Top Ten Reasons Why Soundgarden is Better Than Green Day

I don't have anything against Green Day, I actually like anything before Warning. I just think that Soundgarden is very better than Green Day, and here is why.

The Top Ten

1 Soundgarden has better lyrics.

Billie is a good lyricist, it's just that his lyrics make things a lot more obvious, while Chris Cornell's lyrics are more poetic. - Gruunge

What is soundgarden

2 Chris Cornell is one of the best singers of all time.

Billie's voice gets repetitive after a while. - Gruunge

One of?

3 Matt Cameron is a lot more complex than Tré Cool.

Tré's a decent drummer, but Matt Cameron is legendary. - Gruunge

4 Soundgarden never sold out.

Green Day sold out TWICE. They used to be punk, then Dookie and anything after was pop-punk but keeping a little punk, then Warning came and was pure pop-punk and same goes for anything after. - Gruunge

That means Green Day is better.-DarkBoi-X

5 Soundgarden influenced a lot of bands, Green Day made Pop-punk popular.

Without Soundgarden, Nirvana and any grunge band probably wouldn't exist (besides Malfunkshun, as they started before Soundgarden) while Green Day just took punk rock and made it pop. - Gruunge

6 Soundgarden never made a bad album.

Green Day's bad albums: Warning, part of American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown, the trilogy, and Revolution Radio.

Soundgarden's bad albums: - Gruunge

7 Soundgarden isn't pop.

Even though Green Day is good, they're very pop. - Gruunge

Finally, someone who said that

Yep, Green Day is almost turned into a pop band, yet Soundgarden was always heavy.

Badmotorfinger is the best grunge album, and it even touches metal.

8 Soundgarden fans are loyal, while a lot of Green Day fans don't know anything before Dookie.

Keep in mind all I said was A LOT - Gruunge

9 Green Day is good, yet they are overrated.

People put them in the top ten greatest rock bands ever for god's sake. And number one on best punk bands. Even if they were punk, they shouldn't be ahead of all those great punk bands. - Gruunge

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