Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Eminem


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1 Justin Bieber smiles

No, He didn't smile when Zach Galifianakis spanked him. - AlphaQ

I'm starting to think you don't like Eminem, I don't know it's just I think you don't like him.

You're right, I don't really. But if you like him, go ahead and like him.

So...? - AlphaQ

2 Justin Bieber doesn't swear

There's nothing wrong with a bit of swearing - AlphaQ

Yes he does.

3 Justin Bieber doesn't sound angry in his music

Yeah because he puts no emotion into his music.

4 Subject matter in Justin Beiber's songs are much cleaner than they are in Eminem's songs
5 Even if it's girly, Justin Bieber has a more pleasant voice to listen to

All autotune, doesn't count - AnonymousDude

6 Justin doesn't rap about killing his mom

Neither does Eminem. - AlphaQ

7 Justin has meaningful lyrics

He just sings about love. Eminem sings about twisted love. Eminem wins - Hotheart123

8 Justin has happier songs than Eminem

The Real Slim Shady is happy and better - AlphaQ

9 Justin is more cute

Because that's what you're looking at when you're judging a singer - AnonymousDude

Eminem is sexier. - Hotheart123

10 Love Yourself is calmer than Lose Yourself

This shouldn't be a reason as to why a certain artist is better, you don't even look at quality but just go with opinions - AnonymousDude

But Lose Yourself has BETTER LYRICS - AlphaQ

Lose Yourself pumps you up and has energy. As a person who likes songs with energy, I'd go with Shady. Opinion respected if yoy disagree. - AlphaQ

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11 Justin Bieber is not homophobic.

Justin Bieber? Eminem makes that dude look like Steve Perry. Eminem is thousands times worse than Justin Bieber. - 445956

And so isn't Eminem, ever heard of a joke? - AnonymousDude

Neither is Eminem. - AlphaQ

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