Reasons Why James Norton is Better Than Ariana Grande

The Top Ten Reasons Why James Norton is Better Than Ariana Grande

1 He is a proper thespian

Doesn't matter where you come from. Just because James Norton's British doesn't mean he doesn't have talent.

He has proved time and time again that he is versatile. One moment is the swoon-worthy Russian prince in War & Peace, the next he's a nasty villain in Happy Valley! Arianna is nothing more than an inmate in a Nickelodeon channel prison. - jezza0

I don't care. He is a decent actor who sucks and I gave him out of a 2/10. I will give Ariana a 8/10. - JamesNortonSucks

I can't imagine Arianna Grande appearing is an adult series like Grantchester.

2 He went to film school

That tells the truth. - DynastiNoble

5/10 True fact. - JamesNortonSucks

3 Hollywood will want to cast him in stuff

He has that suave flair that will get him cast in Hollywood offerings. The best that Ariana can hope for is to appear in a Nickelodeon version parody of a giant monster B-Movie as the giant itself.

Norton is one of the hot favourites to be the next 007. - jezza0

He will not be in the 007! Ethan Hawke is the next 007 and Ariana Grande will star in a James Bond film! - DynastiNoble

4 Arianna is a one-trick-pony

Once she no longer looks like she is 13 years old, she will be old news.

I don't think so. We'll talk about James Norton and his stupid behavior. - JamesNortonSucks

5 He has a long term career

So does Ariana. - DynastiNoble

6 Arianna is no different from every other flavour of the month

Disney and Nickelodeon stars are a lot like Westlife ballads, the name may be different but the song structure is all the same!

Her "sell-by" date is about to expire!

Not true! - DynastiNoble

7 He is lusted after in Britain
8 He will more likely conquer the entertainment world

Last I checked, Kylie is often call the Pop Princess.

Arianna's schtick doesn't really work outside of the US. Norton is lusted after so much the press kept referring to him as the Phwoar and Peace man. - jezza0

9 He's never appeared in anything annoying

Truth. - DynastiNoble

10 A more respectable resume

When your T.V. acting credits include the dashing prince Andrei Bolkonsky, from the 2016 version of War & Peace, the sadistic psychopath Tommy Lee Royce from Happy Valley and the crime fighting vicar Sidney Chambers from Grantchester, you know that Hollywood will come-a-knocking to offer big time movie roles. What has Ariana done? Sod all that's what! - jezza0

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11 He hasn't got an annoying voice

Ariana's voice sounds like a strangled cat when she speaks. James Norton at least speaks in a crystal clear quality.

Arianna's voice is more irritating than the one UK Chris Evans has. - jezza0

12 He never licked a donut and then put it back
13 He loves Jackie Evancho

Maybe he is better (or maybe not) but this is not a valid reason.

14 He isn't arrogant

James Norton is famous for being a proper actor, not some spoilt Nickelodeon Channel brat who's only claim to fame is taking pictures of her ass on Instagram.

15 He's not the attention seeking type
16 He's been hailed as the next Benedict Cumberbatch

That's quite high praise considering Cumberbatch's legacy.

17 He's not racist
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