Top Ten Reasons Why Storming Area 51 Is a Bad Idea

The Top Ten Reasons Why Storming Area 51 Is a Bad Idea

1 People will probably die

Yeah people are stupid to do it anyways. There's probably just military stuff there anyways that's kept secret so North Korea, Iran, China and Russia don't steal from us - Dvafan2

The army can shoot anyone who trespasses the lines set around Area 51, they have the right to do it. A man was killed by soldiers a few years ago after he was caught trespassing. - RogerMcBaloney

Sacrifice is necessary for victory. We Russians know this better than any one - Viktor Reznov, Call of Duty:Black Ops 1 - DarkBoi-X

Even if only 1% of the people who signed up actually mean it, that still means 10,000 people will be needlessly killed. DON'T DO THIS, people. I shouldn't even have to say this. - tgbhj

2 Naruto running won't provide any protection

Because this is real life. Naruto only runs faster because he’s in an anime and anime is fictional. - JoeBoi

You must be fun at parties - PassiveAggressive

False, Naruto running will work if you're fast enough. - AlphaQ

Not in the real world. He’s a fictional anime character & Area 51’s real. - SamanthaRosie

3 The U.S. military is well prepared

I bet they got tanks, cannons and a bunch of mounted guns on armored trucks, ready to kill everyone who dares enter!

The military is 2 million in strength with tanks planes and many other weapons. Naruto running can't save you from a tank - Dvafan2

The one and only reason outside of there isn't any aliens. Come on this is a military base to you really want to be charging at a military base - germshep24

Area 51 might also contain military equipment from other countries such as Canada. - BorisRule

4 A lot of people will get arrested for trespassing

Lol, only one or two dudes got arrested in the end.

Probably not. Anyone who actually does this will be blown to bits by top-secret superweapons before they ever have the chance to get arrested. - tgbhj

Some people could even be sent in prison

It’s illegal to trespass anywhere, including this. - SamanthaRosie

5 It's a very stupid thing to do

Stupid if you go overboard & view it the wrong way. But discovering things is always helping us learn. - SamanthaRosie

Yes I agree - Dvafan2

6 There probably aren't any aliens

There may not, but there could be secret technology there such as a time machine or a jet pack, but still, storming Area 51 is not worth it. - JoeBoi

Yes because they aren't real - Luckys

We never know, because the universe’s filled with many unknown wonders, but the government likes to hide the unknown. - SamanthaRosie

7 It only started as a joke and it's creator himself said he doesn't want that to happen

No wonder some are actually taking this seriously. - JoeBoi

For sure. - SamanthaRosie

8 They can stop us all

The military has enough firepower to kill millions of people. - RogerMcBaloney

Yeah, they can, though some aliens could too. - SamanthaRosie

9 By the time the planned date comes, the meme will die and people will forget about it, meaning only a few people will show up and they could easily just arrest you as there are not really that many people who will show up

Sep 20 already passed

They are really that powerful. - SamanthaRosie

10 The U.S. Air Force is ready to defend Area 51

Yes They are and It Will not BE A nice site of all the people that tried to storm it DEAD ALL OF THEM.


It’s an Air Force task to defend. - SamanthaRosie

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11 The conspiracy theories are most likely false

Some are, but others have hints of the unknown. Like clues to discover new findings. Like Gravity Falls. - SamanthaRosie

12 The soldiers probably don't want to have to deal with killing civilians

Imagine a man called Bob. Bob has a daughter and two sons. How do you think his children will feel if their dad dies. How do you think the soldier who was forced to kill Bob will feel after this? - RogerMcBaloney

Killing is stupid anyway & we’ve taken it too far with our broken hearts. - SamanthaRosie

13 We won’t find anything in there that is actually worth it

There is no Minecraft 2. We won’t be able to bring back the National Dex. No toothpaste is recommended by 10/10 dentists. There probably aren’t any aliens, although there might be, and all the possible deaths aren’t worth it. At least the memes are funny. - BeastModeLucario

We certainly don’t know if there’s aliens, but if there are, they’d be a shocking discovery. Though killing people isn’t worth doing. - SamanthaRosie

14 They could experiment with you

Depends, as everyone's different & the same would go with aliens. - SamanthaRosie

15 The aliens might be evil

Well we never know & it's the unknown that gets us crazy. The government even likes hiding the unknown. - SamanthaRosie

They might use anal probes on us!

Aliens aren't real - Luckys

16 If there are aliens in there, maybe they don't want to interact with us

We never truly know, as just like everyone of us is different, everyone of them may be different. - SamanthaRosie

17 The aliens will probably probe you
18 That could unleash the third world war

People are so crazy nowadays. - SamanthaRosie

19 They could kidnap you

How much more insane could civilization get. We're trying to discover new things, but we can't let that turn into a disaster. - SamanthaRosie

20 A nuke inside the base might explode
21 There may be humanoids
22 The aliens might want to eat us
23 The aliens might make us sex slaves

Nice, always wanted to be in an intergalactic gangbang...

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