Smartest Bungou Stray Dogs Characters

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1 Ranpo Edogawa

Ranpo is so cool and the fact that he doesn't even have an ability but is highly respected because of his intelligence, he's really a genius.

Ranpo and Dazai really remind me of the duo Shiro and Sora. Ranpo is the logical genius one, just like Shiro; and Dazai is the extraordinarily cunning one, who is smart, perceptive, observative, good at reading people's minds, and a master of manipulation and deception and is usually the mastermind behind schemes, just like Sora. Overall, I think the logical genius one of the two ( Ranpo/Shiro ) is the one with a higher IQ level, but they won't be able to beat the cunning one ( Sora/Dazai ).

Ranpo outsmarted the enemies in the latest chapter and he was able to save the other members of the ADA. Even Dazai himself said that Ranpo is smarter than him.

He has been labeled 'A Genius Detective' and he doesn't even have an ability.

2 Osamu Dazai Osamu Dazai (太宰 治, Dazai Osamu?) is a major character in the manga and anime series, Bungou Stray Dogs and a member of the Armed Detective Agency and former executive of the underworld organization, the Port Mafia.

I think Dazai and Fyodor are really similar. They are both super cunning and manipulative individuals who always go two steps ahead of their opponents, and hardly anyone could go up against them. In combination with their extremely powerful abilities, they are probably the two most dangerous and formidable characters in the series.

Dazai is extremely intelligent that his calculations and predictions were never wrong as we have seen in the anime. This is a feat that even Chuuya himself knows. I think that kind of intelligence goes beyond Rampo's ultra deduction. Dazai could even easily manipulate people into killing themselves for his own convenience as what is seen in the manga.

Dazai is super smart! There was this one time where Ranpo couldn't go against Fyodor because he said that going against Fyodor feels like going against Dazai, so I think Dazai is superior!

Ranpo may be the better detective but I think Dazai is the better strategist.

3 Fyodor Dostoyevsky

there's difference between the capacity to solve a case and pure intelligence.
Ranpo can solve everything, but Fyodor is the smartest. He is very similiar to Dazai, but I don't know, the fact that he cares less about others' lifes makes him colder, and someone that thinks cold makes better choices that someone who is panicked.

I remember when fyodor told dazai they'll meet again, and then they meet again in the prison!

He rivals Dazai in smartness and is really cunning and unpredictable.

Fyodor just better

4 Ougai Mori

As expected, the boss of Port Mafia is very cunning and manipulative. The whole event in the Dark Era is his plan, and he's also the one showing Atsushi the way to counter Lucy's ability. He and Dazai are similar in many ways.

5 Natsume Souseki

He is reputed to be the wisest man in the world and 'the most powerful ability user'. Everything seems to be included in his plan.

6 Yukito Ayatsuji
7 Edgar Allan Poe
8 Sakunosuke Oda

Really composed, collected and wise. He also reads a lot.

9 Louisa May Alcott

Her ability alone is intelligence-based.

10 Chuuya
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11 Doppo Kunikida
12 Chūya Nakahara Chūya Nakahara (中原 中也, Nakahara Chūya?) is a recurring antagonist in the Japanese manga and anime series, Bungou Stray Dogs and a member of the Port Mafia as well as Dazai's former partner in Twin Dark. He is one of the five Executives in the Port Mafia. He has the Ability named Upon the Tainted Sorrow.
13 Ryunosuke Akutagawa
14 Mushitarou Oguri
15 Atsushi Nakajima

It didn't take him long to mix in with the crew. And didn't freak out for long after he was told that he was the white tiger

16 Ango Sakaguchi
17 Nikolai Gogol
18 Yukichi Fukuzawa Yukichi Fukuzawa (福沢諭吉, Fukuzawa Yukichi?) is the president of the Armed Detective Agency and a secondary character in the anime and manga series, Bungou Stray Dogs.
19 Yosano Akiko
20 Michizō Tachihara
21 Saigiku Jōno
22 Agatha Christie
23 Kyouka Izumi
24 Ace
25 Katai Tayama
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