Top Ten Reasons Why It's Fun to Make Fun of Justin Bieber

Another justin Bieber list. Fans are not welcome beyond this point.

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He deserves it

True, true. I don't wish for his death, unlike others, because when he grows up he might be great, but right now he is really disrespectful. I think we are hard on him by physically hurting him, but it feels great to talk smack about JB. It's so fun.

He deserves hate, but it has gone too far by immature haters. It’s like a trend to hate him. - Userguy44

He isn't that bad anymore. - Luckys

Piss off haters and get a life.

It's a trend

Justin beiber lover chill noob - toptenforlife

Actually its kind of annoying while it is fun to make fun of Justin Bieber the hate on him has gotten old just like Nickelbacks hate has its ridiculous seeing JB and Nickelback number 1 on so many lists - christangrant


Are you stupid or something? Half the world makes fun of Bieber! - QueenIrisIceQueen

To see fans waste their lives telling us to shut up

Um, does he HAVE any fans? - RockFashionista

Sadly, yes. But most of his fans are annoying teenage preppy girls that think he's "cute" and don't even listen to his horrible music. - Doom

He sounded like a girl

AMEN! And I was like Baby, baby, oh like baby, baby no thought you'd always be mine. HE SOUNDED SO MUCH LIKE A GIRL!

Wow, basing your opinion on a person off of what they did in the past? Pathetic. It wasn't even that bad to begin with. - SwagFlicks

Umm not anymore. I think modern-Nicki Minaj is worse. - AlphaQ

Most people like to do it
He does drugs

DRUGS SUCK! I KNEW SOMEONE WHO WAS TAKING DRUGS and I ASKED EM WHY AND THEY SAID: Well since my love JB (I can't say the name, its to bad) does it, ill be like him. She died in a car crash 5 weeks later when she was taking drugs.

To make fan girls mad

It's one of the most fun things you could ever do. I love arguing with people. - RockFashionista

:D it is kinda fun.. But I don't like fighting with people

I love to troll, so I do this a lot. Get so many hate comments.

There's no such thing as Beliebers cause no one likes Justin Bibero ffs. - AlphaQ

He is ugly

Even Michael Jackson is far more BEAUTIFUL, very talented, very sweet and especially more ICONIC than Justin Bieber. I agree that Justin Bieber is not really that good looking, even though I like him (Justin Bieber).

Yeah, I said it believers! He is and before you say I'm jealous 1. Money ain't every thing 2. I've seen better looking rats.

"He's uglier than Sarah Jessica Parker", is what my cousin said. To be quite frank, this is an insult to Sarah Jessica Parker. Though she was gorgeous "way back then" (especailly in Flight of the Navigator), Justin Bieber makes SJP look like a supermodel today. - RockFashionista

Ummm, looks as Mrs Horse aka Sarah Jessica Parker (Serious Ass-Ica F( )cker). She's a billion time uglier. - AlphaQ

To annoy people
He thinks he is black

What are you saying about us?!

How dumb can you get? - RoseWeasley

Seriously? Are you making this up? - RockFashionista

I'm 75% black. This is bull. - AlphaQ

The Contenders

The jokes are too overrated
He's a jackass
He peed in a mop bucket

Did someone make this up? If not, JB, if your reading this, do us all a favor. GROW UP PLEASE, AND STOP BEING A KINDERGARTENER!

He never stops ruining everything to do with music
He is a jerk
He showed himself naked
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