Top Ten Reasons Why W.I.T.C.H. Is Better Than Winx Club

The Top Ten

1 Complex Plot

With good writing and well done storyline

Not to mention original

es verdad

2 It Came Out First

W.I.T.C.H. came out in 2001. Winx Club was made in 2004.

They just copied W.I.T.C. H to make winx club

Lol ok this list is great. (Sarcasm)

W.I.T.C. H is a good show. This reason is very bias, if something comes out first it doesn't mean it's better.

- Mr. Wiseguy

3 Amiable and Relateable Characters

This list is so right. Winx Club has such unlikable and annoying characters while WITCH has some of the coolest characters ever. The characters from WITCH have better developement and are easy to relate. Note: I hate Winx Club because it's based on WITCH (wich I really love) - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Not to mention very mature

WITCH girls are cutie - AinezoChan

Yeah right. Is there ANY, ANY character that has values apart from being trendy? Look at the behaviour Will has to her parents. Look at how Cornelia is to her sister. Look at how Irma mind controls her father into not asking her about Elyon. Look at how Hay Lin lied to her parents about how all of her friends going to the cinemas or whatever when she wasn't sure about whether Will was going. And Taranee, yeah. Is she relatable? No. She's just smart and conscientious. That's it. She's just, "Oh, I don't wanna break rules."

Tecna is smart as well, but she's brave as well, just like when she sacrificed herself to close the portal. Stella is a fashionista (who was pretty mean to Musa at first), but she actually cared for her family as well, as when she fought for her father and sacrificed herself to save him. Bloom is impulsive, but she is actually kind, unlike Will, who's an impulsive brat and can't be nice to her mother. Flora is kind and optimistic, but she wasn't the kind who'd ...more

4 The Animation

Oh great another list complaining comparing kids shows to other kids shows. This isn't new on the Top Tens.

Not really; W.I.T.C.H just makes the girls look like boys, and they made Caleb look not his age.

Totally agree

So much better

5 It is Not Too Girly

Boys can watch Star vs. The Forces Evil, My Little Pony, Totally Spies, W.I.T.C.H., Powerpuff Girls (I watched a video about Pieguyrulz watched that show), Monster High and Ever After High (Some of the teenage or adult boys have these dolls). You're right. These shows are not only for girls. But they're great shows. Yeah, Winx Club is only for girls. Barbie is only for girls too.

There are good examples of girls shows, like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Littlest Pet Shop, Totally Spies, PowerPuff Girls, Witch, Monster High, Ever After High, DC Super Hero Girls, Star Darlings and even Project Mc2

Even more good examples include Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Elena of Avalon, Punky Brewster and Atomic Betty

Stop all this girly show drama! Not everything has to be girly. Therefore, you're breaking the fans' hearts by mentioning their favorite shows along with some bullcrap. - AinezoChan

6 Great Character Development

Oh really? Remind me of the character development with Cornelia? Oh wait, she's still the conniving snake like she is (reminds me of Taylor Swift, actually). Did you see how rude Stella was to Musa in S1? She developed past that in S2 and S3. Bloom grew past her insecurity in S1 and she still had problems in S3 with the whole "Enchantix conundrum" thing. She didn't want to risk anything in S1 (She gave up Stella's ring to save Stella), but in S3, she could risk her friends to avenge Tecna's "death".

Meanwhile, none of the characters changed in W.I.T.C.H.

While Winx Club had zero character development

Making the characters more likable

7 The Villains are Clever

And more original than the Winx Club villains

The Villains are clever in Winx Club too.

- Mr. Wiseguy

8 The Leader is Not Always Focused

Because Will cares for her friends

Bloom is not always focused on. It's focused on all characters just like W.I.T.C.H.

9 Greg Weisman took Over Season 2

He made the show better.

While 4Kids and Nickelodeon made Winx Club a lot worse and Jetix made Witch awesome

10 Witty Jokes

Irma made the best jokes. Blunk was also funny as well.

So funny

The Contenders

11 They Have Body Diversity

With realistic bodies

I think Will is pretty - TwilightKitsune

And have more old characters - AinezoChan

12 The Romance is Better Developed

Because love at first sight doesn't exist

The romance in Winx Club was so forced

13 The Voice Acting is Amazing

The 4Kids and Nickelodeon dubs of Winx were just horrible

14 The Guardians Have Cool Powers

That Winx Club doesn't have

15 They Have Better Animation


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