing and healing the body?

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