Top 10 Most Harmful Trends and Challenges

Some people do the dumbest things in order to garner attention & fame from thousands to millions of people, one prime example of attention seeking in the internet are social media trends and "challenges" mostly involving harm. Most popular trends today involve harm to either oneself or other people as well; therefore, the following top 10 internet trends that involve danger to the person itself, or other people are listed below. Note: do not attempt any of the challenges as listed below; as some can potentially kill you, or even harm other people.
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1 Fire Challenge

The Fire Challenge is a very dangerous trend involving the use of applying flammable material to the participant body, then setting the participant on fire, often for social media fame & personal gains. This challenge can be fatal due to high chances of severe burns & internal damage in the lungs.

Yet another challenge that proves Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection is correct.

These things is one of the things that make me lose my faith in humanity

2 Tide Pods

This is a rather popular trend that happened in the last several months; fortunately, the trend died out. This trend encourages people to consume tide pods, which is considered extremely harmful to human health. There is one incident when a young adult attempted to consume multiple tide pods (3 tide pods), nearly destroying his stomach and ended up in the hospital; it is always advised that tide pods & other cleaning products should be at all times out of reach from children & disabled people.

I remember seeing this on YouTube and on the news back on Friday, 1/12/2018 and let's just say that the people who do this challenge deserve a Darwin Award.

The way I see it, if you have even thought about doing this challenge, let alone do it...I feel you should you will be doing the world a great favor.

3 Salt & Ice Challenge

Another trend that participants firstly use salt into skin, then put ice cubes on the salt skin; the combination of ice & salt makes salted ice much colder compared to normal ice, causing a frostbite-like effect in contact on the skin, but feels like as if you're feeling burnt. Participants of the challenge try who can endure the pain longest, but may cause serious injuries to the skin at the end of the result.

This is a terrible idea.

What? Who would do that?

4 Food Tampering Trend

Food or product tampering is a recent & growing trend that involves people to tamper food products; the action is done by either spitting, or licking on that product then put back into the shelf/container usually without the notice of other people; customers may buy the tampered product and may consume the person's saliva, potentially causing sickness or other compilations. It is therefore noted that it is always important to check for seals in food products; if unsealed or damaged, it is encouraged not to buy that product.

Ugh. People do this? How disgusting!

That's very disgusting

5 Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon challenge is one of the older yet famous trends in the internet, participants of the challenge consume large amounts of cinnamon in a short time, causing violent coughing, choking and difficulty of breathing due to cinnamon drying up when consumed, vomiting is also a symptom that occasionally occurs during the challenge. Participants may cause damage to their lungs if they unintentionally attempt to inhale cinnamon, causing lung complications which then leads some participants in the hospital.

I didn't know cinnamon was so deadly...

6 Hot Stove Coil Challenge

This internet trend involves putting your arm or other body parts into a hot stove coil, while trying to endure the pain(hence the title of the listing item); this leads to severe skin burns which may potentially lead to serious complications.

Who would do that? Again, horrible

7 Choking Game

As deadly as it sounds. Popular among preteens, teenagers and young adults, the choking game involves cutting oxygen supplies off via the use of ropes or other strangulation object to suffocate the brain for a period of time, then enables large amounts of oxygen to reach the brain, causing a sense of strong emotion/relief. This practice is often caused by peer pressure, and the complications may lead to death if prolonged.

This sounds horrible

Choking isn't a game

8 Bird Box Challenge

A recent trend that's growing since 2019. The Bird Box movie inspired people to do and attempt everyday actions blindfolded, potentially may cause injuries often mild, but may be severe in some unlucky individuals; some do the challenge for hours to even a whole day.

What? That's also stupid and a waste of time

9 Shell On

This is a most recent trend in 2019 which teens try to consume food inside packaging, or fruits with peels. Food packaging materials often consist of plastic, which can lead to complications if swallowed. The trend quickly became widespread through multiple social medias; therefore it is not advised to consume plastic as it is harmful to health; while peels of fruit may be not as harmful in comparison to plastic, it's still not recommended to do so.

That's horrible and disgusting. Who would be idiotic enough to do that?

10 Charlie, Charlie

Unlike the other challenges on this list, this one doesn't belong here because it's not dangerous and doesn't harm anybody. I did this in class on Friday, 3/17/2017 and I freaked out my entire 5th grade class by blowing gently on one of the pencils. Needless to say, we all got a physics lesson that day because of something I did for fun.

Sloth21, it is a fake ritual challenge wich is pretty popular amongst children.
Well ,if you want to see a real ritual then just take a look at my room.

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11 Jump Off a Bridge Challenge
12 Blue Whale Challenge
13 The Knock Out Game
14 Chubby Bunny

This trend involves putting multiple marshmallows or other objects into a participant's mouth while trying to say something; each time the individual says that phrase in succession, more marshmallows are placed into the mouth, the cycle of this continues until the participant is unable to say the phrase. There is a risk of a choking hazard, and can be even fatal in rare cases; there were two confirmed deaths associated with the challenge where a preteen died choking on marshmallows back in 1999, and a middle-aged adult died due to similar complications mentioned above back in 2006.

15 Breaking the Rule for a Day
16 Grip Challenge
17 Mayo Challenge
18 Shiggy / In My Feelings Challenge
19 NyQuil Chicken
20 Jeff the Killer Trend
21 Holocaust Challenge
22 Gorilla Glue Challenge
23 Penny Challenge / Outlet Challenge
24 Timer Trend
25 Boat Jumping Challenge
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