Top 10 Best Rock and Metal Vocal Performances by Singers in Their 50s

I took into account difficulty of the material they sang, power of the voice at this age, vocal range, how good they sounded, and the age - there's a difference between a singer at 51 and 58.

Singers on this list deserve the whole praise of the world, especially of the music world.

The Top Ten

1 Empire of the Clouds - Iron Maiden

Hands down. Bruce Dickinson recorded this song (and the entire album) at 56, with tongue cancer - his neck area was affected. - Metal_Treasure

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2 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (Live) - Deep Purple

Ian Gillan at 55, sings a 7 minute long song LIVE at the Rotterdam Ahoy (October 30, 2000). And the song was performed with a Philharmonic Orchestra, not only with the Deep Purple members!
He recodred the studio version at 50 so the original also counts, which is, again, a great vocal performance. - Metal_Treasure

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3 Nostradamus - Judas Priest

Rob Halford at 56. On the song sample you can hear his clean operatic voice with a beautiful sustain, followed by a long brutal scream. - Metal_Treasure

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4 Dying In America - Dio

Dio at 54. R.I.P. Dio.
Interesting fact:
4 singers in the top 10 of this list were discovered by Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow) - Dio, Ian Gillan, David Coverdale and Joe Lynn Turner. Ritchie Blackmore was very picky but he certainly knew what was doing, judging by the results that are visible now. - Metal_Treasure

5 Off the Hook - Joe Lynn Turner

Joe Lynn Turner at 57... on a bonus track! - Metal_Treasure

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6 Steal Your Heart Away - Whitesnake

David Coverdale is the oldest singer on this list because he recorded this song at 59 - he was almost 60! (album was recorded in 2010 and released 2011). - Metal_Treasure

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7 Excess - Joe Lynn Turner

Absolutely amazing. Hands down. - Metal_Treasure

8 Stronghold - Testament

Chuck Billy at 54. He still sounds great to me. - Metal_Treasure

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9 Spit Out the Bone - Metallica

James Hetfield at 52-53. - Metal_Treasure

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10 Repentless - Slayer

Tom Araya at 53-54. - Metal_Treasure

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The Contenders

11 The End Is Near - Primal Fear

Ralf Scheepers at 50. He probably deserves to be higher but I put him lower because he was only 50 and there are older singers with good vocals, too. - Metal_Treasure

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12 Is He Better - Joe Lynn Turner
13 Halo on Fire - Metallica UListen to Sample
14 Fatal Illusion - Megadeth UListen to Sample
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