Reasons Why Pingu Should Come Back

Why did hit entertainment cancel the show? i want it back.

The Top Ten

1 It only had six seasons

It actually got a new spin-off show last year called pingu in the city - myusernameisthis

They'd better make a season 7 soon. - FinnsWorld

2 It hardly airs anymore

I only saw episodes of seasons 5 and 6. I only saw an episode of the old but good Pingu once.

And even if it does, it's only a few times. - FinnsWorld

3 It has a big fanbase

I am Pingu's bro!

I Agree - TheTop100s

And I'm part of it! - FinnsWorld

4 The show needs to have more characters

I don't believe it needs more. The show is simple and adding more characters makes it less of what it is. - ParasN2000

Maybe they could be introduced if series 7 ever airs. - FinnsWorld

5 The show is now underrated and rarely mentioned

I miss Pingu even though I haven't watched it in a long time ago. - Neonco31

If season 7 was made, they could probably mention it lots of times. - FinnsWorld

Yeah, it's a good show. - micahisthebest

6 It only had two seasons of the new series
7 We wanna hear pingu's noot noot again
8 Pingu has fun characters
9 Pingu has funny adventures

Yes it was fun to watch Pingu doing fun stuff!

10 It is actually cool how they don't speak English

The Contenders

11 It's way better than all those low budget kids shows that are still airing today

And If Pingu Gets A Season 7, Than All These Low Budget Shows Would Be Off The Air.

12 It's likeable
13 It only had one TV movie
14 It had good episodes
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