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1 Amazon

The amazon river is so good. it has a snake in it. its 2nd longest and has the most water. and it is the most wide. - riley44

2 Nile

This river is the longest river in the world. it floes north and is in Africa. - riley44

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3 Mississippi

Its name and its floods. it's the 3rd longest river after amazon and nile. - riley44

4 Congo

Deepest 2nd widest. you would not like to fall in that would you. - riley44

5 Murray

The murray is so cool. it is very curvy. this river is half as long as the nile. - riley44

6 Yellow River

Its colour is yellow and is in China. wait what? - riley44

7 Fly River
8 Orinoco
9 Thames River

The only river part of my heart is swimming around in (as well as shopping trolleys, old boots, bodies...) - Britgirl

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10 Yangtze

The Contenders

11 Brahmaputra River
12 Po River

It's so Italy like - riley44

13 Yenisei River
14 Parana River
15 D River

It's so short it even has its own place on the shortest rivers - riley44

16 Lena River
17 Saint Lawrence River

This is beautiful

18 Mekong
19 Ohio River
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