Favorite Bible Chapters

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1 Revelation

The revelation of Jesus Christ! Filled with so much about Him, you can meditate on it and you'll never run out of revelation!
Clear picture of the church as the Bride at His coming, and so necessary to know especially since the Day of the Lord is at hand!

Even if you are not a Christian, you should read this book. It is the most intriguing chapter of the Bible and it is written in a breathtaking style!

This is probably the scariest book of the bible, about the apocalypse and the lake of fire and stuff like that.

It was all about the destruction of Jerusalem & the Roman Empire.

2 Exodus

I love it when moses leads the people out of Egypt and gets the 10 commandments.

3 Proverbs

Sayings by the man upstairs. Pretty cool!

4 Geniesis

My favorite Bible chapter. I love reading about the creation of the world.

5 Ecclesiastes

The wisest man speaking the knowledge of life.

6 Matthew

Jesus's birth and childhood.

7 Psalms

I like to imagine what psalms would have sounded like when they were first written and played with ancient musical instruments.

8 Job

We all go through pain often but Job is just a wonderful example of how to deal with pain in chapter 1 we learn that he is very right and never sins against God. But one day Satan comes before God and tells Him that Job only obeys Him because nothing bad happens to him which ok God says alright you may do whatever you want to the man but don't hurt him. So Job isn't angry after everything got taken away from him but he says Praise be to God! Satan goes like are you serious? You wouldn't say that but his wife says you should die and stop being so good but God had restored him

9 The First Book Of Samuel
10 Lamentations
The Contenders
11 Leviticus
12 John
13 Ephesians
14 Galatians
15 The Second Book Of Samuel
16 Romans
17 Acts
18 Joshua
19 Luke
20 Ezekiel
21 Song of Solomon

A beautiful picture of intimacy between Jesus and the church. Our walk with God summed up in 8 chapters!

22 Mark
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