I Hate Steven Universe

The title of this post alone is going to piss off a lot of people, and I'm well aware of that. I know that tons of people, young and old, love this show. And I mean TONS of people. There's fans all over the Internet, and I'm sure that every word I say on this post is going to fuel them more and more with rage. So let me start off by saying this. If you like Steven Universe, then more power to you. I think it's awesome that you can find enjoyment in a show where I can't find much to enjoy. I'm clearly in the minority here, and I'm not saying anything about the intelligence or tastes of the people who watch this show. This is me simply ranting about a certain animated series that I'm not a fan of. Now that that's taken care of, here we go.

When Steven Universe premiered on Cartoon Network in the fall of 2013, I decided not to watch it initially. And there was one major reason for that: THE PROMOS WERE AWFUL. Uncle Grandpa had premiered on the network a couple of months before Steven Universe, and based on the commercials, the two shows seemed to be really similar to one another. That seems INSANE thinking about these two shows today, but back in the summer of 2013, it was kind of hard to differentiate one from the other. The network only really aired one commercial to advertise Steven Universe in its earliest stages, and that's what mainly kept me away from it. The commercial had a bunch of "lol random" moments of Steven getting into weird situations. They just had Steven saying cringey stuff like "I have an awesome cheeseburger backpack!" and "I just turned all my fingers into cats!" and "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs!". At the time, those quotes seemed to fit right in with a creepy-looking old man screaming "Good morning!" as his catchphrase. Based on how obnoxiously the commercials advertised the show, I had no interest in watching Steven Universe when it premiered in 2013. That soon changed about six months later when I found out a bunch of new information regarding the show.

One day, I was on my laptop in the summer of 2014 when I randomly stumbled upon a bunch of videos claiming that Steven Universe was already one of the greatest cartoons ever made and that it's changing the animation medium as a whole. My initial thoughts were: "What? Wait, what? That crappy show on Cartoon Network with the fat cheeseburger backpack kid? That SERIOUSLY has a following now?" Sure enough, I looked online and stumbled upon fan videos, fan art, and websites based on Steven Universe. It even had over an 8.0 rating on imdb. People were even comparing it to CN's #1 show in Adventure Time, which also happens to be my favorite show of all time. All this new information caused me to question everything regarding the show and made me very curious. How good is this show? Certainly it has to be a MASTERPIECE in order to be spoken in the same sentence as Adventure Time. So I decided to watch a couple of episodes for myself and immediately found something out about it.

It annoyed me to no end. Every character, every joke, and every line managed to get under my skin in a different and unique way. The theme song alone got an eye twitch out of me with its bubblegummy, overly peppy sound. What immediately got on my nerves is something that's integral to the entire show. Steven himself. I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this, but Steven's voice has to be one of the most annoying and most whiney concoctions ever invented. Hell, the very first episode of the show starts with him having a temper tantrum because a store is all out of his favorite frozen treat. It was almost like if Caillou aged about eight years, never gained any maturity, and still complained when things didn't go his way. So yeah, I started to dislike this character in the first few seconds of this show. Talk about putting your best foot forward. And it's not just his voice I have a problem with. This kid is just so obnoxiously unfunny, that it's actually kind of amazing. Out of all the episodes I've seen, he has never made me laugh or smile once. The only thing he manages to do is make me grate me teeth together for a full 11 minutes. I don't think any character in any form of fiction has made me want to do that, so I guess that's kind of an accomplishment. He's basically Chowder minus all the charm, innocence, and likability. When it comes down to it, if you don't like the main character of a series and find him insufferable in pretty much every way, it kind of makes it hard for you to enjoy the show as a whole.

And it's not just Steven that I have a problem with. The supporting cast are all archetypes that I've seen tons of times before on other kid's shows. The only difference is that they have magic powers. Pearl is the stuck-up one that takes her job very seriously. Amethyst is the tomboy, rebel, rule breaker who doesn't like playing by the rules. And Garnett is just the strong, silent type who has a bit of sass to her. And I know that they probably have "reasons for acting the way they do" and "depth", but I'm sorry, when I see these characters, all I can think about are the tons of stereotypes of other characters that "fused" together in order to create them. I don't find them cool. I don't find them interesting. And I definitely don't feel for them when it's time for them to have an emotional moment or touching scene.

I don't like these people, so it feels really emotionally manipulative when one of them has to break down and reveal what their going through. I've come across so many scenes like this. Connie in that bubble episode. That episode when Steven gets really old. That episode where Steven gets mad at Lars for bringing up his mom. That episode where Pearl has to take down the Garnett/Amethyst fusion. That scene when Amethyst says she didn't ask to be made and gets really mad at Pearl. When Sadie gets mad after Lars betrayed her. These moments would be a lot more effective if there weren't so many of them. It feels like every episode of this show has at least one manipulative moment where it tries to make you feel bad for these unlikable, unrelatable blank slates that they choose to call characters. If I don't get into these people when their emotional state is normal and fine, why should I care about them when they're at their least emotionally stable? Shows like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls work because you get to know these unique people. They're not just some clich├ęs that have been written in TV shows for decades. They all have complex issues and deal with real pain in their lives. That's unlike Steven Universe, where every "emotional scene" feels contrived and manipulative to the highest extent.

Probably the main reason why I can't get into a show like this is its fan base. I know that not all Steven Universe fans are insane SJW psychos, but it's kind of hard to root for a show whose fans drive people to almost killing themselves because a picture they drew of a character "wasn't fat enough". Or a group of fans who forces writers on the show to quit their jobs because their pairing of two characters doesn't match the audiences' pairing of two characters. (I refuse to use the word "shipping" by the way.) A lot of fans migrated to this show because it has some homosexual relationships within it. I know that many fans like the show regardless of the characters' sexual orientation, but let's be honest here, Steven Universe would not be nearly as popular as it is if their weren't any gay undertones for some of the characters. And don't get me wrong. I'm all for equality and the proper treatment of people regardless of which gender they prefer. I actually think it's great that the writers Steven Universe have run the risk of putting these homosexual themes in their show. But the thing is, many fans act like Steven Universe is the only animated children's product that has gay characters in it. And that's pure bullcrap. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum in Adventure Time and Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland in Gravity Falls would beg to differ. There's a strong possibility that Queen Elsa from Frozen, the most popular animated film of the 2010s, is a lesbian and a character from ParaNorman straight up admitted that he's gay. As much as I support Steven Universe's handling of its themes of sexual identity, many fans need a reality check that their precious little show isn't the only property that's delving into this sensitive subject matter.

The only real thing I praise about this show is its animation. I would be an idiot if I didn't say that this is one of the most beautifully animated series I've ever seen. Some of the songs are kind of good, I guess. "Stronger Than I Was" is a good tune, but that's to be expected from Rebecca Sugar. She wrote dozens of fantastic songs for Adventure Time, so I guess a few of them could trickle over to Steven Universe. It just severely puzzles me to see a show like this get such an enormous following and critical praise. To me, it's bland at best and annoying at worst. But apparently, I'm completely alone on this. Everywhere I look I see people praising Steven Universe. People just can't seem to get enough of this show, and that kind of intrigues me in a way.

If you like Steven Universe, let me know why you like it. I've done my fair share of ranting today, and I could use some opinions from the other side of the argument. Maybe you're seeing something that I'm not seeing. I'm not quite sure. But that's exactly what makes TV and film so interesting. We all have different opinions on different things, and I think it's great that many people can enjoy something that I really can't get into. If you like Steven Universe, then good for you. And I truly mean that. In this age of the Internet where people can attack you for not liking certain movies or shows, I believe that everyone has a right to enjoy whatever they want to enjoy. So keep on believing in Steven. I'll just stick with my Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Rick & Morty.


Another thing I agree with you on - visitor

I hate it as well. Nice post. - visitor

Love the show, but I respect your opinion - TwilightKitsune

Don't mind me asking, but what do you enjoy about the show? I'm interested to see what people like about it. - phillysports

Have you seen it since 2014?

If not you'll probably like the plot, music, and characters. - Skullkid755

I like it because it's cute and heartwarming and the soundtrack is absolutely beautiful. And the episodes aren't that great but it's still a good show - TwilightKitsune

Agree completely with you. Great Post. - visitor

It's beautiful but I don't like regular show so yeah - visitor

i love it - visitor

Agreed, I used to like it than it became one huge fanfiction it was awful - VideoGamefan5

I respect your opinion. I agree with the fanbase. Our fanbase is more cancer than the MLP fandom. I have mixed feelings towards the fandom, actually. The Gravity Falls fandom is better, I don't read anything on death threats from fans, disgusting fan fiction (Dipper Goes to Taco Bell), yes but it's not as bad as SU fandom, - visitor

Overrated show - TristGamer

You summarized my hate for this show in ways that I never could.
Whoever's reading this should check out my list Top Ten Reasons to Hate Steven Universe. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

So you're asking me to sit down and watch all 132 episodes of a show I don't like? It may feel lopsided because I grew up with Adventure Time. I was 11 when it first premiered and I'll be 19 when it concludes. And I can tell you for a FACT that its characters are not overused stereotypes. They're realistic people with tons of positive and negative qualities that have underwent years of character development. When I see Steven Universe, I immediately think "Oh, this character again. Alright."

By the way, stating your opinion on a show does not make you a hypocrite. I like different stuff for different reasons, and I'm not wrong for believing one show is better than another. Nobody is "right" for liking Steven Universe. Nobody is "right" for liking Adventure Time. It's a matter of different preferences and the interpretations of the viewer. So please don't get mad at me for disliking a show about a fat kid with a rock for a belly button. - phillysports

Great post. I hate Steven universe too. I respect your opinion if you like the show, Steven universe fans, but nah. I couldn't get into that stupid show anyways and I never will. I don't even know why people love this show so much - visitor

I hate Steven Universe to the characters are unlikable and the overall episodes are boring. Not to mention it's just DBZ but without Super Saiyan abilities and having a annoying kid protagonist who has a really irriating voice. I can't stand this show and I don't why people blindly act like it's the best thing made by Cartoon Network when even CHOWDER is more interesting and I DESPISE Chowder but at least Chowder isn't terrible to sit through. - visitor

I love the show, but I'll respect your opinion since you're mature about it. - visitor

I don't exactly see where you're getting at with the show being annoying, but the way you've implied it is in a way where I'm not offended. I like how your topics weren't just the fanbase as well, but the actual show itself. - Qryzx

Is it just me or do 90% of kids that are younger than 13 find Steven Universe boring? Because me and my younger sister are below 13 and it is the worst show in our opinion. - LittleAwesomeApple