Top Ten Reasons Why OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Should Not Be Cancelled Too Soon

The Top Ten

1 It Has an Interesting Plot

I still hate this show anyway. It killed Cartoon Network!

Have you heard that this show is getting cancelled? I do!

This show is getting cancelled?

Possibly, because Cartoon Network pulled it off the schedule to make room for Midget Titans and Total Drama Canadian Crap!

2 It Has Good Characters

Radicles is mostly my favorite. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

3 The Voice Acting is Great
4 It Has Good Messages

No it doesn't! your thinking about the loud house because ok ko teaches kids to be lazy because it makes you awesome, even though it doesn't and that work is boring? nope. some jobs are actually fun.

5 The Humor is Good
6 There Aren't a Lot of Good Shows on Cartoon Network Anymore
7 The Animation is Well Done

It has the combination of classic Hanna Barbera animation with the style of anime

8 It is Very Popular
9 It is Original
10 It is Great to Watch
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