Best Robots From Real Steel WRB App

These are my opinion of best Robots from the app that I finally finished, and I have examined the bots and they all have a special feature. By the way, all Tier Bosses except Midas which became Atom, have discounts. GET 'EM FAST!

The Top Ten Best Robots From Real Steel WRB App

1 Zeus

Zeus is the strongest powerful and fast in real steel he can survive all rounds very heavy and he jumps so high he can shake the ring he is the king of robots and ruler of robots he is the god of robots in real steel he is very incredible super armored and fast he is 1st strongest robot in real steel he is the strongest robots of all time.

Zeus is super expensive, but there is an amazing 75 % Discount, and I bought it, and now I can kick butt. Only 250 Gold, so get it while you can!

In the Movie, He just uses one Blow on ATOM and ATOM'S already down! Zeus Is The CHOICE!

Never defeated never threatened the king of the ring the ruler of robot the champion this universe or any other universe known one and only mighty ZEUS

2 Atom

I Like Atom Because Of His Unmatchable Determination, I Mean, He Was Just A Simple Sparring bot At First, Then He Made It To The Big Leagues! Also His Face Stitches Resemble A Smile, He Is Semi-Sentient And Above All Else, He Has Extremely Effective Armor Since He Used To Be A Sparring Bot.

ATOM is better than Zeus. You now why because Zeus is cheating. And now he became the king. I hate Zeus very much

I have Atom and he is really cool, and for now, he is 50 % off and get it while you can if you play the game!

Atom I feel is the 2 best because his moves are really fast and his special moves are really good

3 Noisy Boy

I Like Noisy Boy Since He Used To Be One Of The Best Fighter Of The World Robot Boxing Championship, I Mean, The Only Reason Why Noisy Boy Lost In The Fight In Crash Palace Was Both Charlie’s Arrogance, And The Fact That Midas Was Both Using Illegal Parts, And Illegal Moves. Noisy Boy Also Has A Menacing Look.

This can beat Zeus easily. According to the movie beating Zeus is not that tough. I think Noisy boy can easily defeat him. But the special Brainstorm of Zeus really makes a difference

His rip off move, he takes both arms off and then the head, that is awesome.70 Gold or 174700.

Noisy boy can can kill midas and midas will be a ghost

4 Touch Down

No discount for Touch Down but he is for 90 Gold, and he is amazing. He looks like a guy wearing a helmet but that just gives him an awesome amount of Armor.

Very reliable with a long reach, great durability and he has the ability reconstruction. A very nice design and can most certainly rival Zeus at the top of the charts.

Touchdown is sick! His armor just makes him look better

Touchdown is a killer I killed abandon with him

5 Midas

I Like Midas Since He Is The “Gold Blooded Killer”, He Also Has A Amazing Final Move. Midas Is After all, The Gold-Blooded Killer Of The Underworld.

The Gold Blooded Killer of the Underworld, a really awesome Robot and he is for 40 Gold so that is definitely affordable in the way of me being in like Level 53 and my friends gifting my gold once every 2 Days, so I have an advantage.

They should put him in roblox hear that roblox fans

Zeus does deserve 1 but Midas should be 2 or 1

6 Twin Cities

Spinning his way to the arena, he is the Two Headed Tyrant. He is for 50 % off so that's 40 Gold.

Twin Cities is a killer robot he looks really cool I got him for 100 gold it's really worth your time and effort if you ask me he should be 6 is a lame number ranking for hm he's way to good 6

He is so badass

Abandon defeated Twin cities.

7 Cosmobot

He is for 75 Gold and looks like a Space Helmet the armor he is wearing and his origin is Russia, like Zeus which is why he also is awesome.

Cosmobot is cool I like his ripoff he goes in gravity when he jumps but he looks like a human behind the mask

Cool but he should be in the movie kicking atoms but

My favorite robot in all cartoon series is Cosmobot.

8 Camelot

I think that Camelot is awesome. He's tall massive great health and overall plain awesome.

Camelot is just awesome and a KILLER. I killed excavator and Zeus with him

Destroyed an entire level with camelot

It is a sick name

9 Metro

He is the strongest ever

He has a hammer hand too

Metro has a lot of armor

He has a foot clamp ability which can trap the robots and then smash them with his big fists(Hammers)

10 Hollow Jack

Hollow Jack is amazing, and the Laughter Riot is awesome. He is for 50 Gold and that is not bad at all.

I think he is #1 because I have him in the game and he beats everything I go against.

I have him and he is strong and cool

I can't win with Hollow jack in championship mode.

The Contenders

11 Asura

Asura is the mighty lord of the ring. He is based on a badass panther and has incredible all-round stats. What could be better?

It's a panther from Russia. He's awesome!

No one can defeat asura

He is created by tak mashido too I like that he has four arms its kind of sick

12 Atom GOLD

Atom GOLD may cost more but is faster and stronger than normal Atom who is already better than Zeus.

Better than Zeus and stronger.

Way better than zeus

So good then Zues and also stronger

13 Block Buster

He is really like a block buster,because he always bust the other robots.

Best bot I had seen.he so cool,if we hadn got added metal to it.

He is an underworld destroyer!

14 Fiend

Fiend is the 2nd strongest robot in real steel he is very powerful and very face and heavy fiend is the monster and beast like zeus most armored robot he is super heavy he is incredible

He's a bad ass with a nice robotic feature

I bet overkill could beat him

Abandon defeated Fiend.

15 Ambush

He have won lots of fights that's why he is old and kind of rusty in the movie he is awesome the retro superhero and the comic book crusher AMBUSH!

Make way for the comic book crusher he is the best he should of beat the bull rival cowboy robot from dumb six shooter

Oh man killed six shooters with ambush. So good moves. And kinda nightmare.

He is just like the bull from which it got defeated in the movie

16 Cardinal Chaos

I have him and in my opinion he should be the strongest and have laser eyes!

Cardinal chaos only mystery draw awesome

I think this monster is the 'king of the ring'. You wanna know why? Cause he's awesome

This dude could beat zeus easy! Nobody could beat this monster

17 Shogun

WICKED BOT! He has the most AWESOME special, Nukisuite!

He's a bad ass

18 Trigore

I already bought trigore. I am now a champion



Trigore is already Godzilla. Team him up with Asura? Atomatic God power. Add Dreadlord? You own the whole multiverse. MAX POWER x3

19 Blac Jac

Blac Jac is cool he really has an amazing hand

He deserves to be more towrds the rob because he is worthy enough to fight Zeus

It so cool,nice robot

He's the cool dude, a good name too cause it matches the bot itself. Other than that I think blac jac deserves a better place in the game and it would be cool if we could've been seen him fighting zues in the beginning of the movie cause we only saw the match poster and knowing that he came that far means he is an awesome bot😎! He has cool hands too cause them all spinning like a mini gun. He might not be the best bot but 10's.

20 Bio War

Bio war has a driller like weapon which looks like a machine gun making him look like an apocalypse survivor

Is that a missile launcher he has? Only one way to find out!

Bio war also is the best choice for the starting robot

Bio war is the strongest robot only if he can shoot

21 Crusher

I had crusher! And I easily defeated my enemies in seconds at free sparring using him!

Crusher is a very strong, fast and resistence robot, is more powerful tan noisyboy or camelot, he can defeat Zeus. touchdown and crusher are the most powerful robots

22 Deadlord

I beated golden zeus in the hardest sparring with a phase 3 dreadlord

He's scary and new robot. And his special pretty good because I beat twin cities with him.

Does anyone else think the GIANT FIRE DOOM SCYTH is against the rules? I mean, come on!

I never had him but people say he is pretty O. P.

23 Six Shooters

Six shooter is kind of good to use and I defeated underworld 2- wrb-gold

He's a bad ass Cactus Jack

24 Sarge

He has an army man theme which makes it look pretty cool

The Green Mean Lean Machine, Insanely quick attacks, O.P. , blocks are just out ragest

25 Abandon

I honestly think abandon is THE best robot in the game because I easily beat Zeus on the first try with this bot!

Abandon defeated Fiend and Twin cities

He is truly a giant from the frozen wastes

This robot can take anything on!


26 Blacktop

Blacktop is truly a bot from hell with fists looking like speakers

The new update made him horrible though he looks deadly

His celebration is awesome

Very good. Can beat a wrb 1 robot

27 Crimson Carnage

His right hand is the real doom machine. A wrecking ball that can spin a drill clean through your bot. Deadly stuff!

He has a spiked ball hand and crimson carnage beat Zeus

I think it is a good one because I beat the time attack mode by this one

Very strong it could kill anything in its path

28 Quarterback

I think he is op because he can throw his badass football

29 Gold Zeus

What's better than zeus? Zeus dipped in gold!


30 Wild Fire

Looks ok... Just don't like the fact that he looks like he has the middle finger up... LOL

31 Albino

"the great white hope"? Kinda cheesy for such an awesome robot! But still, he is pretty cool.

Albino looks amazing, his head mechanic is AWESOME!

I like how he looks


32 Axelrod

well axelrod make me feel like he is the king of robot I like him more than zeus or atom pretty nice

I don't like the human like face... Creepy..

Axelrod is a cool name..makes your robot feel like a GOD of all robots.

33 Psytron

He is a strong robot

It's a cool new bot which you can get by updating only in the mystery draw.
Can you belive it? It has reconstruction

34 Scorpion

He is so cool his tail like a hammer with a spike that makes him look cool better than asura. And his signature move is better than asura also his skills

His tail is jejfiiejdu

35 Yy
36 Tackle

I beat Zeus with it only with 170 stars!

His armor is really cool

I think he's a beast

Imma tackle u m9

37 Fat Boy

He does gut buster (stops your breathing and stuff so of course he could potentially kill you! )

Just body slam your opponent! You automatically win!

Really fat and strong

His so weak do'nt think about buying him I died by ambush(19) fat boy(63)

38 Aztec

He's a bad ass fighter

He has a nice design

Creepy face help me

This guy sucks.

39 Danger Zone

Don't GET TOO CLOSE! After all, he is a danger zone!

40 Gambit

His not that bad

41 Gold Metro

He is the best really strong number 1

He killed touch down a lot of times

42 No Joke
43 Excavator

Wirh a metal claw, still no discount but you get it for 85 Gold or 292900 Coins. He's very special and, better get it!

44 Gridlock

I hate gridlock when he's fighting me! He's so powerful, but when he's on my side, I destroy everything!

Gridlock is really powerful amd sounds awesome. He is the same amount with Noisy, and a bot I definitely recommend.

His torso looks like 6 packs making him look like a boxer

Gridlock is the golden six packed abs robot
That can kill any one easily (exept Zeus)

45 Bluebot

He's a great fighter and I lost to him on my game three or four times.

He's look's bad ass

WEAK! He lost to ambush.

Blue bot is a great starter is green bot, red bot, orange bot, and Nyah cat bot. Just kidding!

46 Gold Midas

A killing machine

47 Aquabot

Stupid weak atom destroyed him completely

48 Phantom

Phantom is a beast and has beaten everybody I have challenged

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