10 Top Scariest Bible Stories

The Top Ten
1 Lake of Fire

That's what I was thinking. I seriously need to be faithful to stay out of here. The lake of fire makes the pain of getting ripped apart into million pieces on earth seem like laying on the beach.

2 God's Judgement to All
3 The Crucifixion of Jesus

This is disturbing. It just shows how messed up people were. Imagined being beaten tortured, having rocks and other objects thrown at you, then being stripped of your clothes and being stabbed in the palm of your hands and being hung on a cross until you die. That's just awful.

4 Noah's Ark

Childish not scary.
Ever been in a Noah's Ark fun house.
I went in the one in Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

5 Jerusalem Destroyed
6 The Massacre of Babies
7 The Plagues
8 Isaac Sacrifice
9 The Walls of Jericho
10 The Writing on the Wall
The Contenders
11 Sodom and Gomorrah
12 Seven Seals
13 Joseph Being Sold Into Slavery by His Own Brothers
14 The Betrayal By Judas Iscariot

Because nothing can be scarier than being betrayed by someone whom you trust.

Technically Jesus knew it but to the disciples yes

Jesus never trusted Judas

15 Lot's Wife Becoming Salt
16 The Rape of Tamar
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