Top 10 Reasons Why Takeoff is the Best in the Migos

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1 He spits fire

Commando is amazing, Casper was fire and Intruder is dope.

Listen to Commando

Narcos is all I'll say


2 He has the best flow

Flows like the Danube

He has the best chance of being a chopper like Tech N9ne and others. Look up the Don't Tell Em remix by Jerimiah and Migos and he SLAUGHTERS it

Bruh this guy flows better than most rappers and gets told he couldn't keep a singles career - hiphopgod

3 He has the best single

He's gotten a whole album now. - AlphaQ

Takeoff is rhe best migo

Offset was on Without Warning and Quavo has done a bunch of stuff with Quality Control and they STILL get bodied by intruder - hiphopgod

4 He can do everything a rapper needs to

He can spit bars, he can keep on beat, he can flow well. Before you say he can't do hooks, listen to Call Casting - hiphopgod

5 He has a unique voice

Always gives me shivers

No matter what, if I'm listening to any song with Takeoff on it the second I hear that voice I know it's him. Like this man's got a deeper voice than most other rappers - hiphopgod

6 He's only 23

He's actually 3 years younger than both Quavo and Offset. - hiphopgod

7 He's the most consistent

Takeoff gives 100% on each verse he does, makes sure it's fire, and then the song probably gets called trash because Quavo or Offset had a bad verse. - hiphopgod

8 He was the best part of "Motorsport"

EH, I personally thought it was Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, but he had a great part too. - AlphaQ

His verse on Motorsport is the best in the group's history - Croggpits

No, Nicki and Cardi were...

Like seriously, this dude carried the song in my eyes, AND HE STILL GETS LEFT OFF THE RADIO EDIT! JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, TAKEOFF JUST CAN'T CATCH A BREAK. - hiphopgod

9 He is one of the most underrated rappers working with one of the most overrated groups

With all due respect, Migos is overrated. They're songs all sound similar is some way, they have inconsistent verses, and Culture II was like, terrible (or at least terribly long.) Despite this Takeoff is still an amazing rapper with tons of potential. I think Takeoff could probably be the most successful if the group were to split (which seems inevitable to me) because of his many talents. Takeoff get's a thumbs up. - hiphopgod

He's the best Trapper on Earth

Definitely underrated

10 He doesn't waste his time doing features unlike pretty much everyone else

*cough* Quavo *cough* but in all seriousness, this guy keeps a low profile. He doesn't do features, he doesn't do collaborations with Nicki Minaj or Lil Yachty, and he sure as hell doesn't do songs with One Direction members. He made one single and it was probably better than your favorite song. - hiphopgod

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11 He can do nearly any style.

He can flow like a god and can be melodic.
If you don’t believe me listen to Gang Gang

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