Top Ten Reasons Why Ronald Reagan Was an Overrated President

The good ole gipper. The sacred God of the Republican party. Even lots of Democrats love him. He constantly ranks as one of our best presidents in polls. Well, I'm about to burst your bubble. Here are ten reasons why Reagan is overrated.
The Top Ten
1 His tax cuts failed to work

The Trickle-down ( or pyramid theory ) only works for the whealty ( corporations will see for a while at stock markets their profits growing, but remember, economic growing profits doesn't mean an economic growth ) at the top of the pyramid. It's not by giving money or tax cuts at the richests that the money will flow at the bottom of the pyramid ( which is larger and represents the lower -incomes and the working-class ). It has been tried by Reagan and since then we only have seen a continue growing separation between rich and poor because wages of working-class has stagnated while profits of rich has been more profitable. If the US have at this moment such a huge debt it's because of Reagan policies back then ( with the help of neo-liberalism believers such as M. Tatcher ). The bank crashes, the real estate crashes, stock crashes etc... of the 2000's is the butterfly-effect of Reagan's policies of the 80's. What really is shameful is that under the Trump organisation they're all trying to do it all over again with their so-called tax cuts for corporations. While we were very slowly recovering of the Reagan effect we will be in the future in a worse state because the Trump tax cut.

2 He helped cause 9/11

The Reagan administration helped fund a rebel group in order to remove the Soviets from Afghanistan. It worked, and the Soviets withdrew. The problem was, after they withdrew, the U.S. did practically nothing to help rebuild Afghanistan. No cash for education, healthcare, infrastructure, roads, etc. So the Afghani people turned to a group known as the Taliban. Oh, by the way, one of the soldiers that fought for the rebels against the Soviets was named Osama bin Laden. That's right. Reagan, inadvertently, helped create Al-Qaeda.

3 He ballooned the national debt

Percentage-wise, Reagan added more debt than any other president in history. It was so bad that after cutting taxes, he was forced to increase taxes in other areas multiple times. It's weird how Republicans, who mostly identify as fiscal conservatives, worship a man who was incredibly irresponsible with money.

Tax cuts and increased military spending increases the federal government trillions of dollars

4 He didn't end the 1970s stagflation

One of the reasons Carter was so unpopular is that his term was plagued with stagflation, which means high inflation and economic decline, which, to be honest, defies all laws of economics. Reagan is often credited with ending the stagflation, and causing the 80s economic boom. Wrong again. Volcker, the head of the Federal Reserve did. He was appointed by Carter, but was re-appointed by Reagan. Volcker hiked interest rates up, which ended the inflation. With the inflation gone, the economy began to quickly recover, leading to the 80s boom.

5 He was a union-buster

There might be a reason why the middle class only saw their incomes go up by around 1-2% in the 80s. Reagan was a major union buster. He constantly attacked unions, and sides pro-management in almost all cases. Under his administration, the unionization rate began to drastically decline, which might be why middle class wages have been near-stagnant for decades.

6 He broke the law

Reagan wanted to sell weapons to Iran, a country that promotes terrorism, and use the profits to fund the contras in Nicaragua, an extremist right wing guerilla group, which committed acts of terror and barbarism. Congress denied Reagan his request to sell to Iran, and passed a law against it. Well, the gipper did it anyways, and, effectively, broke the law. On top of that, he funded two groups that supported terrorism. Well done, Ron.

7 He supported dictatorships

Reagan supported right-wing dictatorships around the world. In his views, it was to neccessary in order to suppress the expansion of communism. Tell that one to Guatemala, whose people were slaughtered by their dictator, who was personal friends with Reagan.

He also gave asylum to Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator of the Philippines

8 He ignored the AIDS epidemic

He was a disgusting, phony, self serving, undereducated, charlatan of a man. He said trees cause pollution, let them eat ketchup, isn't it a vegetable for the poor children who's only means of food were the hot lunches they were served in school. He totally ignored the scourge that was Aids, a death sentence at the time. He was racist, simple minded and uncaring. He absolutely ballooned our deficit and trickle down economics is the most often debunked, inadequate economic theory or plan in existence. I hate him almost as much as I detest trump! 1

9 He didn't end the Cold War

Lots praise Reagan for single-handedly ending the Cold War, which is far from true. While he might have helped end the Cold War, there were several other factors that aided in the demise of the Soviet Union.

10 He continued using the southern strategy

Reagan campaigned in Mississippi, where the KKK was very prevalent in the 60s and 70s. He campaigned on the basis of "states' rights." Ouch. Kind of a bad choice of words, Ron. You really poured some salt in those wounds, didn't you? I get your message, but be a little more considerate on what you say.

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11 He is at least partially responsible for many problems the US is facing today

Weather it the defecit, wealth inequality, political polarization, the war on terror, the war on drugs, it can all directly be traced back to Reagan's presidency in one way or another.

12 He put in place racist laws that led to the imprisonment of millions of black men
13 He was an enemy of the environment
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