Top 10 Best Rivers


The Top Ten

1 Amazon

The amazon river is so good. it has a snake in it. its 2nd longest and has the most water. and it is the most wide. - riley44

2 Nile

This river is the longest river in the world. it floes north and is in Africa. - riley44

yeah - riley44

That’s where people in Egypt get water to drink

3 Mississippi

Its name and its floods. it's the 3rd longest river after amazon and nile. - riley44

4 Congo

Deepest 2nd widest. you would not like to fall in that would you. - riley44

5 Murray

The murray is so cool. it is very curvy. this river is half as long as the nile. - riley44

6 Yellow River

Its colour is yellow and is in China. wait what? - riley44

7 Fly River
8 Thames River

The only river part of my heart is swimming around in (as well as shopping trolleys, old boots, bodies...) - Britgirl

300km long river. in the UK - riley44

9 Orinoco
10 Brahmaputra River

The Contenders

11 Yangtze
12 Po River

It's so Italy like - riley44

13 Yenisei River
14 Parana River
15 D River

It's so short it even has its own place on the shortest rivers - riley44

16 Lena River
17 Mekong
18 Saint Lawrence River

This is beautiful

19 Ohio River
20 Colorado River

Most beautiful river ever! How much better can the Grand Canyon get? Then people use more water than they need and now the river doesn’t even reach its delta.

21 Ticino River
22 Maggia River
23 Danube

You can see and visit beautiful and historical cities and places.

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